Types of Beans in Nigeria

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Have you ever thought and wondered about the various types of bean seeds that exist in Nigeria?


Beans Farm

According to botany, beans belong to the class of protein sources recognized as legumes. All legumes belong to the Fabaceae family of flowering plants, usually known as the Leguminosae. These plants create pod-shaped fruits and seeds. Legumes are sometimes regarded as their food group due to their distinctive nutritional makeup. They are, however, more often grouped with other plant-based foods like vegetables. One group of legume seeds is referred to as “bean” seeds. Among the other categories are peanuts, lupins, and lentils.

There are varieties of beans in Nigeria that are useful for human consumption, and also for making feeds for animals and other life stock. Beans are very useful both for economic importance and consumption. Have you wondered how beans are split into defense varieties? Eg, the Nigerian ”Akara” (Bean cake) Moi-Moi, more so, some tribes in Nigeria use beans for soup, known as beans soup. There is much importance of beans to the Nigerian economy and every citizen. For commercial purposes, beans are exported and used for different economical benefits.


Beans generally are known for their health benefits to the body no wonder beans farming in Nigeria is popular. The economical benefits and many importance of eating beans, and how useful they can be to human consumption are just why bean seeds are planted in large quantities in the country.

The South Eastern and South Western regions of Nigeria have excellent agricultural terrain for growing beans. However, beans don’t grow well in locations with too much rain. For growing beans, a moderately distributed rainfall of between 300 and 400 mm every crop cycle is ideal. pH levels of 6 to 7 are ideal for the soil (neutral to slightly acidic).

In Nigeria, farmers typically begin sowing bean seeds between the months of March and August. Rainfall throughout these months will significantly increase. Nigerian farmers can grow beans in March in both the southern and northern parts of the country. The majority of farmers in northern Nigeria begin the process of cultivating their bean crop around March. In April, there are also hardly any insect infestations when sowing beans in your farms.


Among the classes of food, beans play a vital role in nutritional value and healthy living, generally, beans contain protein and carbohydrates including some amount of fiber in it. These would tell you how beans are very important to the body and growth of every human being. Most people think beans are responsible for the growth of children, especially tall ones.

Research has clearly stated the benefits of human consumption of beans, it helps in reducing heart attack, especially in elderly people, and reducing the cholesterol in the human body. More proof about beans being an anti-inflammatory body builder which tends to reduce the rate of cancer as proposed.

Some individual don’t know beans contain fiber and also some amount of starch in it, we’ll be learning more about that today. Looking at the health benefit of beans, it is high in protein with a higher amount of carbohydrates which makes the body looks smooth nonetheless, there are other mineral beans can give to the body, e.g. Iron and fiber. Children are advised to take beans in their meals as it helps them to develop mentally even as they grow.

Do you know beans help in lowering blood cholesterol? Yes! This legume crop aid in the reduction of blood cholesterol and high amount of fiber. For individuals with a phobia of beans, complaining about runny stomachs and heartburn, they should prepare it well before eating. When properly cooked, there won’t be any discomfort.


Generally, beans aren’t supposed to disturb or cause discomfort for anyone. Due to the mode of preserving it from beans weevil, chemicals are used in preserving it, so the chemicals tend to disturb and cause, heartburn, running stomach, and other related discomforts from beans.


  • Before cooking your beans, you should make sure you properly wash the bean and parboil it, after parboiling, throw out the parboil water and put it in freshwater. Doing so you have saved yourself and whosoever would eat from the beans any form of discomfort.
  • There are still more tips, for you to get rid of those chemicals, it is advised to soak the beans in water for some time or hours for the chemicals to properly wash off.  Soaking it would help for it to cook and time, no much delay.


There are the different varieties of bean seeds in Nigeria currently and their traditional names:


This type of bean known as Ewa Oloyin is common among the Yorubas. This type of bean has a unique sweet test and mouth-watering feeling. When preparing, you make it as soft as possible, then the real sweetness will come up. The honey-test-like nature of these legumes is so delicious after cooking. Ewa Oloyin is more costly than any other beans. Everyone makes use of honey beans for the unique ingredients it contains.

In the price range, the beans are more expensive than any other beans, so many tend to go for the cheaper ones. Brown beans seem to be the cheapest of all beans.


Brown beans popularly known as Ewa Drum amongst the Yorubas is rich in nutrient and contain a high amount of protein fiber. Elderly people love eating brown beans believing it is the best among the types of beans planted in Nigeria. The Brown beans are as expensive as the Honey beans known as ”Ewa Oloyin” among the Yorubas. Food vendors rarely cook brown beans due to the high cost. Instead, they go for the cheapest which the white beans come to play.


White beans are widely seen everywhere, the most common beans for everyone, with a little amount of cash you can comfortably cook yourself a pot of white beans and feel the best of it. Many local food vendors and restaurants mostly cook white beans as is it affordable for commercial consumption. With lots of health benefits to the body providing necessary antioxidants to the body.


Every average man in Nigeria today adds beans to his or her meal. Do you know that beans helps to stabilize blood level? Also, it aids in reducing diabetes and serves as source of balance diet in the classes of food. One good thing about eating beans, you don’t get hungry easily, you keep taking water till it finally digest. You can also see the latest prices of bag of beans in Nigeria if you are interested in purchasing any.

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