Best Solar Panels in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Nowadays, solar panels has been the alternative to the continuing intermittent supply of electricity in Nigeria. The age long unsteady supply of electrical power in the country has been a worrisome issue over the years. With this continuing, a lot of Nigerians has resorted to tackling this problem by utilizing substitute power sources. One of these alternative sources is the use of solar powered electricity with an inverter and batteries. Be that as it may, with the expanded collection of solar panels in the country’s market, it might be difficult to purchase the acceptable type. This article will look into these solar panels and subsequently highlight the best solar panel prices in the country today.

solar panels in Nigeria


A solar panel is basically an electrical/electronic gadget that converts light energy from the sun to electrical energy. These electricity generators comprise of polyvoltaic cells (a.k.a. pv cells or solar based cells) that ingests energy from sun beams and convert it to DC current. This direct current would then be alternated by a power inverter to convey electric current to equipment in a home or workplaces using batteries to store up energy. A brief look at how much these solar panels goes for in the market, it can be seen that their prices goes from ₦10,000 Naira to as high as ₦100,000. This price relies upon the power capacity and quality of the gadget and the solar company in question.


There are essentially two kinds of solar panels which are utilized for home and offices, and they include:

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels: These are sun powered panels which were the initial type of solar panels. Through the long periods of innovative work, they have been transformed to work better with the new technology. The cells of these solar panels are produced using a solitary silicon crystal.
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels: The polycrystalline solar panels comprises of solar cells produced using different crystals of Silicon. They are normally blue and are less expensive than monocrystalline solar panels. They are likewise said to have a preferred temperature resilience over mono boards.

That’s the two solar panel types available. Contrasting both, we can see that a polycrytalline solar panels will deal with temperature changes better. Notwithstanding, on the grounds that they are less proficient, you will require a greater poly board to coordinate with the power output of a monocrystalline solar panel.


Let’s now look at the best prices of solar panels in the country. Generally, these gadgets are available at top online stores and at leading retailers of sun oriented power systems in the country. The cost of a 200W monocrystalline solar panel start at around ₦39,000, while a polycrystalline type of the same rating begins at ₦43,000. On the whole, you can purchase a Solar Panel beginning at 10W for ₦6,000.

Note that solar based panel can accompany diverse output voltage. Thus a 200W solar panel may offer 12V, 24V, and so on. You can associate a few solar panels in series to get your necessary voltage output. This will increase the yield of the gadget.

Here is the view of the best prices of solar panels in the country this 2024;

  • 10W – ₦6,000 to ₦20,000
  • 20W – ₦9,500  to ₦20,000
  • 30W – ₦14,500  to ₦30,000
  • 50W – ₦14,900 to ₦35,000
  • 60W – ₦25,500 to ₦40,000
  • 80W – ₦16,500 to ₦45,000
  • 100W – ₦20,000 to ₦80,000
  • 120W – ₦25,000 to ₦90,000
  • 130W (Mono) – ₦27,000 to ₦95,000
  • 130W (Poly) – ₦29,000 to ₦95,000
  • 150W – ₦29,000 to ₦80,000
  • 180W – ₦45,000 to ₦80,000
  • 200W (Mono) – ₦39,000 to ₦85,000
  • 200W (Poly) – ₦43,000 to ₦95,000
  • 230W – ₦43,000 to ₦140,000
  • 250W (Mono) – ₦45,000 to ₦150,000
  • 250W (Poly) – ₦50,000 to ₦150,000
  • 260W – ₦55,000 to ₦150,000
  • 300W (Mono) – ₦62,000 to ₦200,000
  • 300W (Poly) – ₦70,000 to 200,000
  • 310W – ₦70,000 to ₦200,000
  • 320W – ₦70,000 to ₦200,000

Having seen how much solar panels goes for in the Nigerian market, in any case, don’t simply look at the price only; think about the quality and notoriety of the brand. A portion of the top worldwide brands that are notable to get their solar panels include the following: Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, JinkoSolar, JA Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, First Solar, Yingli Green, SFCE, ReneSola, SunPower Corp, Sharp Solar, Samsung, Kyocera. Also, do run a check on the surface of the board and know whether its in good condition.


There are many things to discover in a solar panel. The following are tip of the good features of these natural electricity generators:

  • Good Capacity: Typically, a solar panel is evaluated by its yield voltage and power. Nonetheless, the output voltage is only ostensible as real yield voltage will fluctuate contingent upon the power of sunlight. Thus, it is feasible for a sun powered panel rated 12V to end up producing 18 volts or more.
  • Varied Power Outputs: The good thing about solar panels is that they are available with various power outputs going from 10W to 320W. Generally you should interface various solar panels in series and corresponding order, so as to convey the necessary voltage for the inverter and power needed to control your equipment.
  • Efficiency: Another good things about solar panels is that they are efficient. Typically, the efficiency of solar panels starts from 7% to 20%. This figure tells how delicate the gadget is to light. A high number is in every case great, and it implies you can get more output from a more modest power saving space.
  • Long Lasting: A Solar board can last somewhere in the range of 10 and 25 years, anyway it detetoriate after some time. For instance a solar powered board could offer 10 years at 90% of rated power, 20 years at 85% rated force, and 25 years at 80% rated power. It’s advisable you occasionally do a servicing of the solar panel parts to improve functionality and last longer than expected.


We have covered the best solar panel prices in Nigeria. This article also showed what’s solar panel and all what is involved. All of these, will help you settle for the best buy from the proliferation of solar panels in the country.

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