Radiographer Salary in Nigeria: How Much Radiographers Earn (2024)

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We shall provide the salaries of radiographers in nigeria in this write up, how much these medical professionals earn monthly and what radiographers do.

Radiographers in Nigeria salary structure

What Do Radiographers Do?

Radiograhers are people who work with x-ray machines. These medical professionals specialize in the imaging of human body to create images of patients that a doctor may use to treat injuries and disease. While they are not as highly paid as medical doctors, a radiographers’ salary can also be at par with that of a doctor, depending on the level. With the imaging, they can discover if there is any foreign object in the body or any internal part of the body that is damaged. They can either practice in the hospital or large clinics or have their own business that take care of referrals from hospitals where a physician has already examined the individual. They are also called as medical radiation technologists.

Radiographers salary scale are descent, just like other medical professionals because they work with high-tech machines to check bone issues, chest issues, and other problems that have to do with the internal organs of the body. No matter how small or delicate these organs could be, it would be detected with these sophisticated machines and diagnostic tools. Before diagnosis, the Radiographer must ensure that the body part involved is positioned well enough to be captured. Also, he makes use of the specified amount of radiation necessary for such body section to avoid further damages in the body system of patient. They make sure that the machines are functioning well before using it on a patient.

They are also in charge of the maintenance of the imaging equipment in their department because this equipment is expensive equipment and are very important in the hospital. They prepare and set up equipment working on a patient. They also keep the patient at ease throughout the process. The salaries of Radiographers per month also goes in tandem with their job description as they fill daily inspection reports, paperwork, and documentation as required.

They perform the assigned radiography tasks and interpret results of inspections.  They also make sure that people adhere strictly to industry health guidelines and company radiation safety regulations. The radiographer decides what equipment will best create the required images and creates them. The role in which these professionals perform is vital, no wonder radiographers are paid just like pharmacist as they also follow-up imaging work to assess treatment progress.

Discovery of Radiography

One of the most import discovery in the 17th century was the discovery of X-rays. X-ray was discovered on 8th May, 1895 by a scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. A lot of other discoveries have been made afterwards on radiography with Wilhem’s knowledge of X-ray.

Branches of Radiography

Radiography involve many branches which includes:

  • Computed Tomography (CT)

This uses ionizing radiation together with computer to produce images of both soft and hard tissues.

  • Contrast radiography

Contrast radiography makes use of radiocontrast agent to make the particular body part of interest very visible from the background.

  • Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)

This is also known as bone densitometry used for osteoporosis test.

  • Fluoroscopy

This technique is used to view movement of the tissue or contrast agent or to guide a medical intervention

  • Angiography

This is the use of fluoroscopy to view the cardiovascular system. It is used to view the vessels under X-ray. It is also used to find blockages, leaks, new vessel growth and placement of catheters and stents.

  • Mammography

This is used to examine the human breast. It uses low energy X-ray of about 30kvp to diagnose and screen the breast. The aim is to detect breast cancer.

  • Positron Emission Tomography

This is an imaging technique that is used to visualize and measure metabolic processes in the body using radioactive substances. It is mainly used to measure metabolism, blood flow, regional chemical composition and absorption.

  • Ultrasound or sonography

This is used to evaluate fetal development, detect problems in the heart, kidney or the abdomen. It is the use of echoes or high frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body.

  • Industrial Radiography

This is a method of non-destructive testing where many types manufactured components can be examined to ascertain their internal structures. This can be achieved using an X-ray

How Much Are Radiographer’S Paid As Salaries In Nigeria Monthly?

The salary of radiographers may be dependent on their job description, years of experience, qualification and the location of hospital. Considering the qualifications and level of experience, some senior radiologists who specialize in areas like computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could earn more than people with no area of specialization. Radiologists in a federal government hospital would earn higher than his counterparts in state hospitals and they would be better than the ones in private clinics.

Now let’s consider their salaries one after another

As a known fact, radiologists in Federal hospitals are paid between N100,000 – N150,000. At the state level radiologist are paid from N80,000 -N120,000. Moving on to the private hospitals, they earn from N70,000 – 100,000.

Radiologist in Nigeria earn about N150,000 per month. Most radiologists in entry-level positions are paid from N80,000 to N100,000 per month while those in middle-level positions from N150,000 and above and those in senior-level positions are paid from 200,000 and above monthly. Intern earn about N80,000.

How to Become A Radiographer

To start a career in radiography, the individual must meet up with the following requirements

  • This is the most fundamental requirements. The individual must have at least credit in his/her O level results including English Language and mathematics together with the core science subjects (physics, chemistry, biology).
  • The individual must score above 200 in UTME organized by JAMB and a considerable score in post UTME. Depending on the school.
  • When he/she has successfully passed his UTME, he will go ahead to study Radiography in any radiography accredited University in Nigeria
  • On graduation, the individual goes for a compulsory one-year NYSC

List of Nigerian Universities That Offer Radiography

  • University of Calabar
  • University of Lagos
  • University of Maiduguri
  • Usman Danfodio University
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Bayero University Kano

Job Opportunities Available For Radiographers

Here are possible places where the work of a radiologist is needed:

  • They can work in Hospitals and Diagnostics centers where they assist in diagnoses and produced images of internal parts of the body that has problem
  • They can work in Marine Industry where they detect leakages in marine pipes.
  • Radiologist could work in Pharmaceutical Companies where they use X-rays to study the behaviour of atoms of the substances used in making drugs.

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