Late Prophet T.B. Joshua Biography & Net Worth (2024)

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This post is all about the Profile of the Prophet, Preacher and Televangelist, Late Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua, generally known as T. B. Joshua, his biography, wife & family, educational background and popular prophecies.


This biography deals with everything the Nigerian prophet represents. You should know that the Late T.B. Joshua, apart from being a Televangelist was also a popular miracle worker and faith healer. He was also one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.

T. B. Joshua Biography

Pastor T. B. Joshua was the founder, funder and leader of a massive church called The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, which is located at Ikotun in Lagos State, Nigeria. The church also runs a satellite television station known as Emmanuel TV.

On March 12, 1963 in the small village of Arigidi in Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, Prophet T. B. Joshua was born. There are so many unusual stories surrounding his birth, chief of such stories was that he stayed in his mother’s womb for fifteen months before he was born. It is also said that he also narrowly avoided death after a quarry explosion near his house sent rocks through its roof just seven days after his birth.

Prophet T. B. Joshua Education

In 1971, Prophet T. B. Joshua attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi, Ondo State and he completed his primary education in 1977. Not much is known about his secondary and tertiary education but it is believed that he was the leader of the Student Christian fellowship in his time at school.

Young T. B. Joshua worked in various casual jobs after his schooling, his schooling actually needs to be verified as not much is known about all of it, that said, after schooling, he also partook in menial jobs such as carrying chicken waste at a poultry farm among others. In this period in his life, he organised Bible studies for local children and attended evening school.

Late Prophet T. B. Joshua Wife & Family

Late Prophet T.B. Joshua was married to Mrs. Evelyn Joshua and they have three children together.

History of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN

Joshua received a divine mandate to found The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN. The ministry began from humble backgrounds, but it is reported that more than 15,000 members attend its weekly Sunday service. Visitors from outside Nigeria are accommodated in the accommodation blocks constructed at the church.

12th March 2014 was a black day for Joshua’s ministry as a guesthouse owned by his ministry collapsed in Lagos and killed at least 115 South Africans. Officials claimed that the two extra storeys collapsed due to construction failure. But T.B. Joshua claimed a small aircraft had circled over the building four times before it collapsed and it may have been an attempt to kill him. The aircraft was captured on live camera and footage of it was televised to support Joshua’s claim.

Joshua has over 1,300,000 fans on Facebook and hundreds of YouTube videos which have proved controversial and amassed hundreds of thousands of views. He has published numerous videos claiming to document the healing of incurable disabilities and illnesses such as HIV/AIDS.

Late Prophet T. B. JOSHUA Popular Prophecies

Prophet T. B. JOSHUA is known to predict future events and he has allegedly predicted events such as Michael Jackson’s death, the attack during Boston marathon in America and the outcome of two African Cup of Nations (AFCON) final matches, which were won by Zambia and Nigeria respectively. He also predicted the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH370 several months before the incident. He has also predicted the death of renowned world leaders.

Late Prophet T.B. Joshua has written and published a couple of books such as The Mirror, The Step Between You And The Cure, Daily Time With God and What The Future Holds.

Net Worth (2024)

Prophet T.B Joshua who was one of the greatest prophets in Nigeria was worth an estimated $15 million in terms of assets. He has been rated as one of the richest men of God in the world this 2024.


Prophet TB Joshua died on March 5th, 2024. The cause of his death is still unknown. He was just 57 years old.

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