Full List of All MTN USSD Codes in Nigeria

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 12:27 am

MTN is arguably Nigeria’s leading telecommunication company. The network provider offers a wide range of services to it’s customers. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, is one of them. The purpose of launching this service is to allow the company’s numerous customers to do simple mobile services at their leisure. We’re going to look at MTN Nigeria’s multiple USSD codes in today’s discussion.



Right of the bat, let’s quickly go through what’s meant by USSD. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, as previously stated.

This is a communication tool that allows users to send messages between your phone and a network application program. These USSD codes are used to perform tasks and give the user accessibility to a menu with a variety of options.

MTN network users can now do a multitude of capabilities on their MTN lines thanks to the introduction of USSD Code. These activities typically involve purchasing airtime, moving airtime or data to other accounts, changing plans, and so on.

Notwithstanding this, just a small number of network users are aware of all of the available USSD codes. As a result, we compiled a list of all the Nigerian MTN USSD codes that are currently operational, which we are open to sharing with users.

These numbers allow MTN network users to verify their data and airtime balances. The MTN USSD codes for data packages are also included in this article.


Are you seeking for a quick way to buy MTN airtime/data, check your balance, or use self-service? The USSD codes will allow you to do everything you want right from your phone’s dial pad. Take a look at the list of MTN Nigeria USSD codes.

MTN USSD Code Uses/Functions Operational USSD Code
MTN Self Service Code *123#
MTN Check Airtime Balance Code *556#
MTN Bonus Balance Code *559*2# or *559*3#
MTN Check Data Balance Code *559#
MTN Data Bundle Balance Code *131*4#
MTN USSD Code to Buy Data *131*1# or *904#
MTN USSD Code to Check Own Number *123*1*1#
MTN USSD Code to Check Own Tariff Plan *123*1*2#
MTN USSD Code to Check Sim Registration Status *123*1*6#
MTN USSD Code to Borrow Airtime *606#
MTN USSD Code for Airtime Advance *600*amount#
MTN USSD Code to Borrow Data *606*2#
MTN Datashare/Gift Data Code *131*6#
MTN USSD Code to Transfer Airtime *600#
MTN Alternate USSD Code for Airtime Transfer *777*receiver’s number*amount*PIN#
MTN USSD Code for Upgrade *131*4#
MTN USSD Code for Please Call Me *133#
MTN Pay As You Go Browsing Code *131*200#
Opt Out MTN Pay As You Go Browsing *131*200#
MTN International Bundles Purchase Code *131*5#
MTN International Call Balance Code *559*7#
MTN Fastlink Data Bonus Balance Code *559*63#
MTN USSD Code to Activate Night Browsing *406*3#
Check MTN Night Browsing Data Balance *559*96#
MTN 1.5GB Code on Pulse *406*2#
MTN Customer Care Number (From MTN No) 180
MTN Customer Care Number (From another network) 08031000180
MTN E-mail Support customercare@mtnnigeria.net

That’s all there is to know about MTN USSD codes. We’ll keep the list updated when we discover more of these codes. We recommend bookmarking this page and returning whenever you require an MTN USSD code to perform network set procedures.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that because most network providers are constantly introducing new data plans or discontinuing old ones, some of the codes may no longer function. Even though we do checks to ensure that codes are operating, it’s possible that we’ll overlook those that have been inactive. So, if you come across any such codes, please let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.


MTN is one of the most reliable network providers in Nigeria. As a result of their good rating, a large number of people use their network. The network is also one of the few that boasts a lightning-fast browsing network.

MTN launched the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD, in an effort to make its subscribers’ lives easier. The purpose of introducing this service is to allow them to do simple mobile services directly from their phone’s dial pad. MTN USSD Codes are the result of this.
MTN USSD Code is a code that the network operator gives to its clients to do various tasks over their line. Buying airtime, changing plans, and the like are examples of such operations. In this article, we’ve highlighted all of these codes.

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