Food Canteen Business in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start (2024)

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 08:14 pm

Food canteen business is a very popular venture in Nigeria that you can start with at least N150, 000. As long as you can cook various soups and foods stuffs like rice, beans, yam, and others, you are good to go.


Are you the type that can bring ingredients together and breathe life into it by turning it into a delicious delicacy that wow people and want to come back for more?

Do you have an exceptional cooking skill that everyone that taste a meal prepared by you commend you enough? Then people are looking for you. They want someone that can prepare good food and patronize.

By starting a food canteen business, you can key into that. The following steps below highlight the steps required to start a food canteen business in Nigeria this 2024.

Learn How To Cook

This point is for those that are not expert cooks but want to start the business. You can enroll in a catering school or learn under someone that is good at it.

Cooking is a skill, it can be taught and learned. There’s no big deal especially if you are ready to accept you don’t know but want to learn. While you are learning, make careful decisions on the type of food you want to sell.

Choose Location

When you are good and have the capital to start, choose a suitable location. The area should be close to where people are looking for food to buy.

Such places must be close to offices and business centres. However, you can still start it close to residential areas. If you are certain the demand there is high.

Buy The Things You Need

After securing your place of business, the next thing to do is buy all the things you need for the business. Cooking utensils such as pots, plates, spoons, tables, chairs etc are needed to kick start this business venture.

Don’t be stingy here so you won’t end up buying inferior equipment. You should also buy the food stuffs here.

After the above, employ someone to help you in the running of the business. This is important as you won’t be able to run the business alone in most cases.

Start Your Business & Promotion

When everything is set, it is now time to start the business because without starting, you won’t go anywhere. You need to promote your business especially when starting because if you become established and cook well, your clients will help you in promoting your business.


No matter the type of food business, starting a canteen is very profitable venture to start in Nigeria. You don’t need to register your shop or business any where. As long as you can cook, in no distant time,  you will reap the fruits of starting this food canteen business.

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