Latest Prices of Wheelchairs in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Wheelchairs are very essential. Without them, physically disabled people would have been left out in their way to struggle for mobility. As this product is very important for sick, injured and disabled people, a lot may people may be contemplating on how much it may cost in the market. For this category of potential buyers who are oblivious of the prices of wheelchairs in Nigeria, this write-up will be of great help for them. This will also help them and other people know what kind of wheelchairs are available, with respect to classification, size and cost.

prices of wheelchairs in Nigeria

A Wheelchair is a mechanical moving object, just like cars and bikes, which helps in moving disabled or injured people. This is a motionable chair specifically designed for people of this category. Wheelchairs are available in different styles, models, colors, designs and sizes. They have distinguishing features and operate in different modes. The most common type of wheelchair in the country is the manual wheelchair. It is widely preferred due to it affordability, durability and easy operation.  The manual wheelchair is also regarded as one of the cheapest and most readily available wheelchair, and it varies in class, quality, durability and basic features.

There is also the electric wheelchair which uses electric power to run it wheels. This type of wheelchair is very efficient compared to the former, but the odd factor is that it is much costly and very expensive to run. Either the type, we will expound more on them, so that you can know which one will suit your demands.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs in the country. Sometimes, you might opt to buy a wheelchair with commode or without it. Normally, wheelchairs are categorized in two broad types and they are:

Manual Wheelchairs

The manual wheelchairs are the type of wheelchairs that works mechanically without any form of power. It works by the user rolling the wheel themselves or supported by someone else. One of the disbenefit of this wheelchair is that it can be quite stressful, due to much effort that will be required to pull it through. This reason has made lots of patients to complain about it. However, the coming of technology has made a power driven to be used in lieu of human’s effort.

Electric Wheelchairs

This is the electric powered wheelchair which abdicate the use of human effort in pushing it. Unlike manual wheelchairs, the electric wheelchairs are automated and they do not require much manual controls.  They come with much features and are generally more comfortable to drive and control. Nevertheless, electric wheelchairs are very costly and expensive to run. This is due to the fact that it uses electric power and is much sophisticated.

As we progress in this article, we will outline the prices of each of these Wheelchairs, whether manual or electric. From there, you will be able to know the type that suits your pocket.

Current Wheelchair Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Today, wheelchairs are not only used by the disabled, but rather many hospital uses them for their patients who are yet to recover fully. This has made them to be an essential equipment or product in the market. Wheelchairs are available in different sizes, brands, types, qualities and of course, prices.

Just like other products in the market, there are lots of factors that determine the prices of wheelchairs in Nigeria. One of such is demand. The high demand for wheelchairs has made the number of manufacturers to increased and this inflences the prices of the product. Another critical factor that also determines the variation in prices of wheelchairs is the features these products have.

While some people may be interested in electric wheelchairs, a good number of people might also opt for manual ones. The margin between the two buyers can influence the prices of wheelchairs in the region.  On the average, wheelchairs cost between ₦45, 000 to ₦300, 000, and the price depends on the features, quality, durability and effectiveness that characterise the product.

Below is the prices of manual and electric wheelchairs in the country;

Prices of Manual Wheelchairs in Nigeria

In terms of affordability, manual wheelchairs have it. This type of wheelchair is not much complex and they come in prices that are dependent on the features they posses. This wheelchair can go as low as ₦50,000 in Nigeria.

The list below shows the current prices of manual wheelchairs available in the country’s market;

  • 1001 Wheelchair: ₦45, 000 – ₦60, 000
  • Elegant Surgicals Wheelchair: ₦60, 000 – ₦70, 000
  • Drive Medical Wheelchair: ₦60, 000 – ₦90, 000
  • Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair: ₦190, 000 – ₦200, 000
  • Rough Ride Wheelchair with control: ₦250, 000 – ₦290, 000

Prices of Electric Wheelchairs in Nigeria

Electric or power wheelchairs are the more sophisticated type of wheelchairs. Their mode of operation is by using electricity to power the motion of the equipment. Generally, the electric wheelchairs are more expensive than the manual ones, which is due to the more technical features it accompanies. These features makes it comfortable and reduces the stress of running it manually. Though electric wheelchairs are not that popular in this part of the world, but a good number of people chooses them due to its efficiency.

Below is rundown of the brand of electric wheelchairs that are available in Nigeria;

  • Palsy Power Wheelchair: ₦450, 000 – ₦780, 000
  • Leo Power Wheelchair: ₦700, 000 – ₦1.2 million

Generally, the price of electric wheelchairs is averaging between ₦600, 000 to ₦3 million. These devices comes in different prices which depends on the features it has. The differences in the price of wheelchairs is as a result of some factors which include: the product’s features, model, place, period of purchase and currency exchange rate of the country.


That’s it on the cost of wheelchairs in Nigeria. But before going out to buy a wheelchair, there are many things to consider. These factors determines the type of the product and the one that suits your class. It includes: your spending plan, which is your budget; the material that made up the wheelchair; the durability of the wheelchair; the accessibility of the wheelchair and how easy it can be used; and another thing to consider is the ease of maintenance.

This write-up was excessive on the current prices of wheelchairs in the country, and through this, we believe you will have the clue on what to budget for a wheelchair.

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