Top 10 Best Agritech Companies in Nigeria

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Did you actually contemplate how you may invest digitally in agriculture? What agricultural business platforms would you be able to put your money into? Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible for anyone, anywhere in the globe, to profit from any investment, particularly agricultural. Agritech companies arose as a result of this, which resulted to the upgrade of many agricultural businesses. In this blog post, I’ll discuss many agricultural investment platforms (agritech companies) in which you can invest in Nigeria.

agritech companies in Nigeria


Agritech is a combination of agriculture and technology. Agriculture output is improved by the use of technology and technological breakthroughs in the agritech industry. Potential investors will want to use digital services to spend in agriculture without giving it a second thought because of the arrival of technology.


The listing of Nigerian agritech firms listed in this article is informed by research and is not in any specific order. The following are some of the best agricultural companies in thecountry:


Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s first agricultural technology startup. Onyeka Akumah launched the company in 2016. Ifeanyi Anazodo, Tope Omotolani, Akindele Phillips, and Jimoh Maiyegun are among the team’s other founders.

Farmcrowdy claims to have empowered over 25,000 farmers since its inception. Nearly the course of three years, they have raised over 3 million chickens.

Maize, poultry, tomatoes, and rice are among the agricultural products available for purchase on the Farmcrowdy website. Depending on the product you wish to invest in, the investment cycle ranges from 5 to 12 months.

The minimum investment amount with Farmcrowdy is ₦20,000. In addition, Farmcrowdy maintains offices in Abuja and Lagos State.


Groupfarma is really the second Nigerian agritech platform where you can invest. Niyi Ogungbade, Folarin Oloyede, and Dotun Oloyede started it.

Groupfarma has collaborated with over 42,000 farmers and cultivated on over 29,500 hectares of land since its inception.  Ginger, poultry, maize, fish, rice, soybean, and other agricultural products are among the agricultural items that you can sponsor on Groupfarma.

Based on the goods you sponsor, the lowest amount you can contribute is ₦50,000 with a return on investment of at least 12%. You might make as much as 28% on your investment.

In Lagos and Ibadan, Groupfarma maintains offices. They own farms in the states of Oyo, Ogun, and Kaduna.


Farmsponsor seems to be the third best agritech company in Nigeria. Bill Kenneths founded risk firm in the year 2018. Farmsponsor has allowed equity sponsorship since its inception. You contribute ₦1,000,000 to sponsor a farm for five years, a medium-term investment.

The sole agricultural product in which you can invest is chicken, which requires a minimum investment of ₦100,000 and yields a 15 percent return after three months. Farmsponsor’s headquarters is in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Farmkart is the next agritech startup in which you can invest. Jesse Osiobe and other founders, including Evans Akanno and Temitope Aina, founded Farmkart in March 2015.

Farmkart claims to be able to assist you in investing in farming in order to enhance food production and support farmers.

Fish and poultry are two farm goods offered for investment on the Farmkart website. Their investment duration is between 6 and 12 months, with a guaranteed return on capital of 14%.

Farmkart’s headquarters are in Ogba, and the company’s farm is in Otta, Ogun State.


Thrive Agric is the ultimate agricultural technology platform in which you may invest. Uka Eje, who is also the firm’s co-founder and CEO, and Ayodeji Arikawe founded the company in 2016. (Co-founder and CFO).

As per Thrive Agric, they are an agricultural technology firm that provides access to capital to make agriculture lucrative for you and Africa’s smallholder farmers.

Over 19,000 farmers have collaborated with Thrive Agric, and over 150,000 acres of land have been farmed. Within a set length of time, their return on investment ranges from 6 to 25%. Their headquarters are in Abuja, Nigeria.


Adewale Oparinde founded Ezfarming in the fourth quarter of 2018. Over 100 farmers have been empowered as a result of their efforts. Ezfarming also offers internships to empower adolescents and inspire them to pursue careers in commercial agriculture.

Poultry, peanuts, maize, farm equipment, goat, and other agricultural items are among the agricultural products available on Ezfarming. The conservative estimate you can deposit is ₦41,000, with a 15 percent return on investment.

Their Farm Equipment investment had the lowest return of 7% over 36 months.


Payfarmer is the succeeding agritech company in Nigeria where you may invest your money. Bamidele Alimi created this company in 2019.

Payfarmer offers a variety of agricultural products in which you can invest your money, including poultry, yam, catfish, pepper, and more. Epe is the location of their headquarters.

The smallest amount you may invest is ₦25,000, which yields a 12-percent return in five months.


Piggyvest, originally known as Piggybank, began as a simple savings platform in 2016. Later on, it provided investing options for its savers. This is a tried-and-trusted platform for savings and investments. Agricultural opportunities abound in this platform, and you can get involved in a variety of them.


BIC Farms Concepts is a farm management company based in the United States. They have their offices in Nigeria where they run as an Agritech Company.

BIC Farms Concepts is indeed an agribusiness firm that offers food supply and agro-investment proponents technology, educational, production, and management solutions to help them make the most of their limited resources.

BIC Farms Concepts, with exception of traditional agricultural service providers, provides localized and cost-effective alternatives to international farming technologies and solutions.


Verdant’s mission is to improve agricultural viability in Africa by utilizing basic technology to increase output, improve resource efficiency, and reduce environmental consequences. Through products that are centered on farmers.

Verdant’s unique data solutions can be used by cooperatives, governments, financial institutions, and farm input firms to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


That’s the view of the leading agritech companies in Nigeria. If you’re on the look for an agricultural firm in Nigeria that will help you invest digitally, then these are good options.

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