10 Best Nigerian Universities To Study Medicine & Surgery (2024)

This post will cover every aspect of the top 10 medical and surgical universities in Nigeria.

universities in Nigeria

You are urged to properly examine and comprehend this manual so that you won’t be perplexed about the institution that offers medicine.

One of the most delicate areas of study in Nigeria is medicine and surgery. Not all Nigerian universities are prepared to teach medical students due to its level of sensitivity.

As a result, I’ve included the top ten Nigerian universities in this post for studying medicine and surgery.

This will assist you in making decisions regarding your JAMB registration. To increase your chances of admission, make sure you choose the one that is in your catchment region.

Many university students who study medicine and surgery go on to become licensed doctors, surgeons, etc.

In Nigeria, you must have an O’ Level score of at least 5 credits, including English and Mathematics, in order to study medicine and surgery.

In order to increase their chances of admission given the rivalry for university admission, students are encouraged to do better on their JAMB UTME.


Given the number of students who wish to study the course each year, medicine and surgery is without a doubt one of the most competitive courses in Nigeria. Because it is profitable in Nigeria and elsewhere, it is competitive.

An average Nigerian university requires 6 years to complete the professional program, plus 1 year for NYSC duty and 1 year for housemanship.

Do you wish to pursue a career in medicine or surgery at one of these renowned institutions? Make certain you have at least 5 credits in NECO or WAEC at one or more sittings. Among many other prerequisites, obtaining good JAMB and Post-UTME scores can also help you gain admission to any of these universities.


Here is a list of all Nigerian universities that offer medicine and surgery and are authorized by the NUC and approved by JAMB. Consider one of the following institutions if you want to study medicine or surgery in Nigeria.


UNILAG is a government institution that tops our ranking of the finest medical schools in Nigeria. The University of Lagos, or UNILAG, is situated in Akoka, Lagos State. It houses one of Nigeria’s top medical colleges.

In addition to being among the top three institutions in Nigeria, UNILAG is fully staffed with medical professionals to offer specialized medical education and a conducive setting for health-related research.

The university was given a subsidy by the federal government to make the latter possible. Furthermore, the NUC has given its medical school full accreditation.


It is not unexpected that the University of Ibadan provides some of the greatest training for physicians given that it is one of Nigeria’s best universities. The 1948-founded school is proud of its high academic standards, medical knowledge, and training facilities.

Due to its high standards and intellectual caliber, getting accepted to study medicine at UI is extremely tough. The University of Ibadan is the first accredited university in Nigeria and the top institution in the extreme southwest. UI wants to establish a top-notch medical and surgical training facility.


OAU boasts being among the top two universities in the southwest of Nigeria, while not being among the oldest universities in the country. It is one of the best medical schools in Nigeria because it also has a reputable college hospital with a track record of treating unusual diseases and conditions.

One of the top academic institutions in Nigeria to study medicine and surgery is Obafemi Awolowo University, which is located in Ile-Ife, Osun State. Every year, OAU produces qualified and employable physicians and other healthcare professionals through its College of Health Sciences.

The institution is renowned around the world for its high standards and academic excellence. Additionally, the university operates a conventional teaching hospital with a solid reputation for treating illnesses. Consequently, it is among the top options for anyone looking to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.

Additionally, the university offers challenging and student-centered courses to develop top surgeons and medical professionals.


Have you ever heard of University of Nigeria, Nsukka? In terms of both medical and non-medical education, it ranks among Nigeria’s best universities. The Nnamdi Azikiwe-founded institution has continued to offer the same high caliber medical education over the years.

UNN educates medical professionals and staff who are skilled in treating a variety of illnesses and disorders through its College of Medicine.

The University of Nigeria Nsukka, College of Medicine, is a great option if you live in eastern Nigeria and want to have a great time while professionally studying medicine and surgery.

Three completely equipped faculties and one of the top teaching hospitals are both found at UNN. However, there is intense competition among students in this school, so you must perform at your very best.


Another university in Nigeria where students can study medicine and surgery is Ahmadu Bello University. The federal university was founded in 1962 and is situated in Zaria, Kaduna.

The best Nigerian medical school in that area is located at ABU Zaria, which is located in the north. It supports treating a variety of medical conditions and disorders and has one of the greatest campus hospitals.

The largest and best-equipped medical school in Nigeria is located at ABU Zaria, and it is totally in Nigeria.

The training facilities and medical infrastructure at the school are among the best. Due to the University’s high standards, admittance is quite competitive. We suggest enrolling at Ahmadu Bello University if you’re interested in studying medicine.


A top-notch teaching hospital and medical college are located in Lagos State. It has a track record of saving lives, even those who were on the verge of passing away. It is owned, financed, and operated by the Lagos state government.

The University of Lagos’ medical students use it as a teaching hospital as well. It is also one of Nigeria’s authorized medical schools.

On our list of top state universities in Nigeria for studying medicine is Lagos State University. The Lagos State government funds and oversees the school, which has a strong academic reputation and a medically qualified faculty.

The Ikeja-based school boasts a conventional teaching hospital where aspiring medical professionals are trained.


Another top federal university for studying medicine in the country is the University of Ilorin, also known as UNILORIN. The university boasts one of the top approved medical schools, similar to UI.

The 1975-founded UNILORIN is situated in Ilorin, Kwara State. The institution enjoys widespread acclaim and a reputation for excellence. Its medical school is set up to provide a comprehensive education in medicine and surgery and to effectively compete with students from other countries.

One of Nigeria’s top 10 medical schools, particularly in the southwest, is the University of Ilorin College of Medicine. Additionally, it boasts a well-functioning educational system that is quick and effective.


One of the few state colleges that can brag of providing excellent medical training, great educational excellence, and basic facilities is Delta State University. The institution, which is situated in Southern Nigeria, has a track record of producing competent medical professionals.

As a result, Delta State University’s College of Health Sciences boasts one of Nigeria’s top medical schools and programs.

One of Nigeria’s top medical institutions, DELSU College of Health Sciences is situated in the South-South area and is renowned for its high standards.

To guarantee that the medical students it turns out are among the top in the nation, it employs one of the best teachers in the medical area.


This university is one of many in Nigeria’s Southern area that can train and produce competent medical professionals. The Edo state school offers its students a comfortable setting, first-rate amenities, and a high caliber of medical education.

If you want to pursue a career in medicine or surgery in Nigeria, enrolling at Ambrose Ali University is a surefire method to do it.

One of the top medical schools in Nigeria and the source of one of the best doctors is Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

The school currently confers the following degrees:

Medical physiology in S.C., and Medical laboratory science bachelor’s degree.

The MBBS degree mentioned above, however, is not an honors degree. According to CGPA, the university awards the following courses:

The B.S.C. in Physiology and Medical laboratory science bachelor’s degree.


NDU is a top medical school in Nigeria that is situated in Bayelsa’s South-South area.

This university is among the top choices for those looking to study medicine.

The institution possesses the top-notch medical infrastructure, resources, and staff needed to educate future medical professionals.


In Nigeria, there are numerous federal, state, and private universities with excellent standards, medical knowledge, and infrastructure. Just a few of the many universities providing the course have been highlighted by us in our time-consuming effort.

Before picking a university, we urge every applicant to thoroughly examine each institution’s criteria. Which of the top medical schools in Nigeria on our list are you planning to attend? Lets hear you in the comment section below.

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