Top 10 Best Drone Companies in Nigeria (2024)

There are companies operating drone services in Nigeria for hire. These companies have made it easy to use the best drones available for airborne services such as aerial photography, advanced cinematography, fast delivery of medical supplies to and from health facilities, construction site monitoring, surveying, mapping, etc. If you also want to buy new or used drones in Nigeria, these companies are also in the business of selling these aerial machines and fair prices.

drone operating companies in nigeria

Since drone technology was introduced in the country, one cannot deny the use of drones to make life and work a bit easy. Drone business is now getting popular as almost all the industries in Nigeria are talking about drones. There is very massive market potential in Nigeria fot those who want to venture into becoming a drone operator in the country. From event coverage to geo surveys done by construction companies, everybody from all works of life, want a good drone service operator that can meet their need. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the top 10 drone companies in Nigeria that are reliable.

Before we proceed,  you should be aware of some Nigeria’s drone regulations. It has been deemed unlawful to operate a drone in Nigeria if you are less than 16 years old. You can’t even fly a drone without proper authorization from the authorities. In fact, drones that weigh more than 250 grams are not allowed to fly above a cretain limit. You should also obtain a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Certificate (RPASC) before you are allowed to fly a drone in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Drone Operators in Nigeria

Below are the best drone service operators in the country currently and their contact details:

Gidi Drone

Gidi Drone are the best drone operating company in Nigeria today. They are a distributor of aerobatic and commercial airborne drones in Nigeria. They can help you with professional services like cinematography, aerial photography, monitoring of construction site, surveying, mapping and so on and so forth. Their direct email for contact purposes is You can also call them at 08095628499, 08035660456. For a visit to their office, go to Ogidi Crescent Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.


They are a very popular drone service provider. Goclever offers services in construction sites, cinematography, mapping etc. You can call them at 0807 438 7146, 0806 261 3480. You can also visit them at Febson Mall, S10, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja FCT, Nigeria

Geospatial Research Limited

They are a Lagos based drone service. Geospatial research limited is one of the best drone service providers out there in the market. In sectors like the geographical information systems, agriculture, surveying, energy, oil and gas etc, they can match whichever drone-related need that you might have. They are located at 48, Allen Avenue, Opposite Union Bank, Ikeja, Lagos. You can also contact them via 0703 980 6880, 0805 981 9434.

MX Creative Studios Nigeria

They offer special services in aerial drone training and certification for mapping, surveying, construction site monitoring and documentaries. They are one of the best drone services in Nigeria. MX Creative Studios have their office location at 12A Iyabo Williams Street, Off Hope Street, By Church Bus Stop, Along Iju Road, Agege, Lagos Nigeria. You can further contact them with the following hotlines 0808 837 2145, 0813 466 0029.

Nigerbird Technologies

This list would not be complete without mentioning Nigerbird technologies. They are a wonderful drone integrated systems solutions company. NigerBird Technologies offer all manner of drone-related services. They have their office at 296 Herbert Macaulay Road Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State Nigeria. Their hotline is 09080434014.

Versa Drones Nigeria

Are you interested in the manufacture and not just the rendering of drone services, then Versa Drones Nigeria is a must choose. They produce hexadrones, Quadcopter drones and even octa copter drones. They also offer drone services that are related to industrial inspection, mapping, cinematography. Aerial photography, etc. you can visit them at  6 Regina Omolara Street, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and also call them through 09051666370.

Bscientific Limited

Just like Versa Drone Nigeria, they don’t just offer drone services, they also manufacture drones. They specialize in the UAV manufacture of drones to Nigerian clients. They offer all the drone services that you can think of. Feel free to pay them a visit at 3 Iwopin Close, Garki Area 1, Abuja FCT, Nigeria, and also put a call across to them via  0806 312 0100.

Drones Nigeria

Drones Nigeria is also a top drone operator in the country. They render drone services and are based in Abuja. They also deal in the merchandise of all kinds of drones and its accessories. Drones Nigeria, outside selling drones, also offer drone services like any other drone service provider listed here. Their physical address is 1, Close 2, God’s Own Estate, Wumba Apo, Abuja FCT Nigeria and you can contact them via 09099652238.

Aerial Robotix

They have been very much around since 2016. They are based in Lagos Nigeria, just like every other top drone service provider that offer drone services in Nigeria. You can contact them via +234(0)8105185729.


They are a multi-sector drone service provider in Nigeria. They can help you accomplish drone tasks in no time at just affordable costs. BeatDrone services are located at Diamond Estate Phase 3, Lagos, Nigeria. You can call them with this hotline: +234 (0)14536125.

Types of Drones in Nigeria

Another name for a drone is the Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) or UAV(Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle). They can be flown without the aid of the pilot. In Nigeria, the use of Drones has rapidly been on the rise, especially in the photography industry. Let’s delve into more complexity. Do you know that there are different categories of drones out there? Each category of drones have their pros and cons. in subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at them.

 The Fixed Wing Drones

A fixed-wing drone usually takes the form of an aeroplane. It has one rigid wing, this is why it is known trivially as a fixed-wing drone. They are the most difficult drones to handle. Their deplorability spans from military operations to commercial usage.

Because fixed wing drones have more data orientation, they are commercially used in the design. They are applied in agriculture, aerial mapping, construction security surveillance, military attacks etc.

Let us envisage some advantages and disadvantages of fixed-wing UAVs.

Advantages of Fixed Wing Drones

  • They can fly in very high altitudes.
  • They are better to handle in the air than other UAV types.
  • Fixed Wing UAVs can be useful for carrying cargo. They can carry a lot of weight.

Disadvantages of Fixed Wing Drones

  • Fixed-wing drones are very expensive
  • A lot of training is usually required in order to fly them.
  • They cannot hover in the air, and can only move forward
  • Fixed-wing drones are more difficult to land than other types of drones.

The Single Rotor Drone

Single rotor drones usually look like helicopters in design and structure. They consist of one big rotor that has a  look like a big spinning wing and a small rotor in its behind for the purpose of direction and stability.

Advantages Of Single Rotor Drones

  •  Single Rotor Drones are very strong and durable
  • They have a high payload capacity
  • They can hover in the air in a horizontal direction

Disadvantages of Single Rotor Drones

  1. They are quite very expensive to acquire
  2. Single Rotor Drones are very dangerous because of their blades that are very heavy. When they spin, they can cause havoc when it makes contact with anybody.

Multirotor Drone

Of all the types of drones, this is the most popular one. It is usually the best choice for aerial photography, movie making and surveillance. They are also the cheapest drones in the market, and they are relatively very easy to manufacture. This is because of its small size. They are called Multirotor for a reason: these categories of drones can carry a lot of rotors on them. We can further classify them into Quadcopters, Octocopters, hexacopters, tricopters among others. The Quadcopters are the most famous multirotor drones in the market.

Disadvantages of Multirotor Drones

  • They have a small flying time
  • Majority of the energy of the drone is used in stabilizing in the air and also in fighting gravity.
  • They have a very small payload capacity

Advantages of MultiRotor Drones

  • They can hover in multiple directions.
  • They can land or take off vertically
  • They have a lot of gravitational stability.

What to consider before hiring a drone service operator in Nigeria

Let us take a dip into the things you need to know before hiring a drone service in Nigeria.

How often do you need the drones?

Do you need the drones on a daily, annual or monthly basis? Most people have a seasonal need for drone services in Nigeria. It might be for annual wedding anniversary event coverage or something else. You should know that hiring a drone in Nigeria is expensive as most operators charge on hourly basis. The above listed companies are the best in the drone business and are reliable to cover your events or assignment without hassles.

Are you ready for the complexity?

Keeping up with the drone industry as a service provider means a lot. It means that you should be up to date with information. We are talking about safety rules, information round about software’s, hardware and sensors.

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