Best Inverters in Nigeria: Features & Prices (May, 2024)

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The use of quality inverters in Nigeria have gone a long way to be very important for power storage. The emergence and use of this technology, shows that a vast number of the population chose to use these inverters in solving the agonizing issue of power failure in the country.

Inverters are of different sizes and capacity depending on the type you are willing to buy. You can use it to power your television, gadgets, light bulbs, air conditioners as well as kitchen appliances. But to make this possible, especially in making your air conditioners and fridges active when there is no power, you will go for a huge battery bank and this normally involve huge prices to get them. If you don’t want to spend much, you can purchase a 1.4KVA or 2.5KVA inverter which would light your homes and offices easily.


In this article, we provide current prices of the best inverters that are available in the Nigerian market this 2024. This also includes the inverters that are affordable, even an average Nigerian can buy.


You might be hearing about inverters for a long time now and are wonderinghow it works. It’s basically a power electronic device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use by electrical gadgets. Why it’s called an inverter is because it inverts the two current and produce the DC as output.

Inverters are of sundry types ranging from sine wave, pure sine wave and square wave power inverters. The most expensive and durable of all is the pure sine wave inverters and they have made our list of best inverters to buy.

Square wave power inverter generates square waves and may not be suitable to power devices like TV and radio as its wave complicates these sets.

The best type of inverters which are the pure sine wave uses filters to filter out all harmonics leaving only pure 50Hz sine wave. This process has made the device complex to fabricate as its results in cost increase on sale.

Contrasting both, square wave inverters are okay for charging batteries while pure sine wave are more efficient in heavy house, office and industrial equipments.


In buying an inverter, never go for a good one but rather settle for the best. Here are 10 quality inverters you can buy that are affordable to meet your power supply demands as it need no bills but just a refill of the battery when down.


When looking for a good Inverter that can power heavy house and office appliances for a long time, then this Sukam 25KVA inverter will certainly work it out.

This 25KVA sine wave inverter which has a high capacity of 25KVA is very large in size and is one of the companies colossal series of inverters. This inverter is not suitable for small house appliances as it’s used by firms and commercial businesses. It’s widely used in banks for running of the machines; in several hospitals for maintaining power for equipments and also in filling stations for pumping of fuel and gas.


  • The Sukam 25KVA inverter has a high output voltage high as 360V,380/400/415V which can be adjusted.
  • It displays important information like Input/Output Frequency, Input/Output Voltage, and Output Power in the LCD Panel.
  • Sukam 25KVA inverter also features authentic Galvanic Isolation that help in maintaining the power temperature.
  • This device comes with 3 phases simultaneously and has a static bypass switch for changing the phases. This has made the product very useful for monitoring.
  • The inverter uses Powerdoc Software to help in Remote Monitoring analysis & control.


Due to its high voltage, Sukam 25KVA/360V sine wave inverter may not be affordable for users who would only want to use it in powering mini gadgets like televisions, phones and household appliances because its price is very high.

The price for buying a Sukam 25KVA/360V Pure Sine Wave ‘Collosal’ inverter in Nigeria is ₦2,580,000. The inverter is available on online stores like Jumia, Konga and other shop outlets.

Here are Sukam Inverter prices this 2024:

  • Sukam 900VA / 12V –  ₦52,500
  • Sukam 1.6KVA / 24V –  ₦96,500
  • Sukam 2.5VA / 48V –  ₦200,000
  • Sukam 3.5KVA / 48V –  ₦240,000
  • Sukam 5.0KVA / 96V –  ₦415,000
  • Sukam 7.5KVA / 120V – ₦540,000
  • Sukam 10KVA / 180V –  ₦661,500
  • Sukam 15KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦1,438,000
  • Sukam 20KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦1,713,000
  • Sukam 25KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦2,173,500
  • Sukam 30KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦2,633,000
  • Sukam 40KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦3,438,000
  • Sukam 50KVA / 360V (3 Phase) –  ₦5,640,500


Talking of quality and affordability, Luminous 1.5kVA is another cheap inverter that you can afford. Luminous are known to producing efficient primary inverters at a low price. The growing popularity of this brand of inverters ensures that the problem of epileptic power supply in the country is met.

Luminous 1.5kVA inverters are very efficient and lasting and they are used in homes, small offices and in powering telecommunication gadgets because they provide less power outputs.


  • Luminous 1.5kVA inverters has high power efficiency and long back up duration.
  • They are relatively affordable, budget friendly and easier to maintain.
  • This inverter has a bypass switch in regulation.
  • Interestingly, Luminous has placed 2 years warranty period for the product.


Luminous inverters can be afforded by a low income earner, that’s why their products are very common in many houses. The price to buy Luminous 1.5kVA/24V inverter in Nigeria ranges ftom ₦64,000 to ₦80,000 depending on the type.

This price is relatively cheap if you budget for seeing a solution to power shortage for you house appliances.

See the latest Luminous Inverter prices this 2024 below:

  • 1.5KVA / 24V –  ₦79,700
  • 2.5KVA / 48V – ₦152,400
  • 3.5KVA / 48V –  ₦205,100
  • 5.5KVA / 96V –  ₦427,800
  • 7.5KVA / 120V –  ₦600,000
  • 10KVA / 180V –  ₦720,000
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Intelligent Inverter ) –  ₦85,000
  • 1050VA / 12V (ECO VOLT) –  ₦81,500
  • 850VA / 12V (Solar Hybrid) –  ₦64,000
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Solar Hybrid) –  ₦90,000


3.5kVA inverters are generally used for personal, office and factory appliances. This Prag inverter does exactly that, as it can be used for household equipment like phones, gadgets, fridges, air conditioners and the rest of them. It can equally be used in offices and for running industrial machines to maintain stable power.

This durable power converter is made possible by Prag manufacturing company, a popular manufacturer that deals on producing quality solar inverters and other essential products.


Prag’s 3.5kVA/48V solar inverter has unique features which includes;

  • The 48 volt inverter has the capability of powering all home appliances, computers, office equipment and in petrol stations for dispensing machines.
  • In shape,  it is very compacted and not big in size.
  • Prag 3.5kVA inverter comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty.


The selling price for Prag 3.5kVA/48V solar powered inverter is quite costly as it can be sold for ₦197,000 in Nigeria. The inverter are available for sale on local e-commerce stores like Konga, Jumia, etc.

Below are Prag Inverters price list this 2024:

  • 1KVA / 12V –  ₦69,500
  • 1.2KVA / 12V –  ₦76,600
  • 1.45KVA / 24V –  ₦83,100
  • 1.5 KVA / 24V –  ₦96,200
  • 1.5 KVA /24V (Solar) –  ₦123,400
  • 3 KVA / 24V –  ₦155,300
  • 3 KVA / 24V (Pro Edition) –  ₦487,000
  • 3.5KVA / 48V – ₦197,700
  • 4 KVA / 24V –  ₦288,000
  • 5 KVA / 96V –  ₦319,700
  • 6KVA / 48V (Pro Edition) – ₦838,500
  • 7.5 KVA / 120V –  ₦449,200
  • 10 KVA / 180V –  ₦503,700


This affordable inverter with quality from Mercury helps to allay the problem of power unavailability in the country. The company, Mercury are one of the trusted manufacturers of solar renewable energy products and inverters.

Mercury 5kVA inverter is packed with an AC and Solar charger mode which helps to ensure the long usage of the product before lights out.

On usage, this inverter is suitable for medium or large-sized office or business, for household appliances and also active for power intensive equipments.


  • This Mercury inverter with 24volts is among 5KVA inverters that run the job of electricity unstableness.
  • The inverter is fully cased with the inverter itself, and an AC with a Solar charger mode.
  • It is noiseless during use and an added advantage to noisy generators.


To buy Mercury 5kVA/24V inverter, you should budget around ₦245,000 for the high-capacity current converter.

Below is a current price list for Mecury Inverters

  • Mercury 1.2KVA / 12V (Modified Sine Wave) –  ₦35,000
  • Mercury 2.4KVA / 24V (Modified Sine Wave) –  ₦42,000
  • Mercury 3KVA / 24V –  ₦209,000
  • Mercury 5KVA / 48V –  ₦280,000
  • Mercury 7.5KVA / 120V –  ₦370,000
  • Mercury 3KVA / 24V –  ₦209,000

5. APC Home UPS 850VA Sinewave B1850SINE Inverter

The American Power Conversion (APC) home UPS 850VA inverter is a sine wave inverter product made courtesy of Schneider Electric company.

The device with its output voltage of 500 volts is designed to meet the long-run of power fluctuations in Nigerian homes. On the whole, the device is very affordable adding with its flexibility to use.


  • The inverter is very flexible and lightweight.
  • This APC product has the ability to handle power fluctuation with its wide input voltage widow.
  • The inverter switches over at a speed of 10 milliseconds and comes with a UPS-Inverter switch for changing to a UPS when needed.
  • It has a manufacturer warranty of two years.
  • The device is noiseless and removes no fumes, that why it is environmental friendly.


The APC Home UPS 850VA sinewave B1850SINE inverter can be purchased online from Amazon and Schneider Nigeria. It’s also available in Jumia and Konga online stores at a price ranging from N90,000 to N100,000 in the country.


Microtek SEBz 1100 V2 inverter makes use of brisk speed with a UPS transfer time about 15 milliseconds, and such has made the list of best inverters in Nigeria to look out for.

Taiwan Multinational Company, Microtex, made this to reality as they major on producing durable consumer appliances. And such given accolades as one of the best inverter manufacturers in the world.


The inverter comes with unique features to meat consumer demand, they include

  • The use of sinewave technology to develop the inverter.
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 800w.
  • The digital signal controller, DSC is the technology used in the Microtex inverter.
  • Two (2) years warranty.
  • It can be sourced locally or online.


The price for this inverter ranges from ₦70,000 to ₦85,000.


The Luminous 850VA/12VA is another product from Luminous company. This cheap inverter brand is a solar inverter that powers equipment like phones, laptops and televisions. It runs this category of electrical appliances only due to its low-capacity which only inverts for a short period of time.

This solar powered inverter is recommended if you are looking for an affordable inverter that can save your electricity bills and also ensure constant power supply to your house widgets.


  • It delivers both AC and DC output.
    This brand features a logic charging technology which helps in protecting against overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, and low battery.
  • The inverter is rated 850VA.


Luminous 850VA/12VA inverter price is one of the lowest in the list as it can be purchased low as ₦65,000 to ₦70,000. The device can be found on various online stores in the country.


Sukam 5KVA/96V is a pure sine wave inverter produced by the Indian company who also has a branch in Lagos to make buying this inverter brand in Nigeria easy.

The device which is part of the ‘colossal series’ is huge and has the capacity to power bulbs, air conditioners and a way long to lifting elevators.

Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter due to it’s high capacity is best fit for running most sophisticated office appliances that requires high and stable power which may be a different story using NEPA light.


  • As written above, the inverter runs heavy loads which are appliances like fridges and air-conditioners.
  • It has a reverse battery polarity which protects the device.
  • This inverter brand uses MOSFET with the DSP based PWM technology.
  • Inputted algorithm for Logic Charging.
  • The inverter operation is easy to use and a display in it to show relevant information.
  • It has constant voltage adding with its stable frequency.


Sukam 5KVA/96V is an inverter brand that will silently power your house and office with uninterrupted electricity. It is available for sale in Konga, Jumia for a price high as ₦454,300 due to its grand size.


Ever wonder what companies, big offices and factories use in maintaining constant power to machines that runs the whole clock hours? This BlueGate 10kVA solar inverter is certainly what’s used there to backup power generators. It’s much cheaper and a better alternative to pollution unfree generators.


  • Uses solar energy or from power generators.
  • It has a high-capacity up to 10KVA and consequently outputs 192 volts to last for long period.
  • It is used to power household equipments that require enormous power consumption.


We can’t fully authenticate the exact price of this BlueGate 10kVA solar inverter, but the price of inverters falling in the same range and category like this are usually sold between ₦480,000 to ₦500,000.

Below are some of Bluegate inverter prices as seen in today’s market:

  • Bluegate 1KVA / 12V –  ₦60,000
  • Bluegate 2KVA / 24V –  ₦66,000
  • Bluegate 3.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) –  ₦155,000
  • Bluegate 5.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) –  ₦207,000
  • Bluegate 10KVA / 192V –  ₦494,000


This inverter didn’t stall in making our list of recommended inverters to buy as it was voted in 2018 as the best inverter in India. The Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter was manufactured in India by Exide, a company known for producing storage batteries.


Exide 850VA Inverter has various features that makes it as a unique brand

  • It comes with a high-speed microprocessor and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology.
  • Input and output voltage, percentage load and battery power are displayed in the LCD.
  • The inverters maximum load capacity is 850w.
  • It has a UPS which switches over at a speed fast as 10 milliseconds.
  • The manufacturers of this device, to show its durability and quality has placed a 2 year warranty on it.


This Inverter brand by Exide is a bit more expensive but affordable if you’re considering buying a quality product that is speedy and run heavy appliances for a long time. ₦600,000 – ₦800,000 is the price range for Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter.

That’s our take on the best inverters that will make you not go off lights. As inverters are silent generators, these set of it are durable, efficient and affordable for even a low income earner to get.


Most inverter battery offers a capacity of 12V and you can get them in this particular order: 100 AH, 150 AH, and 200 AH. 200AH battery is the most popular as they offer a better user experience.


  • 12V / 100Ah –  ₦195,500 to ₦205,000
  • 12V / 150Ah – ₦205,000 to ₦230,000
  • 12V / 200Ah  –  ₦230,000 to ₦290,000
  • 2V / 500 Ah –  ₦300,000 to ₦350,000
  • 2V / 600 Ah –  ₦394,000 to ₦450,000
  • 2V / 750 Ah –  ₦455,000 to ₦500,000
  • 2V / 1500 Ah –  ₦670,000 to ₦750,000


The Installation cost of installing an inverter depends on the type and the work labour involved. Simple parallel installation costs ₦30,000 while connecting inverters of 1KVA and above will cost higher from ₦50,000 and above.

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