Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria (2024)

Income either in form of monthly salaries or ways or even profit from business transactions is what everyone crave for. Nobody will want to work where he want be paid at the end of the day. Yet, it is a known fact some jobs pay higher than others because of the passive importance of the value delivered.

10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently

10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently

Wikipedia gives the definition of a job as anything a person does regularly in exchange for money. To create a list of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, we used some factors like the average earning per-annum for each profession, the kind of job or task involved, the wealthy millionaires these professions has churned out to the society and others.


Below is an updated list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently this 2024:


It is an established fact that business is the best paid job you can do in Nigeria today. If you have your own venture, you are a boss on your own and can pay others including yourself.

In fact, the richest people in the world today are those that own their business. Call the like of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and even the late Steve Jobs and Henry Ford. All this are or were business men which proves that business is among the highest paying jobs in the world.

Coming to Nigeria, the richest (aside our politicians that their source of wealth is in most cases shady) men and women are into business. They make more than N50 million or more monthly as salary. Talk of the likes of Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Tony Elumelu etc all runs an enterprise.


Being a pastor is one of the highest paying jobs in the country. Pastors in Nigeria are one of the richest in the country and rank high in terms of wealth when compared to other preachers in other nations of the world.

If the Lord had chosen you to preach his word in Nigeria and you’re diligent on your work then your wallet will not harbor your monthly take home pay as you can pocket a whopping N6 million or more from this enterprise.


Everybody seems to understand why a surgeon needs to be well paid since a surgeon is responsible for identifying patients who requires surgery, perform the operation, and provide patients with care and treatment after the surgery.

Since people figuratively and literally ‘lay’ their lives at his table, the surgeon is well compensated in terms of salary. They are also among the best paying jobs in Nigeria


Working in an oil company need not to be introduced as a high paying job in Nigeria. In fact, just doing internship there will get some people not wanting to leave again.

This is what is pushing many into studying petroleum and minerals related courses in the University. It is said they earn N7 million or more as salary on average.


Aircraft piloting is one of the most sort after jobs in Nigeria because of the fat monthly check expected at the ending of the month.

When you Google how much a pilot in Nigeria is paid, you will find it over-whelming as it ranges from N7 to 11 million Naira.

However due to the the high school fees involved in training, only few persons have the opportunity to practice it.


Investment bankers are one of the highest paid workers in Nigeria. This is expected though as the work they are doing is highly valued by their clients.


Aeronautics engineers basically are shouldered with the job of maintaining aircraft technology.

Due to the technicalities involved in this and the Aviation industry in general, they are also highly paid.


This ones are employed by Telecommunication companies like MTN, Glo and Airtel to help them meet the unending demand of communication in the country and as such, they are also among the highest paying jobs in the country this 2024.


Nigeria is gradually opening up to the world of tech where computers are used to solve human problems and this had also in a way,  opened way for those good at programming as they are highly sort after for one work or the other.

A programmer salary in Nigeria can range from N600,000 to millions of Naira depending on the kind of program he creates.


This is one of most lucrative industries in Nigeria creating lots of millionaires. This industry’s job is to entertain and they have a lot of such jobs like been a musician, comedian, presenter and actor and this fetch a lot of money.

For example, a musician can charge N500,000 for a show or even N3 million depending on his or her popularity.

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