Salary of a Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 07:40 am

The Nigerian army is one of the three most respected armed forces in Nigeria military. Joining the Nigerian army is a dream for many Nigerians who want to build a career in the Nigerian army. If you really want to join the Nigerian army, you should be aware of the actual salary of a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army after minimum wage increase this 2024.


Although, we formerly listed the salaries earned in the Nigerian army here, be aware that how much a Nigerian soldier is paid monthly increases according to his or her rank.

Also, the number of years in service is an important factor that determines how much a Nigerian soldier is paid on monthly basis.

You are made a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army immediately you graduate from the Nigerian Defense Academy or when you complete your 6 to 9 months compulsory military training if you join the army via DSSC.


How much does a Second Lieutenant earns in the Nigerian Army as salary? The salary of a Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army is ₦120,000 monthly but might be increased to ₦150, 000 after implementation of the new minimum wage. After you are promoted, it increases to ₦200,000.

Although, it looks small compared to what other uniform paying jobs in Nigeria looks like, we hope the Federal Government wades into the situation and increase the salaries of the officers of the Nigerian army since they risk their lives to defend the territories and borders of the country.


  • Private Soldier earns ₦49,000 monthly
  • Lance Corporal earns ₦55,000 monthly
  • Corporal earns ₦58,000 monthly
  • Sergeant earns ₦63,000 monthly
  • Staff Sergeant earns ₦68,000 monthly
  • Warrant Officer earns ₦80,000 monthly
  • Master Warrant Officer earns ₦90,000 monthly.

How do you view this salary structure in the Nigerian army? Is the package ok or does it need improvement even after the minimum wage was increased?

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