Best Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria (2024)

There are best travel insurance companies in Nigeria which you might not be aware of that gets you covered in case you lose any luggage in the course of traveling. This write-up will list some of the best travel insurance agencies in Nigeria that are accredited just in case you need a reliable travel insurance policy.


Also note that these Insurance companies are accepted by schengen countries, but before I go into the list of these top travel insurance companies operating in Nigeria that can be trusted, let me spell out the things generally covered by these insurance agencies that you might benefit if you choose any of them:

1. Medical transportation, Evacuation and Repatriation: It is the duty of travel insurance companies in Nigeria to make emergency medical transport available to their clients while traveling to any part of the world. If you become sick while traveling, the insurance company will be responsible for your treatment. If on the other hand you get sick before the flight and you cannot get on that flight, then the insurance company will be responsible for covering any damage such can cause. They take care of your medical bills plus your fare if you need to be repatriated at any time.

2. Delayed flights: If you have a delayed or missed a flight for any reason, your travel insurance would automatically cover your flight challenges. No matter the travel plan and purpose, the travel insurance agency will be responsible for paying the bill and would compensate you if your flight is ever delayed.

3. Sport Activities: Most travel insurance agencies in Nigeria also cover you when you are traveling for sporting activities or an adventure. Although, the number and type of sporting activities covered by travel insurance companies in Nigeria differs. Before you register with any travel insurance company, find out from the insurance company, what they cover and what they do not cover.

4. Personal Items including Lost luggage: There are some trusted travel insurance agencies operating in Nigeria that cover these too. Find out from them if they cover lost luggage and person items before you register with any travel insurance company in Nigeria. The reason for this is that, most travelers fall victim to theft in the course of their trip/journey.

5. Hospitalization and Medical Treatment Abroad: Sometimes, an urgent overseas medical treatment while traveling might be needed by you. You don’t have to foot the bill for such medical treatment as it is the job of the travel insurance agency to make sure this is covered. For example, if you are traveling to Europe, medical care can be expensive there. To even order for an ambulance can cost you up to 30,000 pounds. As an individual, such bill might seem to high, but if you are on travel insurance, such huge responsibility will be lifted off your neck by the traveling agency that is reliable.

Below are the best travel insurance companies in Nigeria

1. Zenith Insurance

They offer both Schengen Travel Insurance Plan and Zenith Worldwide Plans. The Schengen Travel Insurance Plan is the medical travel insurance which is dully designed to fully meet the Insurance requirements for visa issuance (30,000 Euros) by the Schengen Embassies in Nigeria. It provides you with 24hrs emergency services anywhere in the Schengen states. Benefits under this cover include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Statutory arrangements in the case of death
  • Home transportation of the deceased

ZTIP Worldwide: There two options of Worldwide Travel insurance plan including the Annual (Multi) or Single trip. The worldwide Annual Insurance Plan is a medical travel insurance that covers you anywhere in the world except your country of permanent residence, for up to one month per trip a year, against any medical emergency around the world.

2. Leadway Travel Insurance

This company has one of the juiciest packages when it comes to travel insurance. The policy provides covers on medical, financial and other losses incurred while traveling outside the country of residence. It covers all insured travelers for holiday and business purposes in the event of accidents, sickness or loss of property to all Schengen countries and worldwide.

Key benefits of this cover include:

  • Loss of baggage or property
  • Trip cancellation
  • Delayed departure or missed departure
  • Loss of personal money
  • Personal accident / liability
  • Medical assistance: includes expenses, emergencies & repatriation
  • Affordable & comprehensive

3. Mansard Insurance

Mansard is another good and reliable travel insurance company in Nigeria that provides insurance for emergency medical assistance while on your trip and repatriation costs, loss of luggage or specified personal items. It is important that you specify the items you want covered in your policy before buying.

4. AIICO Travel Insurance

This company offers travel insurance policy in partnership with a South African company known as Chartis and provides cover for the following incidents while traveling to Schengen countries;

  • Sudden illness during your trip
  • Repatriation of corpse to home country

5. Industrial General Insurance

IGI collaborates with their overseas partners to provide most of their policies. IGI travel insurance policy comes as travel health insurance policy and is one of the most comprehensive and affordable in the market which is enforceable in 194 countries including the USA. They have been in the business for long and are one of the best travel insurance agencies in Nigeria at the moment.

IGI’s Travel & Health Insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage to travelers leaving their country of residence including the following:

  • Reimbursement of Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • Emergency Assistance Services
  • Return Assistance

6. Cornerstone Insurance

This company’s policy covers the insured person if he/she is traveling in a licensed standard type aircraft having fully paid for his/her air fare. It provides protection against bodily injury resulting from the following incidents:

  • Death
  • Medical expenses for treating the injuries from the accident
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of luggage

7. Mutual Benefits Assurance

This company’s policy is friendly as it comes in the name of Visitor’s Insurance Programme (VIP) which covers insured persons traveling to Schengen States in Europe for emergency medical expenses and repatriation to Nigeria (if necessary). They are also a trusted travel insurance company operating in Nigeria

8. Linkage Assurance

This company’s travel insurance policy offers a range of travel insurance products tailored to suit your needs, including Schengen visa applications and other travel requirements.

Five Things To Note Before Purchasing an Travel Insurance Policy in Nigeria

Before you can make your choice from the above insurers / travel insurance companies, you may want to find out the following:

  • How many travel insurance cases they have dealt with in the past as this will help you understand the details of the insurance policy before purchasing.
  • Find out about their success rate and customers review i.e what customers or clients say about them, how satisfactory are their services.
  • Find out if they are associated with trusted travel agencies to know how reliable the travel insurance company is.
  • Find out how many coverage they provide. The number of travel insurance coverage differs from one travel insurance agency to the other outlet.
  • Finally, find out if these travel insurance companies in Nigeria have good and responsive customer service that make it easy for clients to contact them when there is problem.
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