Top 10 Richest Religions In The World (2024)

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There are number of major religions that are in the world. These religious groups have their own finance and this is obvious in how they are rated in terms of worth. Inasmuch as its hard to connect religion with finance, there is need to show which is the richest among all. Whether it be Islam, Christianity, Protestantism or even Buddhism, all have their distinct form of worship.

richest religions in the world

All things considered, religions should be about faith, and in other ways, it is a lot of like some other organizations and businesses. This is seen as most religions now have initiative and engagement. Similarly, you can consider some religious organization much like a business. In the course of this article, we will take a gander at the ten richest religious groups in the world and how much they are worth.


Truth be told, there’s a great deal of money that relates with religions in the modern world today. Definitely, it is understandable that the greater part of the cash is utilized for a noble cause. In the world at present, there are numerous religions out there that are really rich. The following will be the highlight of the world’s top ten richest religions:


The Roman Catholic Church is a distinctive sub-religion under Christianity which is the largest No 1 religion in the world. Being probably the most popular religious group in the world, the Church is both financially and physically endowed. It’s not really astonishing that the Catholic made it to the top of the richest religions in the world. This is due to the fact that is the most populated religious sect on the planet. The administration in the congregation basically comprises of priests in various rankings, however there’s not really any destitution inside the congregation’s body. More so, the Catholic church riches depends on gifts from its members and furthermore on its various engagements. With this being the case, we do believe they earn in billions every year.


Being the second largest religion in the world, Islam is equally the second richest religion. Much of the richness of the religion is credited to it presence in most of the leading oil-rich countries in the planet – being the Middle East. The region being the seat of the oil domain,  has been a rich region for a long time now. With Islam being predominant in these areas, it’s likewise the motivation behind why the religion is number two in this rundown. Islam doesn’t have any laws against the securing of riches, and a portion of Muslims faithful end up being rich people. Going by the facts, it’s been assessed that the Islamic religion has resources of almost $1.6 trillion globally.


Judaism is another richest world religions following in the list. Most of the members of this religious group has been related with riches. This is obvious bad numerous Jews seek after expert careers and are phenomenal in business. The Jewish people group is additionally a dedicated gathering of adherents. Looking at the fact in US, Jews make up generally 25% of the 400 most affluent Americans. It’s generally the motivation behind why the religion is rich. However, the religion is quite related to Christianity, but they differ in their worship and beliefs.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a distinct religious group in the world. Although the are not that populated as the preceding three, it’s likewise evident that Mormons have filled in riches in view of its gradual spread all through the globe. With around 14 million followers around the world, the religion isn’t less short of the list. With that kind of members, it clarifies how the religious group procures their yearly income of $200 billion to be one of the richest religions in the world.


The Church of England was established by Henry VIII as a result of contention, and the religious group is also a type of Protestantism. The King didn’t like to follow the general standards of the religion at that point of inception, so he chose to make his own religious sect to separate from his close sibling at that time, Catherine of Aragon. In spite of the fact that it began that way, the Anglicans have become a gigantic strict body. They likewise end up claiming a large portion of land in Britain, and they are valued at $150 billions worth, which additionally gathers many millions in pay every year. ALSO SEE THE RICHEST CHURCHES IN THE WORLD AND THEIR FINANCIAL WORTH


The Episcopal Church have its foundations from the Church of England, and it was set up in the United States in 1785 as a different organization from the British government. Today, there are more than 2,000,000 Episcopalians all through the US, yet the congregation has extended to different countries including the Caribbean, Latin America, Taiwan, Europe, and furthermore Africa with Nigeria being inclusive. Its members are probably the most well off in these places, and this contributes to the religion’s richness.


India’s most popular religious group, Hindu is also in list as one of the richest religions in the world. This is credited to the fact that most of the well known people in Hinduism live in riches. The Hindus accept that riches and bounty are endowments from the divine beings. It’s nothing unexpected that Hinduism is probably the most extravagant religion on the planet. Looking at the stats, the Hindus are the second most richest religion in the United States.


One of the more well known divisions of Christianity, Protestantism has a lot of followers. Protestantism is fundamentally the partition from the rule of the Vatican seat. The religion has been around since the 16th century, and it has developed to more than 33,000 sub-groups since. Protestants depend intensely on the holy book for viable direction, and numerous Protestant churches likewise depend on giving and magnanimous commitments for money. These factors has made the religion to be the eight most richest in the world.


This is a Christian sect that follow the fundamental precepts of Protestantism. The religious group has seen an expansion in membership because of the development and advocacy of super houses of worship all through the world.  Numerous pastors that set up churches through this religion depend to a great extent on the normal giving of its congregation individuals for income. Strangely, most places of worship like this are rich in view of the dedication of its individuals with regards to church contributions.


The Church of Scientology is a religious organization that was established by L. Ron Hubbard, and it begun in 1952. The Scientology religion works through membership subscriptions, wherein a congregation part moves up positions inside the congregation by paying the necessary money. It’s an unordinary arrangement for a strict association, however this has engaged numerous elites rich people in the world. Through this, a lot of money has been generator for the church. In the event that one wants to get to this rank, hope to spend at any rate several many thousands to be at the top level. That is unquestionably one acceptable approach to bring in cash for the congregation.


We have been able to highlight the list of the top ten richest religions in the world. This incorporate religious groups that are financially endowed on the global scene.

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