Top 5 Kids Friendly Spots in Lagos (Best Places)

There are many exciting places your kids can go to play and have fun in Lagos. These spots are popular and almost all parents visit these friendly spots with their children.


We know how happy, playful, carefree and inquisitive our kids can be since its their very nature. You might have noticed that entertaining infant programs like cartoons, children films, etc can be fun to watch but believe you me, it will not be compared to these spots where you can take your kids to in Lagos.

Are you a parent, guardian, teacher or nanny and you are looking for ideas for having fun with your kids and siblings or even want to take them on an entertaining excurssion, then this post will show you the top 5 best places to take your children or kid siblings to in Lagos or its environs.

Cinema Houses in Lagos

This is by far the best place you can take any child to in Lagos to have fun and you will not regret it. Although, it is not bad to watch the latest blockbuster movies in your home, but taking your children to the cinema to watch a movie gives them an unforgettable experience.

Imagine the joy and confidence they feel when your kids head back to school to tell stories of their experience at the cinema to their friends or peers. The fun with modern day cinema houses is that apart from theatres wear films are displayed, there are other entertaining places within the film-house such as shopping malls and game centres and children like games a lot.

For now, the popular cinemas located in Lagos state are: Silverbird Galleria at Victoria Island; Ozone Cinemas at Yaba; Filmhouse Cinemas Lekki or the one at Bode Thomas; Genesis Deluxe Cinema, etc. Once you pay for any movie, just buy your kids ice-cream with popcorn and they will never forget such experience.

Funtopia Leisure Resort

Funtopia Leisure Resort is also one of the best places to take your children to have fun in Lagos. It is currently located at Kilometer 35, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki. One thing about this spot is that if your kids are very young, no matter the age or grade, the fun features there are graded.

You would see various facilities for infants and kids below the age of three and even for older kids to stay entertained. Your child can also learn how to swim with the swimming pool for kids provided at the leisure resort. This will keep your children really entertained.

Dreamworld Africana

One of the best fun-packed destination that you can take your children to. At Dreamworld, you get to enjoy all features at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is no area for too serious-minded people who take things in life seriously.


Fun-seekers would find this place very interesting. The massive merry-go-round, roller-coaster will surely give your kids a breath-taking expirience. They also have other play facilities graded according to age as you need not fear for your kids getting injured.

The address of Dreamworld Africana is at Lekki, Lagos state. This is one of the best places you can take a child who passed his or her exams in flying colours in Lagos.

Mindscapes Museum

Our children are fond of drawing, playing outdoors in an open space, build sandcastles and all sorts of playful things that comes to their innocent mind. Parents on the other hand are always careful and might not like the idea of kids playing in an unsafe environment.

This is what Mindscapes musuem offers you, a healthy environment where children could still play and show their creativity. Children come here not just to play but to learn and explore artistic works. The spacious museum has a typical restaurant where your kids can prepare toy foods, a toy construction site for children who love to be engineers to build, and even relics of ancient times that they can touch.

With a polite, easy and understanding staff at Mindscape museum, your children should have the best experience. This spot is located in Lekki, at Plot 1A, Block 3, Michael Olawale Cole Drive, Lekki Phase 1.

Family Fun Amusement Park

This is an outdoor amusement park outside Lekki where children have the chance to play and indulge in other recreational activitiesperhaps the only notable fun place outside of Lekki. It is located at Gberigbe, in Ikorodu. It is basically an outdoor amusement park. Children get to play games and have fun. It is good for birthday treats, parties, excursions, and recreational activities.


Parents should learn to take your kids or kid siblings out often. This would help them interact with other people of their age group, experience new climates, environments, foods, and places. Infact it makes their childhood fun.

These top 5 places listed above where kids often gather to have fun in Lagos to give your kids maximum are the best in town and you would not be disappointed in your next outing.

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