List of Best Vocational Skills To Learn in Nigeria (2024)

Are you seeking for a lucrative expertise that does not require any formal education? Then vocational skills should be the most ideal option for you.


This post is also for you if you’re thinking about learning a craft or gaining a vocational skill. We have provided top vocational skills in Nigeria suggestions for you to establish a job for yourself in this article.


Vocational skill is just a skill that doesn’t necessitate or needs any “formal schooling.” Vocational skills are learned by studying under an experienced master, and in some cases, you don’t even need writing materials to learn them because they take your complete focus, drive, practical and brain.

Vocational skills are commonly referred to as “informal education.” That is, the type of instruction you obtained outside of a building’s four walls – School. There are various skills accessible in Nigeria and the rest of the world; some demand extensive formal education, while others require little to no formal schooling – this is where Nigerian vocational skills come in.


The following is a list of lucrative vocational skills that anyone can learn if they are motivated.


When it comes to design, Fashion Design is the first high-paying vocational skill in Nigeria. In the same way that a digital designer is required for graphics, a fashion designer is required.

The fashion sector in Nigeria is currently one of the best performing industries in the country, which demonstrates the amount of money pushed in over the years.


Automobile maintenance is ranked second on our list of the high income skills in Nigeria. Automobile servicing is concerned with automobiles and your ability to repair minor issues that arise from time to time.

Fortunately for vehicle engineers, sophisticated technologies have been developed to assist in the detection of specific issues, making your job easier.

There are a lot of automobiles in the country these days, and their owners pay to have them maintained on a regular basis.


Welding, which works hand in hand with fabrication, is another high-paying occupational skill. Even if you’ve never examined this skill before, you should do so now; it is possible to learn this skill without a formal schooling.

Since the market for welders isn’t very saturated, you could start earning right away once you’ve learned this expertise. All construction organizations will undoubtedly require the skills of a skilled welder.


In today’s Nigeria, photography is another high-paying profession. We all understand what photography entails, but have you ever considered how photographers make money? I’m assuming you haven’t.

Photography allows you to make as much money as you want; you decide how much you want to make. Despite the fact that many people have grumbled about how crowded the sector is, it is still a valuable skill to have.


Opening a saloon for hairdressing or barbering is one of the rewarding enterprise to open.

If you work as a hairdresser, barber, or hairstylist, you have one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria.

People, both male and female, are becoming more aware of grooming and the necessity of hair maintenance.


Plumbing is yet another high talent on this list. So, what makes plumbing in Nigeria such a well-paid profession?

Plumbers are required in the installation of pipes in structures for numerous functions including the passage of water, gas, drainage or other substances.

Since this industry isn’t very saturated, plumbers tend to earn quite excellent money for their services.


Caterers are as vital as food in an economy because food is a necessary for all living things, including humans, and people pay good money to eat delicious cuisine. As a result, caterers lead our list of top Nigerian vocational skills.


The concepts above refer to two skills that execute nearly identical tasks. The Makeup/Makeover industry is one of the highest-paying professions.

It’s a well-known tradition in Nigeria as well as many other countries to hold weddings and other events on Saturdays. I’m not sure how many events or weddings take place on Saturdays, but I do think the vast majority happens, and a great deal of makeup and makeovers take place.


When we talk of carpentry, this is what comes to mind. It’s a common thing and everyone, I believe, is a carpenter in some manner, though not professional. Just about everyone knows how to use a carpenter’s two most important tools: the hammer and the nail. We all know how to use a hammer to drive a nail into wood, masonry, or concrete.

Have you ever considered putting a roof on a simple structure? No, you won’t be able to accomplish that unless you’re a professional. That’s one of the numerous reasons you should consider Carpentry as a skill to learn.


If you’re a lover of painting, then hello, and welcome to the world of color! Painting, as we all know, changes the appearance of a house or the home. Painting may appear to be simple, but it is not… It’s not all sunshine and roses.

As a painter, you’ll need to be as familiar with color as you are with your fingers, knowing what combinations produce what results and how to use several colors in a single painting.


An interior designer is responsible for the maintenance and design of a building’s interiors in order to provide satisfaction to the building’s users. An interior designer’s job entails conducting research, creating designs, and putting them into action on a structure.

Although not widely known, interior designers are in high demand in many English-speaking nations, including Nigeria, and they are well compensated.


In Nigeria, manufacturing profession necessitates a great deal of ingenuity. The profession can take many different forms.

You pick what you want to make, create a design for it, and bring it to life.

It may not be an easy profession to learn and practice, but it’s very rewarding.


That’s the size of this article as we’ve been able to highlight the comprehensive of top vocational skills in Nigeria. These are by and large the best skills that won’t require a formal education.

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