Prices of Original Cellgevity Supplement in Nigeria (May, 2024)

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The health benefits of Cellgevity supplement has made it a significant product in the market. Cellgevity is one such supplement, which contains a glutathione precursor molecule, riboceine (D-ribose-L-cysteine). Glutathione is a very strong antioxidant that the body makes and uses every day, while the latter is known to deliver cysteine into cells and enhance reduced glutathione levels in the body. The essentiality of this supplement cannot be underestimated, as a good number of people look for this product, and this has made the need for this write-up essential. By and large, this article will investigate into the prices of original cellgevity supplement that are available in Nigeria.

cellgevity price in Nigeria

Cellgevity is a unique supplement made by Max International in USA, to help improve some body functions and overall health. The product could also be good for aging process, as it’s packed with the essential ingredients that the body cells require for complete function. Cellgevity uses Advanced Riboceine Technology to work for the body, as stated by the manufacturers. Although there are some review reports and studies that goes in consonant with some of the manufacturer’s claims, but some other aspects like effectiveness, long term benefits and side effects, remain unclear about the supplement.

Cellgevity is not actually a drug, but rather it’s a supplement that can boast of raising our glutathione level by 300%. This product review is given by some people who have experienced Cellgevity, as the testify how the product really works. However, cellgevity is very much important, as we have enumerated this above. But, due to its significance, you may be interested in buying the product. Below will be the price list of original cellgevity supplement in the country. Through this, you will be informed on which one to go for, and also where to get them. Let’s proceed.

Current Prices of Original Cellgevity Supplement in Nigeria (2024)

The price of Cellgevity Supplement in Nigeria is quite affordable. Just like any other products in the market, the prices is distinguishing among other of this product. But one important issue of concern about Cellgevity Supplement in Nigeria is its availability. Although Cellgevity is available in Nigeria, it’s not the regular supplement that you would in find at every local pharmacy or patent medicine store.

Cellgevity Supplement is available only in some pharmacies, even though it’s a non-prescription product. The reason for this seemingly scarcity is to improve its importance by preventing adulteration of the products. Alternatively, you can as while buy cellgevity supplement online at any of the reputable e-commerce stores in the country. This is also a viable option.

If you are contemplating on how much Cellgevity products cost in the market, here are the current prices of Cellgevity Supplement in Nigeria;

  • Cellgevity 1-pack package (30 capsules): ₦8,500 – ₦10,000
  • Cellgevity 3-pack package (90 capsules): ₦23,000 – ₦30,000
  • Cellgevity 4-pack package (120 capsules): ₦31,000 – ₦40,000

Though cellgevity supplements may be smattering in terms of brands and collection in the market, but these few are available to give you what you are looking for. For the administration of the cellgevity supplement, bear in mind that you’d need to take 4 capsules of the supplement daily. Going from this, a 30-capsule pack will last for just one week. If you will be intending to use the supplement for one month, you’d have to buy the 120-capsule package to use daily. On where to buy the cellgevity supplement, you can also buy the product from reputable individual sellers, or on online retail stores in the country.

Health Benefits of Cellgevity Supplement

There are may advantages of taking the cellgevity supplement: from aiding of aging process to also help reduce cell damage, there are many other health benefits to be assured of when using this product. Below is the list of some of these important benefits;

  • Original cellgevity supplement helps to Increase the production of glutathione in the body
  • It also essentially helps to Slow aging process
  • Increased energy and stamina levels
  • It improves and enhances the immune system
  • This supplement helps to reduce cell damage in the body
  • Protection from poisonous substances from within and outside the body
  • It enhances better sleep
  • Aids in liver detoxification
  • Cellgevity supplements also sharpens the memory and other mental capacities
  • It also helps to reduce pain in bones and joint
  • This supplement can also enhances quick recovery after stress and exercises.

How to Use Cellgevity Supplements

To expanciate more on what we said earlier by taking cellgevity supplements four times daily, let’s give you some helpful prescription for use of this supplement. It is prescribed to take 2 capsules of the supplement twice daily (which should be morning and evening) with consumption of enough water.

Note: It is advisable not take Cellgevity if peradventure you have any existing medical condition for which you’re currently being treated. By this, it connotes that you shouldn’t take this supplement if you are undergoing any other non-related medication. In that case, discuss the safety of using Cellgevity supplement by consulting your doctor. Also, more importantly, the Cellgevity supplement is not suitable for use by pregnant women, nursing mothers, and anyone under age 18. Any use may render the side effects of it which will be highlighted below.

Side Effects of Cellgevity Supplements

Everything that has pros must surely have an accompanied cons. Here, we will highlight the side effects of Cellgevity Supplements which you ought to avoid. As with most other drug formulations in the market, Cellgevity supplement has some side effects. Reports shows that the supplement can cause some slight headaches, nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, and diarrhea. This was from some people who used it.

However, it’s not that these have been reported in different people and it is certainly not everyone who has used the drug, has experienced these side effects. But it’s important to know, in case you observe them when using it. Interestingly, the manufacturers of the supplement has clearly stated that any side effect you experience will abdicate within few days of consistent use of the medication.


So far, we have let you know what the Cellgevity supplement really is: its importance; benefits; how to use the medication; accompanied side effects; and subsequently the prices of these supplement, which was our major aim in this article. That’s the size of this write-up, as we have been able to highlight the current prices of original cellgevity supplement in Nigeria.

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