Addosser Microfinance Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria (2024)

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Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited is one of Nigeria’s top microfinance institutions. This bank has been established for almost a decade, and it’s great to see them acquire more popoularity as time goes on. We’ll take you over Addosser Microfinance Bank’s salary structure and pay estimates. This article also goes through their recruitment, compensation, and loan application procedures.

addosser microfinance bank salary structure


Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited is among Nigeria’s most well-known microfinance institutions. The Microfinance Bank was established on March 27th, 2008. It contributes significantly to the expansion of MSMEs’ financing alternatives. This is accomplished by providing financial support for their enterprises in the form of value-added products and services. The bank has disbursed over N47 billion in repeat loans over the last 13 years.

Addosser provides a wide array of products and services to network of approximately 103,000 clients through a workforce of over 300 people. Retail and Microenterprise Banking, SME Banking, Consumer Banking, and Specialized Products & Investment Banking are the four business groups that help the bank accomplish this.

They remain tightly related to the areas in which they work since they are focused on producing value and building relationships with their consumers. Day after day, the bank provides targeted support to MSMEs, connecting consumers to opportunities, helping businesses to develop, and, eventually, boosting people’s living situations.

In 2013, the operational license of Addosser Microfinance Bank was elevated from a local microfinance bank to a state microfinance bank. With 19 branches in Lagos, the bank’s services have attracted more than 103,000 customers, with women making for more than 70% of the total. The bank’s assets now exceed N11 billion, with shareholder funds exceeding N1.8 billion.


Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited is Nigeria’s second most profitable financial intermediary institution. The average pay at the Bank is 114,287 Naira. Eight Addosser Microfinance Bank employees obtained this data. The survey included positions such as Customer Service Officer, Funds Transfer Officer, Supervisor, Recovery Officer, Finance Officer, SME Senior Credit Risk Analyst, and others.

Let’s have a look at their pay scale for roles like as cashier, bank officer, customer service officer, supervisor, finance officer, and branch head.


Customers typically encounter with a bank cashier as their first point of contact. As a result, they must have a thorough knowledge of all financial operations as well as a pleasant manner.

Addosser Microfinance Bank cashiers might earn anywhere between the range of N50,000 and N90,000 per month.


Bill payments, deposits and withdrawals, foreign exchange requests, bank drafts, and other banking transactions are among the services provided by client officers. They also take the time to respond to common banking questions and resolve customer issues in a courteous and helpful approach.

Client service officers at Addosser Microfinance Bank are paid between the range of N90,000 and N250,000 monthly.


Bank supervisors play an important role in the day-to-day operations of the microfinance institution. They are in charge of inspecting how day-to-day activities are handled out. Supervisors must then submit reports to the bank’s appropriate agencies or individuals.

Working with Addosser Microfinance Bank as a supervisor might pay you up to N90,000 per month.


A banking or finance officer is legally authorized to act on behalf of a bank, make contracts, and sign documents. A banking officer is in charge of many aspects of a retail banking environment.

Addosser Microfinance Bank pays its banking officers between N100,000 and N300,000 as salary per month.


A branch manager is responsible for overseeing and monitoring a bank branch. They’ll be in responsible of financial reporting, personnel hiring and training, and branch revenue growth.

The branch managers at Addosser Microfinance Bank are among the highest compensated in the industry. They can make anywhere from N100,000 to N1 million or more as salary every month.


Do you want to be a part of Addosser Microfinance Bank’s outstanding team? The microfinance institution offers a variety of job opportunities.

They are a group of tenacious, hardworking individuals who are goal-oriented and can best be defined as fighters. Addosser fosters a culture of respect and progress, which is why they are able to recruit and keep the best talent in the business.

Their organization is extremely results-oriented, and they never fail to recognize and reward exceptional individuals. The bank’s biggest asset is its employees, who are treated with respect and appreciation at all times.

If you are conscientious, creative, hardworking, and eager to work with a fantastic team, please visit their website ( and submit your information. For additional information, drop an email to

Fill in all of your information in the sections provided on their website and wait for a response.


Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited is Nigeria’s second most profitable microfinance institution. This is a financial services provider situated in Lagos that was established on March 27, 2008. This microfinance bank helps with the development of micro, small, and medium-sized business financing options. They help these small businesses by providing financial assistance in the form of value-added products and services.

Addosser Bank is indeed one of the best microfinance banks in the country. It comprises four business segments that provide clients with a wide range of products and services.

In this article, we discussed Addosser Microfinance Bank, covering recruitment, compensation structure, and other facts.

People who desire to be a part of Addosser Microfinance Bank usually do look for information pertaining to this salary structure and recruitment. As job seekers, investors, developers, or even borrowers, they may want to engage. In this article, we spotlighted the financial institution’s remuneration structure to give them with the most up-to-date statistics.

Their salary is perhaps not the biggest in Nigerian banking sector, but it is a good start. Additionally, those who really want to work for Addosser Bank may be offered a variety of other intriguing options.

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