Top Counseling Services in Nigeria

Humans do face lot more psychological problems that is way bigger than them in life. Many will end up getting depressed if not mad, while others may end up committing suicide.

counseling services

All thanks to guidance and counseling which has been successful in tackling emotional problems of people from same way it’s coming from, due to the fact that not all problems are spiritual or physical it might need the aid of a counselor.

Many people though do not like counseling or rather listen to counselors because they feel telling their fellow humans their problems deprives them of their privacy. They forget that there are certain well trained individuals or better still specialist in the field of counseling that can tackle such psychological situations.

Many claimed quack counselors have defrauded people of their money with no strong evidence from the victim and also no legit law against them. This post will provide you the best counseling outfit to consult if you need their services.

There are different aspects of our lives that need counseling services which are: Spiritual life, educational, matrimonial life/home, challenges of one in life and relationship matters.

Top Counseling Services in Nigeria

There are firms one can go for counseling that are tested and trusted such places are mentioned below:

1. 23/24 Relationship And Family Counselor

23/24 Relationship and family counselors are one of the best counseling services that are trained for this type of job. They have been trained and have been working for over 10 years now with the job experience.

They are highly recommended for treating relationship problems, marriage problems, post-traumatic counseling therapy and even counseling for teenagers and adolescents.

2. Deedee’s Relationship Counseling Service

Detola Adegbohun who is the founder recently bagged a certificate in Counseling Psychology and Relationship Coaching to ensure that his goal for solving relationship problems comes to fruition.

Detola has the passion for solving issues that are based on one’s life and predicament that might seem impossible to back out from, either relationship issues or one’s love life.

He is the main man behind that works the tricks in his job, because he finds it more like his hobby, a passion that never dies, to help people in any area he can and also created a platform DEEDEES BLOG as a means of reaching out to people.

3. Marriage Matters

This is another top counseling outfit in Nigeria founded by Bose Fawehinmi. They deal more on marriage matters. Bose uses this medium to aid many people out from their greatest fear in life.

She has certificates in both Biblical Counseling form CCEF and professional counseling and other relevant studies in both USA and Nigeria. She also heads a team that responds to quick counseling services and psychological therapy.

4. Institute Of Counseling Nigeria (ICN)

ICN was established in the year 2010, and has claimed to be the first psychotherapy and clinical counseling in the whole of Africa. ICN is basically based on providing counseling skills and avenues in training expertise in counseling.

ICN was inspired with the mindset of people that has passion and goal for studying counseling and psychotherapy as a profession in Africa. ICN has a standard of how they train their students who wish to study courses in counselling. They also offer pastoral counseling, clinical counseling and psychotherapy.

5. Dayo Ladi Omotunde

Dayo has a solid qualification that has qualifies him to be one of the best outstanding personalities on his field of specialization. He is a graduate and has gotten a good name from years back as a counselor. He is also a motivational speaker and has featured in many TV shows and radio programs.

6. Beyond The Heart Therapy

Mrs Chiadi Ndu is a master degree holder in counseling psychology and other related courses in counseling such as Stress Management and Addiction Counseling. She also graduated as a coach In New York in Integrated institution of Nutrition.

Ndu has a way of going through psychological realm of her clients. She also anchors a program on a radio show on CFM and IFM. Her own unique way of showing concern triggers the heart of her customers and makes them look not much alike.

She is also a motivational speaker and also helps young people discover their goal. She also is an Author with a book she published named “ANCHOR BY MY FEARS”. Ndu is a rear gem and a professional in the field of guidance and counseling.


Aside from the fact that we have problems, we can also meet these expert counselors for family planning, advice seeking e.t.c. Many families today have their own special therapist they can go to in terms of any psychological problem or circumstances they might be facing either in their family, school or individual spiritual or physical life.

Most people prefer going to seek counseling service others prefer going to rehab, so it all depends on ones choice. But some times in the rehab you might not be referred to a place where you can seek for help, just to discuss problems, while seeing a therapist to consult.

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