Top Billionaires in Yoruba Land (2024)

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Yoruba people are highly educated and hardworking, rendering them one of Nigeria’s wealthiest tribes. The ethnic group is one of Nigeria’s three (3) most populous ethnic groups. They can be found in seven Yoruba states: Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo, and Kwara.


What is the net worth of Yorubaland’s billionaire men? Entrepreneurs and business moguls account for the majority of Yorubaland’s wealth. We all know that politicians are often among the richest individuals in Nigeria; but, in Yorubaland, businessmen and chief executives are among the wealthiest men and women.

In this article, we’ll talk about Yorubaland’s billionaires who are extremely wealthy.


The following is a list of the top ten wealthiest Yoruba men, along with their net worth:


Mike Adenuga is a prolific Nigerian businessman from the Yoruba tribe. On this list of the highest earning Yoruba persons in Nigeria, Mike Adenuga Jnr. ranks among Nigeria’s billionaire business men from Yorubalandi. He’s been among the richest men for a long time and is currently the second richest man in the country.

Adenuga is the current owner of Globacom and is involved in a number of other enterprises.  With his oil company Conoil, he began his career as a serious entrepreneur in 1991. (which is short for Consolidated Oil Drilling Company).

Mike Adenuga’s net worth is estimated to be $6.3 billion, according to Forbes.


Folorunso Alakija is Yorubaland’s most richest woman. She is really the wealthiest woman in both Nigeria and West Africa. She is also one of Yorubaland’s wealthiest persons.

Mrs Alakija’s net worth is reported to be in the billions of dollars. She is a real estate and oil magnate. Her conglomerate also includes a fashion and design division.


Jimoh Ibrahim is a native of Ondo State, and he is a true son of Yoruba soil.  Ibrahim is at his core a businessman who oversees a variety of conglomerates. He’s also got the cash to show for his efforts, with a net worth of $1.1 billion. His businesses include NICON Insurance, Median Hotels, and Air Nigeria. From the Global Fleet, he oversees them all.

Jimoh Ibrahim is a seasoned businessman and lawyer who has worked in both fields for many years. He’s also a lawyer and politician who ran for governor of Ondo in the past. He’s a serious Yoruba businessman, and we have a lot of them in Nigeria.


Femi Otedola is well-known and prominent billionaire in the country. The public figure is widely known as “Otedola.”

Otedola is a wealthy Yoruba with numerous enterprises and investments. Forte Oil, which he owns, is largely regarded as his most significant venture in petroleum distribution and marketing.

He has a net worth of $1.16 billion. He’s also done a lot for the country, such as purchasing the Gerugu Mega Plant to aid the country’s energy sector. It’s a major deal, reflecting the plant’s importance.

Even though Otedola has done so many charitable acts both nationally and internationally, he is considered one of Nigeria’s wealthiest persons.


The Yinka Folawiyo Group’s Managing Director is Tunde Folawiyo. When his father died in 2008, he took over as president of the firm. Tunde wasn’t merely surviving on his “daddy’s money” any longer. He has other commitments, which, when combined with his role at the Yinka Folawiyo Group, have made him a huge success.

Folawiyo net worth is reported to be approximately $650 million by Forbes, and he presently works at MTN as a Director. He also owns and operates a law practice in Nigeria (he is a retired lawyer). In many ways, he’s a very versatile businessman.


Otudeko is yet another wealthy Yoruba billionaire. He is the chairman of Honeywell Group and FBN Holdings PLC, and he is now ranked 5th among Nigeria’s wealthiest Yoruba men.

Otudeko’s company is thriving in the country, with Honeywell being a household name in many households. He also worked with a number of companies, including the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Fan Milk.

In 2011, the nationally recognized businessman was awarded the CFR (Commander of Federal Republic) national award for his outstanding accomplishment.


Another man who made the list of Yorubaland’s wealthiest men is Kessington Adebutu. A notable gaming firm, Premier Lotto Nigeria Limited, often known as Baba Ijebu, is owned by the billionaire.

Baba Adebutu has amassed a fortune from which his son, Segun, has become a billionaire.


Adedoyin is a millionaire from Kwara state. He is one of Yoruba Land’s wealthiest persons.

Taking a gander how Samuel Adedoyin reached this height, it can be seen as he is a successful businessman. The business tycoon majors in agricultural, energy, finance, and hotels. He is, without a doubt, one of Yoruba’s wealthiest persons.


Elizade Group’s CEO, Michael Ojo is also one of Yorubaland’s wealthiest persons. He is a native of Ondo state being of the Yoruba tribe. The businessman is one of Toyota’s recognized partners. He is also the owner of Elizade University, a prestigious Nigerian private university.

Michael Ojo is also reported to have net worth somewhere in billions.


Dele Fajemirokun has to be included in any ranking of Yorubaland’s wealthiest people. The billionaire is a business magnet and the CEO of the Henry Stephen Group, a leading business firm.

Dele is a wealthy and successful businessman who happens to be from the Yoruba tribe. His wealth has created positive impacts in his nativity and as well others.


It’s indeed important to appreciate the contributions and worth of Yorubaland’s wealthiest individuals. This is due to the notion that they do accelerate the development of specific sectors in the region. The richest Yoruba billionaires in Nigeria were featured in this list of the country’s wealthiest people.

This article on the richest individuals from Yoruba tribe is for information purposes only. This data will not be used to create ethnic profiles. It’s so you can get to know some of the country’s wealthiest individuals who are currently in charge of the country’s affairs.

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