Current Cost of Oracle Certification in Nigeria (2024)

Oracle is one of the world’s most recognized software certification. This database management system can be used for data warehousing and online transaction processing. Java, Solaris are just a few computer software programs that Oracle offers. Being an Oracle certified professional has over the years been very essential in Nigeria, and it is sometimes required for job applications.

cost of oracle certification in Nigeria

Before being offered a certificate by Oracle, candidates are enrolled into the school to study their programs and products such as MySQL database, Selenium, Cisco, Python, PySpark, Stack Implementation, etc. In attaining this, there are charges and fees you ought to pay. In this write-up, we will be delve into and outline how much it would cost for oracle certification in Nigeria. This article will also give you a guide on what to budget for and also about Oracle based programs and certifications.


We cannot emphasize on Oracle certifications without you knowing what it really is. However, some may have known about this certification program, but for the remaining ones who are oblivious of it, we will give an overview of what Oracle certification is.

Oracle Certification is an IT-based program designed to certify candidates on skills and knowledge that are in Oracle products and technologies. This involves acquainting trainees with the skills and knowledge of programming and other IT related disciplines. Program certification are granted by based on a combination of passing exams, training and performance-based assignments. This is given according to the level of certification.

There are 6 levels of Oracle Certification credentials, which include the following: Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA), Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) and Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS).

Oracle certifications is one of the important cert for workers irrespective of profession. It is tangible benchmarks of experience and expertise, as the aim of it is to help a participant stand out in a crowd among employers.

Oracle certification include: Oracle Enterprise Management Certifications, Oracle Industries Certifications, Oracle Java and Middleware Certifications, Oracle Systems Certifications, Oracle Virtualization Certifications, Oracle Foundation Certifications, Oracle Database Certifications, Oracle Cloud Certifications and Oracle Applications Certifications.


Getting an oracle certification in the country may not be that difficult. We have enumerated some guide to help you get enrolled. Below are the steps to follow in order to become Oracle certified;


First, you will have to choose a certification to go for. Your choice should be based on the technology area that interests you. This would allow you focus your energy on the area to study without loosing focus. Java programming, Java Development kit (JDK), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Oracle Database SQL (1Z0-071) are just a few fundamentals in the school.


Next, you will have to prepare for your certification exam. This is attained by taking recommended courses with Oracle school. There are many centres for taking Oracle courses, just make sure the place is approved for taking the class.


Once you have selected which certification to do, and have gone for for the training and you have taken any course(s) that is required, what that is left is to register for the examination in becoming an oracle certified professional.


Becoming Oracle certified will give you an edge both in your profession and social life. Let’s take a gander at the intriguing benefits of having a Oracle certification;

  • One of the advantages of Oracle training is that its participates are able to acquire new skills that will position them as a specialized expert in the global IT industry.
  • With an oracle certification, you will become a more skilled technologist.
  • You will be able to learn how to implement, develop and administer critical systems.
  • You will develop technical abilities which will help give you the needed confidence in your working field.
  • Oracle certification training will help to widen your career opportunities, and give you a match with your employers.


A lot of people are interested in knowing how much it will cost them to get a certification from oracle in Nigeria today. It should be noted here that the cost varies depending on the program and level. Oracle certification is just like other internationally recognized professional examinations, in that they have levels and the amount you ought to pay depends on the certification level the candidate is applying for. The types and classes of Oracle examination is also distinguishing, and this make the certification cost to be differing. This is also due to the variation in content, the period of study and the examination style.

The cost of Oracle certification examination go for about USD $245, which equals about ₦80,000 – ₦100,000 in the Nigerian naira. For candidates applying in the country, this amount may alter at any time depending on the local currency exchange rate. Nonetheless, a more less cost is the Junior associate Oracle examinations. This certification is primarily aimed at students and the cost for entry-level candidates is significantly less at USD $95 (about ₦35,000). This amount also depends on the current currency exchange rate at the time of application.

For the Oracle Certified Master examination, which is a more advance certification, the cost is considerably more than what the Junior associate pays. This certification is usually the main examinations and it qualifies candidates for the Oracle certifications.

N/B: The aforementioned cost can be seen as the fee for the certification examination, because it excludes other things that will be required for the test. Explicitly, it should be noted that the amount stated above is an estimated cost, and it does not include other important charges like preparation kits and test materials.

Candidates for Oracle certification examination are offered a lot of related materials to help them prepare for the test. Also, the Oracle program the candidate is seeking for is independent of the cost. The cost of the materials normally falls between N30,000 to N80,000 depending on the type and packages it accompanies.

That’s it on the cost of Oracle certification. It should be taken of note that these fees are for only the session. It is normally paid when doing the registration for the examination. More information about Oracle certification fees can be found on their website.


Do you know that obtaining an Oracle certification do increase your chances of getting promotion, improved salary and career improvement? Truth be told, about 80% of people that have gotten this certification could testify to this. Having this kind of training gives you some important knowledge and skills that are needed in your profession.

This article have been detailed on the price of Oracle certification in Nigeria. This will give you the knowledge of what to budget for in going for the certification.

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