Area/Dialing Codes For Nigerian Cities: Full List

To make a telephone call to Nigeria from abroad and vice-versa, you are expected to input the international telephone code for Nigeria or the country before dailing the local number. This would enable the call go through to the right person.

area dailing codes for Nigerian cities

Also, there are also dialing codes for Nigerian cities that you might need to know in case you want to reach anyone in these cities through your mobile phone. If you want to make an international telephone call to Nigeria, you would have to dial the international outgoing telephone code from your country. 

Note that the official Nigeria International Telephone countrycode is “+234” and each area or cities in Nigeria has its different area code.

The Nigeria international and local city codes in this write-up would aid anyone who wants to make an international phone call to Nigeria.

In this post, we provide the various area or dialing codes for Nigerian cities.

List of Area/Dialing Codes For Nigerian Cities

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Prefix of Mobile Phone Networks in Nigeria

Since Nigeria started the Mobile Number Portability in 2013, the various number prefix below can’t be used to know the telecomms operator again.

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