The First Capital of Nigeria: Find The Right Answer Here

The answer as to which state was the first capital of Nigeria has raised a lot of controversies due to lack of official evidence to prove it. Although there are facts that claim that Lokoja is the first capital of Nigeria, others say it was Calabar and some Asaba. We shall provide the real answers below as to which is the official first capital of Nigeria and the reasons.


According to Wikipedia, the city of Calabar served once as the capital of the Niger Coast Protectorate, the Southern Protectorate, and the Oil River protectorate, making it the first official capital of Nigeria until the late nineteenth century.

It was said, according to a reliable historical authority, that the colonial masters began the administration of Nigeria first from Asaba, which is today the capital of Delta state. While those who supported that Lokoja was the first capital of the country gave reasons that it served as the first settlement of the British in Nigeria.

Another fact you might not be aware is that the name “Nigeria” was coined by Lady Flora Shaw while she was in Lokoja and after the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914, Lord Frederick Lugard, the first Governor-general of Nigeria, ruled also from Lokoja.

From the above, the answer to the question on the first capital of Nigeria might prove confusing but for the sake of history, Calabar was picked as the preferred choice as the old Nigerian capital. Below are some popular questions on the topic

When and how did Calabar become the capital of Nigeria?

Calabar was seen as the first capital of Nigeria during British Colonial rule before it was moved to Lagos in 1906, before finally taken to Abuja in 1991.

Which is the second capital of Nigeria?

The second capital of Nigeria according to history was Lagos, one of the best city in Nigeria. Lagos became the capital in 1906 and served as the old Nigerian capital.

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