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The pay of American Navy commanders and admirals will be examined in this article. A monthly paycheck known as basic pay is typically given to officers in the U.S. Navy. The officer’s present DoD paygrade is what determines this. The paygrades of naval officers vary from O-1, Ensign, to O-10, Fleet Admiral. According to their pay level, navy officers automatically receive pay increases every one to two years.


Navy officers with lower ranks typically reach their basic salary maximum before those with higher ranks do. Navy officers are qualified for a wide range of supplemental payments, bonuses, and allowances in addition to their base pay. These cover a variety of benefits, such as hostile fire pay, food and housing assistance, personal money allowances, and hazard pay. You can view the complete basic pay schedule for US Navy officers from the breakdown statistics below.


Commissioned officers and warrant officers are among the ranks of navy personnel who are experts and specialists in particular military technology or capabilities. Officer promotions are approved by the Senate.

Officers with commissions don’t enlist. The US president may appoint them for an endless period of time. They have a commission that outlines the obligations and responsibilities associated with their particular level.

The positions held and compensation for officers and admirals in the US Navy are listed below.


The duties of a Warrant Officer are essentially direction and practical application rather than management. Chief warrant officer (CWO2) is the lowest and most junior commissioned officer rank in the U.S Navy , while chief warrant officer (CWO5) is the highest (CWO5).

The beginning monthly basic pay wage for a Chief Warrant Officer 4 is $4,792. Once they have worked there for more than 30 years, this increases to $8,926 per month.


The first enlisted officer rank is earned by graduate students of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), the Officer Candidate School (OCS), and other licensing institutions. In general, the majority of ensigns are in different schools getting ready for their specific staff or warfare specialty. Division officers are among the others working in the fleet.

O1 – Navy – Ensigns make an average of $43,731 per year in the United states.


Promotion to this rank takes place about two years following ensign enlistment. Some officers can be attending classes to prepare for their specialization in staff or warfare. Other people might be division officials working for the fleet.

The basic pay compensation for a Lieutenant Junior Grade starts at $4,007 every month. After serving for more than six years, this amount increases to $5,544 each month.


A lieutenant is typically a divisional officer or unit leader on some smaller vessels and in aviation aircraft. High ranking lieutenants may serve as department heads in select units. Platoon leaders for SEAL teams are the LT, LTJGs, and ENS.

A Lieutenant is an O-3 DoD paygrade junior officer in the United States Navy. The initial basic pay wage for a lieutenant is $4,637 every month.


The Lieutenant Commander is the executive officer or department head aboard a ship, aviation squadron, or submarine. LCDR act as executive officers on SEAL teams. Several officers are responsible for overseeing patrol or minesweeper vessels.

A O4 – Navy – Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy is thought to have a yearly salary of $139,855.


A commander (CDR, O5) is a high ranking officer who is in charge of a frigate, destroyer, fast-attack submarine, smaller amphibious ship, aviation squadron, SEAL team, or shore post.

A US Navy O5 – Navy – Commander’s annual salary is reported to be $119,346.


Captains are responsible for leading large fleets of ships and aircraft carriers in the US navy.

How much money does a Navy O-6 Captain make? The initial basic pay compensation for a captain is $7,332 per month. As soon as they have worked for more than 30 years, this compensation increases to $12,980 each month.


This is the initial flag rank and carries a one-star rating. Flag soldiers may also be appointed as assistants to bigger commands.

The initial monthly basic pay wage for a Rear Admiral Lower Half is $9,668. After more than 30 years of service, this amount increases to $14,446 per month.


This is a two-star rank in the US navy. Flag officers may also be appointed as assistants to broader units.

The beginning basic pay compensation for a Rear Admiral is $11,636 per month. When they have worked more than 34 years, their salary increases to a maximum of $16,774 each month.


Vice admiral is a three-star commissioned officer rank in the US Navy, abbreviated as VADM. This person holds positions as deputy for regional commanders and commands numbered fleets. A commissioned officer with the DoD paygrade O-9 is a vice admiral in the US Navy.

Vice Admirals are paid a base salary of between $16,444.80 and $16,974.90 each month.


The highest flag level in the US Navy is the admiral rank. Admirals can serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, head of naval operations, regional command commanders, and joint command commanders.

A US admiral may receive anything from $3,363.48 and $207,062.28 in total yearly remuneration. Admirals may be paid pay allowances in excess to their base salary.


The ultimate rank in the Navy is fleet admiral, which is represented by a five-star insignia. The rank is only momentarily adopted during war times. Since World War II, no one has used this designation during a combat.

Fleet Admirals are paid the same as Rear Admirals while they are on active service, including a $5,000 personal allowance.


The strongest Navy in the world is indeed the U.S. Navy. It was created in 1798 after being founded in March 1775. It is in charge of guarding the nation’s borders, assisting seaborne forces in fighting naval operations, and upholding maritime safety. The U.S. Navy now has 341,000 active duty sailors and 59,000 reserves. This article provided a summary of the various US Navy ranks and their corresponding salaries.

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