Top Car Leasing Companies in Nigeria: Best 10

Contacting a leasing company or firm is the right thing to do you when you want to rent a car or lease any equipment.


But which of these right leasing firms can be reliable to ensure a smooth process. Well, there are many registered car leasing companies in Nigeria that are affordable and may suit your budget.

According to customer reviews, below is a well researched list of top leasing firms in Nigeria offering free leasing service that are registered and trusted.

1. Woodbridge Leasing

Woodbridge is one of the top leasing companies in Nigeria based in Lagos. They specialize in providing electronic and electrical equipment leasing.

As a registered customer friendly company, they have over the years built a strong relationship with clients who attest to their top notch service as one of the foremost equipment leasing firms in the country.

2. Biddyosa Oil and Gas Limited

Biddyosa Oil and Gas is a top oil and gas company that is involved in leasing, charter of vessels e.t.c. The company’s office is located at the Admiralty Way in Victoria Island, Lagos.

3. Fleet Partners

At the moment, Fleet Partners are specialized in fleet technology, asset leasing management which saw them ranked as the best leasing company in the country by Global Banking and Finance Review.

This company are known to have numerous clients, combining experience, professionalism and expertise in delivering good service.

4. C & I Leasing

C&I is a trusted brand in the country that deals on finance leasing. Some of this firm services include: C&I Marine, C&I Outsourcing, Hertz Rent-a-Car and Fleet Management Solution.

C & I have dealings in major sectors of the economy. The company is into oil and gas, telecommunications, car tracking, equipment rentals, marine, manpower outsourcing, etc.

5. Rosabon Financial Services

Rosabon Financial Services is also one of the country’s best equipment leasing firms. Apart from cars, this company offers other types of lease products that are affordable and cheap including household appliances and office equipment.

If you prefer this company, note that there are 2 types of lease offered by Rosabon. The first one is the Rosabon Consumer Lease that provides you with funds that you would need to finance the purchase of items.

And the other is Rosabon Operating Lease that provides companies fleet of cars for their marketing reasons. The head office of this firm is located in Yaba, Lagos.

6. Pine Hill Leasing Limited

Pine Hill is one of the most popular and reputable equipment and vehicle leasing firms in Nigeria that is located in Lagos Island. If you looking for funds to buy a vehicle (used or brand new car), this company can provide that.

You can also apply for an IT lease with Pine Hill as they known for vehicle and IT lease on computer equipment.

7. Swift Rental Cars Limited

Most people complain for the need of a car leasing service. Swift Rental Cars have prove to be a great choice and are capable of providing such leasing service.

The cars of this registered company are comfortable to drive.

With donkey years of experience, expertise and a highly motivated staff, you won’t regret this firm’s services with their easy process when requesting for a vehicle.

We have listed some popular services offered by Swift Rental Cars below:

  • Short & Long Term Car Rental
  • Express Pick-Up Service
  • Luxury Car Rental Service

8. First Choice Leasing Limited

First Choice has been an active member of the equipment leasing association of Nigeria (ELAN) and are also one of the top leasing companies in the country.

Just like the rest, their popular services include: equipment leasing lervices, LPO finance, fleet management and car rentals.

9. Avis International

Most clients prefer Avis not just because they are a leading leasing company in the country but they have proven to be among the best in the world with over 10000 rental locations in over 175 countries.

They are a firm known for their outstanding fleet management service in Nigeria. No wonder multi-organizations in the country such as: Mobil, Cisco System, Hygeia, Google, British High Commision, FCMB, Standard Chartered Bank, UPS, IBM, and First Bank are clients to this company.

With a group of professional technological savvy staff using state of the art equipment, they are on the list of top leasing companies in Nigeria.

10. Jubaili Bros

Jubaili Bros is also a top firm that is a subsidiary of Jubaili Moukarim Group based in Lebanon. The leasing department in the company are known for making power available for standby emergency purposes to individuals or organizations for special events.

So if you re looking for where to find power sources for lease or rent, Jubaili should be your choice. They can lease out emergency generators, sound attenuated generators, load banks, power cables, power distribution ancillaries and even large capacity fuel tanks.

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