Current Prices of Manual Sewing Machines in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Sewing machine is a significant component in fashion designing. There are a lot of these machines, but some people are intriguing to manual sewing machines because of the considerate cost. In this article, we’ll investigate on the current prices of manual sewing machines in Nigeria.


Manual sewing machines are the types of sewing machines that works manually without any computerized features. These machines don’t require electric power to run them as they work mechanically. Although these manual sewing machines have lesser features compared to electronic and computerized ones, but they are the most used sewing machines because of their durability and low cost. They are available as vintage models to suit what fashion designers need in the clothing industry. However, manual sewing machines are operated by people and they require more physical work from the user.

Prices of Manual Sewing Machines in Nigeria (2024)

Truth be told, most style and fashion designers would contend that having a sewing machine is the most significant component in their clothing work. Considering this, the value and price scopes of some well known manual sewing machines in Nigeria will be highlighted in this write-up. This costs may change now and again, however this should give you a thought and fill in as a guide for you when making a plan on which sewing machine to buy.

Here is the rundown of the current cost of obtaining a manual sewing machine in the country:

  • Butterfly Sewing Machine (Manual) = N32,000 – N36,000
  • Butterfly Long Table Folding Sewing Machine (Manual) = N40,000 – N42,000
  • Butterfly Short Table Sewing Machine = N37,000
  • Xian Industrial Sewing Machine = N75,000 – N90,000
  • Vocalist Start (1234) Portable Sewing Machine = N33,500
  • Vocalist Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine = N57,500
  • Haitral Sewing Machine = N8,500
  • Emel Industrial Sewing Machine = N78,000 – N85,000
  • Emel Sewing Machine (Manual) = N30,000 – N35,000
  • Michley LSS-505 Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine with in-constructed fastens = N20,500
  • Janome 2222 Sewing Machine = N75,000 – N85,000
  • Sibling XR3774 Full highlighted Sewing Machine = N40,000

Now you have known the current price list of manual sewing machines in the country, it’s also important to know what’s involved before purchasing them.

There are various sorts of manual sewing machines, and before picking any of them, there are a few interesting things to take of note. The most important of these things will be outlined below.

What to Consider Before Buying a Manual Sewing Machine

Sometimes it’s apt to always settle for the best option. When purchasing a new sewing machine, these are the intricate things to consider:

Your Spending plan

This is the first thing to have in mind. It involve knowing the type of machines that meets your budget. Being the leadoff, it is a main consideration to consider before purchasing a manual sewing machine. There are a scope of choices of sewing machines that can fill a similar need you may require, at a similar cost. You will have to look at purchasing a generally excellent utilized machine that meets the purpose of your buy. The decision is yours as it is per your pocket. So when going to the market for a new sewing machine, your budget should determine the type of machines you ought to buy. We’ve highlighted the current prices of different sewing machines so as to give you a guide to your choice.

Threading limit/Stitch Options

It is significant to know the threading limit of a manual sewing before anything else. In the wake of putting such a great amount into buying a sewing machine, it would be disappointing to later discover that the sewing machine you purchased is confined into doing just a single thing alone. Sewing machines with Straight Stitch, crisscross stitch, buttonhole stitch, blind hem stitch and utility hem stitch is what to pay special attention to. These stitch options when limited, prone the sewing machine to have some kind of stitching issues.

Special Features

A good number of manual sewing machines accompany some amazing features which allure buyers to the product. These unique characteristics include movable speed control, lighting, programmed thread shaper, needle threader, knee lifter, and the rest of other features. Some other sewing machines have various attachments that guide the user in sewing work, hence making it a simple task. A portion of these attachments incorporate Presser foot, Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, double needles, and so forth. These features characterise a good manual sewing machine, and it’s important to look for them.

Another important feature to look at is whether it is Mechanical or Computerized. ManualManual or mechanical machines are anything but difficult to work or work when compared to other digital sewing machines. In the event that the machines are kept very much oiled and clean, they will in general work well for and last for a long duration.

Other things to look at on manual sewing;

  1. When settling for a manual sewing machine, always go for the machine that has a general application  By this it must have the option to do different works that the client will get settled with over the long haul. The sewing machines you go for should have a broad specification.
  2. The machine must be anything but not be difficult to keep up and do the maintenance, and it should be simple to convey when needed.
  3. The manual sewing machine must not be selective of the fabrics. But rather, it should have the option to work various patterns on these fabrics.

So now when going for a sewing machine, you now have a edge due to these things we outlined here above.


There are lot of manual sewing machines on sale in the Nigerian market. But these two brands Butterfly and Singer sewing machines have proved to be the leading products in the line. With regards to notoriety, best in class, and moderate costs, these sewing machines has been the significant names.

It is simpler for you to make your choice on which manual sewing machines to buy if peradventure you know what the price entails. This article was excessive on giving the highlight of the best manual sewing to go for in Nigeria.

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