Top 5 Best Universities in Abuja (2024)

Nigeria is made up of 36 states with various colleges and tertiary institutions. With a minimum of 236 universities in Nigeria, quality education for students seeking admission into these universities and colleges won’t be an issue.


universities in Nigeria

Abuja has some great number of accredited universities. And since it’s Nigeria’s capital, one should expect the best educational services from these top schools.

In this article, we shall be listing the top 5 best universities in Abuja that are accredited by the NUC for students who want to study or pursue any field of discipline of their choice.

Top 5 Best Universities in Abuja

1. University of Abuja

This is an accredited tertiary institution known for academic excellence. It is one of the best universities in Nigeria with highest rate of scholarship to brilliant, dedicated and moral students.

It was established in 1988 by the federal government. This school motto is ‘FOR UNITY AND SCHOLARSHIP’. It is also known as UNIBUJA/GWAG. The federal university of Abuja commenced her first education calendar in 1990 due to some reasons which include hiring of qualified lecturers and tutors, registration of faculties and courses.

The current vice chancellor is prof Michael Umale Adikwu. This institution provides conventional and distance learning academic programmes for students. The various faculties and accredited courses offered in this university are listed below:

  • Faculty of science

Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Microbiology and Physics

  • Faculty of Education

Education And Biology, Chemistry And Education, Education And Computer Science, Education And Mathematics

  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Economics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Guidance And Counselling

  • Faculty of Art

English Language, History

2. Baze University Abuja

This is the second best university in Abuja offering sound education to its students. Baze University was founded in 2011 by Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed (a senator from Zaria Federal Constituency).

Baze University is a private university providing university educational programmes for undergraduate and graduate studies in Abuja. They are located at Plot 686, Cadastral Zone C 00, Jabi Airport Road Bypass (Ring Road), Jabi, Abuja FCT Nigeria

The main objective for the creation of Baze was to ensure that its students are offered the best level of education. With a quiet, large, well equipped learning environment, this private university in Abuja has all it takes to be among the best.

3. Nigerian Turkish Nile University

This is one accredited private universities located in Abuja established in 2009. This tertiary institution has affiliations with Turkey International college. They are located Plot 681, Cadastral Zone C-OO, Research & Institution Area, Jabi Aiport Bypass, Jabi, Abuja FCT Nigeria.

With over more than 5 thousand students and with qualified lecturers and a great and conducive learning atmosphere,  Nile university is also accredited by the NUC and has the potential of becoming the best university in the country.

Apart from its faculty of law and management, below are the faculties and various courses offered in Nile University:

  • Faculty Of Engineering

Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum And Gas Engineering, Computer Engineering

  • Faculty Of Natural And Applied Science

Biology, Chemistry, Physics And Mathematics

  • Faculty Of Art And Social Science

Economics, Political Science, Mass Communication, International Relations, English And Literature

4. Africa University Of Science And Technology (AUST)

This academic institution is located at 10, Airport Road, Abuja. This school also posses some qualities which defines a great university for any student seeking admission after writing JAMB.

This Nigerian university was created in honor of Nelson Mandela in 2005 by some African group. It’s also called the Pan Africa University.

5. National Open University of Nigeria

National Open University of Nigeria is has programs that allows you to work and also learn or earn a degree. They are located at 5 , Dar-Esalam Street, Noun Building, Wuse, Abuja Nigeria

The mission of NOUN is to provide its students a combination of academic and professional training with sound academic discipline.

We can assure you that any university you choose on this list to attend out of these aforementioned universities in Abuja, you’re on the right path because they have been dully accredited by the National University Commission (NUC).

You can visit their various websites to know more about them, their school fees, admission requirements and various programs they offer.

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