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Picture of Sim Shagaya, Founder and Owner, is an e-commerce network in Nigeria, rated as one of the best online selling website by (a global economy rating site). For an e-commerce network to get this kind of recognition, it means that there is a powerful group of people, led by a brilliant man/woman who knows what he/she is doing. was created in 2012 by Sim Shagaya, an entrepreneur reported to be born in 1976. He is currently 41 years old. He never reveals his personal details to any media personnel, so it is difficult to know his state of origin and about most of his personal life.

He attended a military secondary school where he obtained his secondary school certificate. He also served in the Nigerian military. Sim Shagaya is a great admirer of entrepreneurship so he first created an adverstising firm, E-motion in March 2005, which wasn’t successful as he would have loved.

Due to the unsuccessful occurrence of e-motion, Sim shagaya created some websites such as, jobclan, gbogbo and iNollywood but all of these weren’t successful.

Sim shagaya later move on in his career to South Africa where he served as a bank manager for a period of 3 years before coming back to Nigeria where he was made the head of Google in Africa. He served in this role before he established Dealday and

Coming back to Nigeria, Shagaya gave himself some months break in order to think and make plans on how to be successful. He finally came up with an idea to create another e-commerce website which he called in 2011.

Dealdey was a successful online platform but not as successful as, an e-commerce network which creates room for an online buying and selling products and services in Nigeria.

As we all know that a tree cannot make up a forest, Shagaya started With 20 backroom staffs while he was the director. After seeing the progress being made by his newly invented platform, he created a new forum on by introducing a third party merchants which will be able to buy and sell.

After some years as CEO of konga and consultations with its investors, Shagaya thought it’s time to move a step further, thereby giving the CEO position to Shola Adekoya in 2014 while he retained Chairmanship of the board of directors.

Konga is currently rated as the leading e-commerce network in Nigeria and beyond. Sim Shagaya is a kind of person that loves to maintain a low profile, that is why you hardly hear his name in public.

He was named in Forbes’ list of “10 Most Powerful Men In Africa”, and the top rated financial breakthrough personnel in 2013. He had won numerous award in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world at large. is currently valued at $600 million USD.

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