Bag Making Materials in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Certain materials are required for both commercial and domestic bag production. It is difficult to attain your goal of producing bags without any of these supplies. In this article, we’ll respond to two crucial questions. “What are the different materials for producing bags?” is the first question. “How much do these materials cost in Nigeria?” is the second question. Let’s get right to the highpoint of this article without further ado.

bag making materials and prices


Some people consider bag-making to be only a pastime or a way to pass the time. Other people make bags in order to survive. You can’t produce bags without materials, regardless of whatever side of the debate you’re on. Of course, the supplies you’ll need will depend on the type of bag you’re making. Certain materials, however, are universal, and we’ve included them here, along with their uses.

Below are the current prices of bag making materials in Nigeria this 2024:

  • The price of fabric for bags starts at ₦500 per yard.
  • The rate of ₦10,500 for a sewing machine.
  • The cost of webbing material starts at ₦300 per yard.
  • Zippers cost start at ₦100.
  • The cost of magnetic snaps start at ₦250.
  • The cost of purse locks start at ₦300.
  • Bag bottoms and feet start at ₦1,000 for a four-pack.

Key Takeaways: It’s worth noting that the pricing of these items are extremely volatile. This means they alter regularly as a result of factors such as demand, location, sellers, government rules, and so on. We’ll notify you as soon as we notice a price change by updating this post. Now, that this is off the table, let’s explore some of the issues stated above briefly.


Bag-making has become one of Nigeria’s most profitable low-capital industries. Bags are no longer merely a fashion accessory; they’ve evolved into very utilitarian aspects of our daily life. Let’s talk about some of the materials needed to make bags and their prices now that you know what they are.


Wide variety of fabric are used to make bags. From denim to leather, cotton to native “Ankara” fabric, there’s something for everyone. It all depends on the look you want to accomplish and the bag’s utility.

We must inform you that the type of cloth used in the manufacturing of a bag has an impact on its longevity. It’s not enough for the bag to be stylish; it also needs to be able to withstand tension.


A sewing machine isn’t considered a substance; rather, it is a piece of machinery. Making bags without a machine can be a difficult and unpleasant experience. Purchasing an industrial equipment is your best bet if you operate on a huge scale. Furthermore, if you manufacture bags for a living, you’ll need to invest in a sewing machine.

The machine you choose is determined by your needs, the amount of capital you have on hand, and the size of your company. It will also be determined by the materials you employ to make your bags.


The materials used to make bag handles are known as webbing. Typically, bag handles are fashioned from the same fabric as the bag itself. It can be difficult to employ such materials to build bag handles in some circumstances. Not to mention the fact that some of these bag fabrics aren’t strong enough to be used as handles.

Cotton or nylon fibers are commonly used in webbing. As a result, they’re simple to work with and make the bag a breeze to transport. The beautifully polished edges of the webbing materials contribute to the durability of your bags. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.


The most important components of bags and handbags are these. Without zippers, how would we secure the contents of our bags? On the market, there are many different types of zippers that can be used to make bags.

The following are a few examples of zippers:

  • Nylon coil zippers
  • Metal teeth zippers.
  • Moulded plastic zippers
  • Pant Zippers
  • Invisible zippers
  • Bag zippers
  • Centered Zippers
  • Exposed zippers
  • Fly zippers
  • Closed-end zipper
  • Separating zippers
  • Two way separating zippers
  • Continuous zipper chain
  • Water repellant zippers
  • Lapped Zippers

You can do a market survey to determine which of these zippers best meets your needs. To avoid controversy, make sure you buy high-quality zippers from reputable sellers.


There are so many different sorts of bags available today. Different types of bags serve different purposes. You should think about the purpose of the bag you would really like to make while choosing your cloth.

The fabric should be appealing as well as robust enough to manage the bag’s functions. Your bags will look great and last a long time if you do it this way.


Walking foot machines are frequently associated with quilting. They also serve a variety of other purposes. The walking foot is a simple addition for your sewing machine that allows the top of your cloth to enter the machine. When stitching numerous fabric layers, such as when making bags, this type of attachment comes in helpful. It facilitates and accelerates your job.


It’s tempting to leave your webbing uncovered when making bags. They’d still look nice, after all. Wrapping the webbing with the fabric you used during the bag’s exterior, on the other hand, gives a touch of class. It improves the bag’s appearance and adds to its value.


The pricing of bag producing machines in Nigeria are seen in this light. Before you go out and buy the product, here are a few recommendations. Right before you spend money for an equipment or material, make sure you thoroughly research the market. This will help you to have the picture of what’s the cost of the bag making material in the country.

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