Top 10 Best Consulting Firms in Nigeria (2024)

Consulting firms comprises of experts and consultants in various field of endeavors that provide professional advice to either an individual or organization for a fee known as consultation fee. This post will highlight the various popular consulting firms in Nigeria that are considered the best, providing services to financial institutions, IT firms, PR and Advertisement agencies, Business development and Management, Real Estate, Human Resource, Recruitment and so on.

consulting firms in Nigeria

Consulting firms focus more on providing maintenance for top organizations and development for upcoming organizations. They do these by providing the necessary access to specific consultants or Subject Matter Expert (SME) that in turn provides valuable resources and inventory for required growth of a business.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Nigeria

Below is a list of the top 10 best consulting firms in Nigeria that have positive customer rating this 2024.

1. KPMG Consulting

KPMG stands out as an international renowned consulting firm known world wide. KPMG Nigeria also have their head office in Lagos. They are a multinational business/financial organization with strong customer base and good rating. Being a tax firm, they provide the best audit, tax and advisory services to clients. You can contact them via their website at They are also one of the companies that pay highest salaries in Nigeria.

2. Accenture Consulting

Accenture consulting stands out as the best in the media consultation category in Nigeria. They also have a wide reach world wide as they have their presence in over 30 countries. They officially began operation in Nigeria in 2002 and provides quality delivery to their clients. You can contact them via their website at

3. Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC)

PWC consulting in Nigeria is a strong competitor to KPMG Nigeria. They are also a multinational company that provides series of professional quality services to their clients. Price Water Cooper is also one of the best tax auditing companies in Nigeria at the moment. Their services cut across tax audit, insurance, legal consultation, business development and so on. For more information on PWC plus their recruitment, visit their website at

4. Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting is one of the best and popular consulting firms operating in Nigeria. Their services extends to health services and management, human resources, branding and business development and financial services. Their official website is

5. Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte was published on the list of the best company to work for in Nigeria today. The company is owned by Akintola Williams. It services spread across auditing, financial advisory, legal operations, human capital, risk management and business strategy. Find more information about them on their website at

6. Novatia Consulting

This is another top notch management consulting firm operating in Nigeria with good reviews from clients. Novatia approach has always been to create innovative management solutions, drive innovation capacity, and sustain expertise in tracking competitive dynamics.

They have clients both in the private and public sector, top companies ranging from big, medium and small industries. With the aid of advanced technological upgrade, they allow clients respond to charges in the business climate, thereby taking quick advantage of every opportunity.

7. Matog Consulting

They are another financial consulting firm in Lagos located at No 5, Off Iyalla Street, Ishola Bello St, Alausa, Ikeja. They offer various services and assist public and private company clients in reaching their goals through company formation, secretarial services, business start advisory, finance and restructuring, management consulting, advisory, and financial and management trainings.

As one of the best consulting firms in the country, Matog partners with experts and clients to achieve their objectives and goals. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Advisory Services
  • Accountancy
  • Book-Keeping
  • Accounting System Setup
  • System Monitoring & Control
  • Tax Services
  • Company Income Tax Service
  • Withholding Tax Service
  • Value Added Tax Advisory
  • People, Performance and Technology
  • Business Development Service Provider
  • Human Capital Organization
  • Business Transformation Improvement
  • Executive Search
  • Compensations
  • Learning and Development
  • Human Capital Outsourcing
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services
  • Financial Advisory
  • Pensions Advisory Services
  • Transaction Services
  • Pension Advisory
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Management Consultancy Services
  • Compensation and Benefits Services
  • Forensic Accounting and Dispute Resolution Services

8. Ashford & McGuire Consulting

Ashford & McGuire Consulting is a firm that is focused on delivering professional value to their clients. With their outstanding group of professionals, they ensure that they work closely with clients to assure an effective linkage between their business strategies, organizational design, human capability, revenue growth, financial performance and ultimately marketplace success.

You can contact Ashford & McGuire Consulting at No 27A Babatunde Ajose Street, Victoria Island in Lagos State. Their email address is

9. Platinum Stream Consulting

PlatinumStream has been a trusted partner to clients in areas of financial consulting, tax issues and effective customer satisfaction. They are located at 13 Joseph St, Opebi, Ikeja.

10. Fosad Consulting

They have been touted as leaders in oil and gas consulting, offering HR services, financial advice to help you business grow. They are located at Lekki. Their phone number is +234-708-645-8852. Some of their client include GTBank, ECOBank, Aliaxis, Paradigm etc.

Map showing locations of top consulting firms in Nigeria

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