Top 10 Richest Towns in Imo State (2024)

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Imo state is endowed as one of the richest states in Nigeria. Most of the state’s wealth is contributed to the availability of mineral resources, commercial/industrial activities, agricultural produce, and many other variables such as abundance of hotels. The state capital, Owerri, is claimed to have one of the highest concentrations of hotels in the country. It is only bettered of by Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Imo state is also home to a large number of Nigerian billionaires and millionaires. Would you like to discover Imo’s wealthiest towns? This post will go over each one in detail.


Map showing Imo State


The following are the most affluent urban areas in the south-eastern state of Imo.


Owerri is unquestionably the most developed and commercialized city in Imo state. The city has the economic resources to position itself as Imo’s wealthiest urban area. Owerri is the state capital of Imo and the state’s largest city.

Owerri’s high population density necessitates social infrastructure like as large hotels, high-end spas, high-street casinos, and production studios. The capital city of Nigeria is presently known as the entertainment hub of the country.

The residents of Owerri town are exceedingly hardworking, and as a result, the city is among the wealthiest in Imo state.

Pascal Dozie, the founder of Diamond Bank, Nigerian footballer Kelechi Ihenacho, and Angel Unigwe, a young Nigerian actress are just a handful of the many notable figures from Owerri.


Orlu is another of Imo’s wealthiest towns. Orlu is the second-largest city in Imo State, Nigeria. It has a long history and for many years acted as the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity. The Nigerian headquarters of the British Cheshire Home are located in the city.

Orlu is the second most developed city in Imo state, after Owerri, which is the first.

Orlu town’s human capability and resources are enormous. This town has produced a number of remarkable individuals. Chiegwe Alisigwe, the deceased Ada Jesus, and Joseph Chukwudi Obidiaso, a renowned Nigerian footballer, are all from this town.

A trip to the town will persuade you of the people’s dedication to their jobs.


Akokwa is a very board suburb in Imo state. It is a built-up area of the Ideato Local Council. The town is regarded to be one of the wealthiest in the state of Imo.

The majority of Akokwa town is made up of duplexes erected by the community’s hardworking sons. Tony Ezenna, chairman of Orange pharmaceuticals, and Ezego 1 of Akokwa are two of the most powerful and wealthy persons in the city.

All of these factors combine to make Akokwa one of the wealthiest communities in Imo state.


Mgbidi is one of the oldest towns in Imo State. This township has a boundary with Anambra state. Mgbidi is located in Imo State’s far northwestern corner.

Mgbidi, in the state of Imo, is a very affluent town. It is known as a town of millionaires and billionaires in the state due to its size.

Mgbidi is one of the few settlements in Imo state that can be classified as semi-urban. Around the town, there is a lot of economic activity going on.

Mgbidi town in Imo state is home to a large number of well-known wealthy individuals.


Mbaise is without a doubt one of the most spectacular towns in Africa. This is another well-known town in Imo state, with the biggest concentration of economically affluent people.

Mbaise has a large human resource base, which includes notable politicians, business moguls, and celebrities. The residents of the town are hardworking and talented in a variety of fields. This, in turn, brings advancement to the town’s residents.


Umunuka is a settlement in Imo State’s Njaba local council. This is one of the state’s most populous communities.

Umuaka has a large number of hardworking sons and daughters. As a result, the area has seen an influx of millionaires and billionaires.

As a matter of fact, we rate Umuaka in Imo State to be one of the state’s wealthiest communities.


Oguta is one of the wealthiest communities in Imo state. It’s also known as Oguta Amechi or Amechi. Chief Arthur Nzeribe was born and raised in this town.

People from the Oguta community in Imo state are quite adventurous and travel frequently. This has resulted in positive advancements and an improvement in the town’s economic situation.

Oguta is currently one of Imo state’s affluent townships.


Mbano is likewise one of Imo state’s wealthiest communities.

Chief Tony Chukwu is one of Mabno’s most well-known millionaires. Mbano is home to a slew of self-made millionaires.

This elevated the town to the list of Imo’s wealthiest communities.


Arondizuogu, sometimes known as Izuogu, is one of Imo State’s wealthiest townships.

The town is recognized for preserving and enjoying traditional events such as the Ikeji festival. Plenty of the town’s hardworking sons and daughters are successful in the business and corporate worlds.

As a result, it is regarded as one of Imo state’s wealthiest communities.


Osina is located in Imo State’s Ideato North local government area. Osina is yet another towns of successful entrepreneurs in Imo state.

Osina’s residents are largely businessmen and women. They have a reputation for having a strong entrepreneurial mindset.


That is the view of the wealthiest towns in Imo state. Before we wrap up, let’s shed some light on how we come up with this ranking. This is relevant since some individuals may be suspicious of how we arrived at this ‘unofficial’ ranking.

Several elements were evaluated to provide legitimacy to our analysis on the richest communities in Imo state. This lists the cities with the highest concentration of millionaires, business executives, and top entrepreneurs.

This made ranking the wealthiest municipalities in Imo state a breeze. The towns listed above have the highest number of wealthy residents in Imo.

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