Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria (2024)

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There are over 47 registered fertiliser companies fully operational in Nigeria and these companies have blending plants used to make and process these organic fertilizers for farmers use. Some of these companies are also into fertilizer distribution as they supply to retailers and wholesalers alike. If you are looking to improve the crops and plants in your farm, you would need various types of fertilizers (organic or inorganic, NPK) to ensure you get the best nutrients for your crops so as to achieve a good harvest.

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With the emergence of more fertiliser blending plants in the country, it has opened room for more competition in the domestic blending industry as to which fertiliser company is the best in Nigeria. Also, the prices of fertilizers per bag today have reduced due to rise in operations and excessive demand on the part of farmers and supply on the part of these companies. For example, fertilizer prices across Nigerian states such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt range between ₦7, 900 and ₦11, 000 for NPK, while in Niger state and other northern states, the prices of fertiliser is significantly cheaper at ₦7, 800 to ₦9, 000 per bag.


Here are ten top fertilizer blending plants that produce different kinds of fertilizers that are used to improve crops grown in Nigeria.


They are rated as the best fertilizer company in the country and the largest commercial producers of organic fertilizers in the West African region. They use a blend of solid waste and the latest United States remedial technology which ensures that the end product is in conformity with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). EarthCare Nigeria Limited fertiliser blending plant is located in Lagos State at Ikoyi road, Obalende. The brand name of this company is Compost and at full operation, they produce an output of over 200,000 metric tons of Grade “A” organic fertilizer yearly.


This company has and operates the world’s largest fertilizer blending plant and has its presence across Africa, Asia, Europe and America. With a total output measuring up to 2.8 million metric tons of granular urea, they supply farmers across the world urea for their various soil and agricultural needs. Also, they are the largest fertilizer producer in Sub-Saharan Africa with a key focus to also provide NPK to cater for the increasing fertilizer demand of the domestic market in Nigeria (both for direct application and NPK blending). Their plant is located in Port Harcourt


Notore is also among the top fertiliser and agro-allied companies in Nigeria. Aside from supplying premium fertilisers to farmers, they also educate farmers on the best practices for farming and how to enrich the soil for optimum results across the country. Notore operates a functional fertiliser plant in Port-Harcourt located at Onne sea port. This ensures the effective shipment and fertiliser distribution across the country. Aside from this, they also produce Ammonia and NPK fertiliser which is good for deeper and stronger roots.


Golden Fertilizer Company has become Nigerian farmers’ choice for fertiliser blending, distribution and supply. Established in 1997, GFC is a subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. With a well experienced team skilled with the knowledge of agriculture, the Golden Fertilizer Company has been top in the agro-allied supply chain of the country through its brand products.


BEJAFTA produces the best quality NPK20-lO-lO and NPK 15-15-15 fertilisers. This company was established in 1998 and has one of the functional blending plants in the country that services both the oil and gas, manufacturing and agricultural sectors in the country. With a production capacity of over 900 tons per day and 50mt of quality fertiliser per hour, BEJAFTA can be regarded as one of the best Nigerian fertilizer companies.


Dangote Fertiliser Plant boasts of Africa’s largest urea fertiliser complex that was built to occupy 500 hectares of land in Lagos, Lekki Free Trade Zone to be precise. The cost of establishing this fertilizer complex costs a whopping $2.5 Billion. With this structure, Nigeria has become a hub for both production, consumption and distribution of fertilizers by farmers. No wonder, Africa as a whole is rated to have the best soil structure in the world. The production output of Dangote Fertiliser plant stands at an impressive 3 million metric tonnes of urea fertiliser per year.


NitroMobil is one of the few indigenous companies that specialises in fertilizer production and supply, especially to rural areas. They have built a network of buyers and have direct contact with agrochemical companies located in Europe and Asia. Due to their experience in the Nigerian Agricultural market, they also facilitate the supply of NPK fertilizers effectively to farmers.


This company was incorporated in 2018 and has an installed NPK blending plant that produces a capacity of 550,000 metric tonnes of top quality fertilizers in the country. Although they are located in the northern region of the country, they manufacture premium grade products at an affordable price. Some of Matrix formulated products include: NPK 20-10-10, NPK 15-15-15, and NPK 27-13-13.


Brass Complex has been licensed to commence commercial fertiliser operations in 2025 and should have an annual output capacity of 6 million metric tonne once completed. For now, the complex which is located in Bayelsa State uses natural gas as its feedstock component.


While these companies produce organic and Inorganic fertilizers, note that both have the ability to substantially increase farmers’ agricultural output especially in crop production. One thing is certain that these fertilizer companies’ products have been tested and rated by farmers to be rich  sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, potassium, antioxidants and fibre for your soil and plant needs, ensuring photosynthesis and can slow down any diseases that may infect your garden or farm.

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