Top Best Careers in Microbiology in Nigeria Today

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Starting a career as a microbiologist is very promising, and this profession incoporates many oppurtunities. Since this course is studied in many Nigerian universities,  its only fair that aspiring microbiologist know the career opportunities that exist in this science course. Depending on the organization, one who studied microbiology can work for hospitals, health laboratories, oil and gas sector, education sector, etc.

careers in microbiology

Microbiology is the scientific study of small living organisms like bacterias. These scientists are called “Microbiologists”, and they study the collaboration of micro organisms with individuals and how they influence human lives. They are medical researchers who study the universe of microorganisms which are very little for the naked eye to see. The work of a microbiologist is applicable in many fields and you would need to discover what careers are inclined to this profession. You ought to know that similarly as many top professional medical courses are respected in our nation, the field of microbiology is likewise as significant with its many career options.

Where Do Microbiologists Work?

Microbiologists work in hospitals, emergency clinics, colleges, medical schools, government labs, and pretty much every industry. Their work is very vast due to the fact that they have practical experience in different fields. The salary a microbiologist earns ranges from N150,000 to N3,000,000 depending on the establishment and level of educational qualification. Microbiology-related professions in a wide scope of area contains many application which is their work spectation.

They include:

  • Public and private Hospitals/Clinics;
  • General health associations;
  • Environmental associations;
  • Industries like the Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Drink, Toiletries and Water;
  • Scientific laboratorys and research bodies.

Be that as it may, the career openings you should expect from microbiology will rely upon your educational attainment. In this writeup, we will provide top careers available for microbiologists in Nigeria.

Top Best Careers For Microbiologists in Nigeria Currently

Below we have outlined the career options available for microbiologists in the country:

Medical Microbiologists

As lucrative as the medical field is, its odd to underestimate the role of microbiologists working in this field. They work in clinics, hospitals laboratorys and research centres to offer types of assistance which help in the scientific determination of irresistible diseases and illnesses. As the work of microbiologists involves examining tiny invisible organisms, they utilize a magnifying lens to discover some diseases and possible cause.

Their work also extends to distinguishing explicit results of infection causing organisms or bacteria, by using medicine, immunologic, or sub- atomic strategies. They also identify antibodies delivered by the patient in light of an ailment causing life form; Utilizing the most recent program to complete point by point studies and explores; Overseeing and regulating research center work. The most important aspect of their job is in the control of disease by applying antimicrobial strategy to solve puzzling issues.

Industrial Microbiologists

This career in microbiology is very broad, as it relates to those working for government agencies, industries (including food), environmental and quality assurance. A crystal clear examples are those working for food/drugs control like NAFDAC, and quality assurance bodies like Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

These specialists check for the quality and security of nutrients, antibodies, anti-toxins, and germ-killers. They additionally distinguish phony microorganisms in water, foods, pharmaceutical and environmental consumable products.

Research Microbiologists

As the name goes, these medical practitioners do careful study of micro-organisms to discover new facts about them. They may work in schools, laboratorys, government, medical schools and research centers in ensuring the practice of the discipline to mitigate diseases.

Technical Microbiologists

These category of microbiologists give to ther imminent clients data about pharmaceuticals and other clinical items. Their work are in research facility or as advertisers of the company’s product, where they work to guarantee that great quality service are made. Technical microbiologists field is very glooming and with time and experience results to good payouts.

Petroleum Microbiologist

This might be a little bit suprising, but they are Microbiologists in the oil and gas sector. They help to utilize microorganisms to activate and modify raw petroleum or crude oil and refined petroleum products. Their work application can be seen in oil spillages, there they assist with obviating of oil slicks by using microorganisms to wipe up the affected region, regardless of whether ashore or offshore. This process is called bioremediation.

In the refining of oil products in the refinery, these microbiologist are very much required as this discipline falls under Environmental Microbiology. Microbiologist that works in the petroleum industry can be used for checking and examining oilfield microorganisms that can cause consumption of oil/gas pipelines; maybe you may likewise be engaged with using microorganisms to recuperate extra oil from spent oil supplies or using microorganisms to change over non- recoverable unrefined petroleum to methane. This goes to show how this field is very opening for oppurtunities.

Pharmaceutical Industry

This is another sector where the services of microbiologist are in high demand. They work with drug producers and also act as brand envoys of the company. Microbiologists and different researchers who fill in as brand envoys for their pharmaceutical companies are called clinical agents and their obligations are to help to expand the solution base of their company’s products/drugs. They are also involved in maintaing quality and efficiency of drugs produced by pharmaceuticals.

Education Sector Microbiologists

The work of microbiologists is not only restricted to direct practice, it also covers those who give training in this displine. A microbiologist who wishes to work in the education sector job’s discription is to educate students on the practice of micro-biology. Due to the vast openings for educators in the country, the demand for this category of microbiologist is tempting to delve in.


This has been our take on the careers in the microbiology field. From the definition on how the course deals on examing micro-organisms, we also listed the application of Microbiologist in many fields. Also, the work and job opening options for microbiologists are many as they can work in all medical and health fields in addition to playing a pivotal role in most production industries.

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