Top 10 Best Vegetable Oil Brands in Nigeria

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If you’re looking for the best vegetable oil, you’ve come to the right place. The top ten best vegetable oil brands in Nigeria will be highlighted in this post. Furthermore, in this region of the world, the main and most prominent vegetable oil (sometimes known as groundnut oil) brands are made using industry standards. These products contain omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as reduced cholesterol levels, which try to secure the heart in good shape. With this in mind, you can rest assured that the companies listed below will provide you with the highest quality vegetable oil.

vegetable oil brands in Nigeria


Some companies in Nigeria are at the forefront of vegetable oil production. The following is a list of the country’s most popular vegetable oil brands.


Power Oil is without a doubt the best vegetable oil brand available in Nigeria today. Power oil has been a driving force behind the introduction of affordable, healthy cooking oil to the Nigerian market.

In Nigeria, the popular notion was that packaged oil, which was thought to be healthier, was pricey and only for the wealthy. This saw the release of Power Oil in a sachet for 50 cents, as well as additional sizes. The offer was not only affordable, but also healthy, as it contained “Zero Cholesterol,” “Zero Trans-fat,” and was ground breaking in the Nigerian market.


Mamador is a heart-healthy cooking oil that also makes delicious meals. It is indeed cholesterol-free and contains Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which have been shown to help maintain the heart healthy. It has been triple filtered to ensure that it has a great golden color and that all contaminants have been removed, making it 100 percent pure. Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil is a healthier option for everyday cooking because it contains Vitamins A and E, which are beneficial to the entire family’s health.

Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil also has the advantage of being stable in the Nigerian climate. It still does not oxidize when exposed to sunshine. It is appropriate for all forms of cooking, frying, and baking, and gives each meal prepared with it the promised natural flavor. Mamador Cooking Oil is made and packaged in the United States.


Devon King’s cooking oil is a high-quality culinary oil which has been supplied into Nigeria for more than half a century and is a well-known brand among Nigerians.

While remaining faithful to its roots. Devon Kings has increased its value by being produced locally in Nigeria.

To guarantee that your cooking oil isn’t tainted, Devon King’s cooking oil is produced and bottled in a world-class, clean manufacturing environment. So long as the seal on the package remains intact.


Grand Soya Oil is a high-quality soya oil. Grand Pure Soya Oil is a Nigerian icon brand and the leading edible oil brand in Nigeria. Grand Pure Soya Oil is cholesterol-free. Consumers live a heart-healthy lifestyle. This product is cholesterol-free, as it is composed entirely of soya beans that have been carefully selected for their high quality.

Furthermore, Grand Pure Soya Oil is the first cooking oil brand to be recommended by both the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) and the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).


Nosak Famili Vegetable Oil is a low-calorie, high-nutrient source. The healthiest type of oil has been proven to be pure vegetable oil, which should be included in our regular diets.

Using Nosak Famili Vegetable Oil rather than animal-based fats when cooking will help you maintain a heart-healthy diet. Assisting in the reduction of the risk of coronary artery disease


SNF Foods Limited produces the Activa pure vegetable oil, which is a quality oil. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Activa pure vegetable oil is prepared to the exact specifications and enriched with key vitamins. It’s no surprise that this vegetable oil was created with you in mind.

This Activa product has no cholesterol and is composed entirely of soya beans that have been carefully selected for their high quality.


Presco is a completely integrated agro-industrial complex that includes oil palm farms, a palm oil mill, a palm kernel crushing plant, and a cooking oil refining and fractionation plant. It also has a packaging factory for olein and stearin, as well as a biogas plant to treat the waste from its palm oil mill. In West Africa, it’s way ahead of its time.


All of these goods, including Vino Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Vino Pure Refined Vegetable Oil, Palm Olein, Vino Soya Bean Oil, and Vino Palm Stearin, come in a variety of quantities and are easily obtainable in Nigeria’s major markets and supermarkets.


Camela is a company that produces vegetable oil and palm by-products. They have 31 years of experience and offer 100 percent organically grown oil and palm by-products. They make every effort to remember that meeting the demanding dietary needs of their rising number of loyal consumers is of paramount importance.

Camela Vegetable Oil is also a 100% organic, neutral-tasting vegetable oil. It’s ideal for all-around cooking, as well as high-heat sautéing and frying. In industrial baking, it also works well as a trans fat alternative.


Envoy Oil, the parent company of Envoy Group, is a Nigerian limited liability company that was established on March 18, 1998, with registration number RC 332105.

Envoy Oil operates a refinery and fractionation plant with a 60,000-tonne-per-year capacity. Palm Stearin, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Olein, Soybean Oil, and other vegetable oils are produced by the Envoy Group’s Oil division.


Plant-based oils have been used since antiquity, and many societies have used various fats and oils (both vegetable and mineral). As a result, vegetable oil has long been regarded as among the most valuable commodities. Industrialisation has made vegetable oil increasingly available to people in the twenty-first century. Finally, these vegetable oil companies provide edible vegetable oils that are utilized in the kitchen for cooking, frying, and a variety of other tasks.

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