Top 10 Owners of Private Jets in Nigeria (2024)

Top 10 Private Jet Owners in Nigeria 2024

This post is for the curious, the mind that wants to know the top owners of private jets in Nigeria. I don’t know of you, but I know I had my curiosity turned on early this month when about 30 private jets landed in Minna to attend IBB’s daughter’s wedding. You read that right, 30 private jets, all owned by Nigerians.

private jets owners in nigeria


In fact, this is the highest number in Africa. This fueled my curiosity to research on the owners of private jets in Nigeria and the result of this is discussed below.

The post will list out the top private jet owners in Nigeria today.


Orji UzorKalu has the largest fleet of private jets in Nigeria. He is a former governor of Abia state, a businessman and one of the fortunate Nigerian billionaires listed on the Forbes Magazine.

Orji UzorKalu owns five private jets including a Gulfstream G650, which goes for a whooping cost of $72 million (N11.5 billion) and probably the most expensive private jet in the country. He also own(ed) 3 Gulfsream IV and one Bombardier’s Global EXP XRS. He is currently the richest Igbo man in Nigeria.


Senator Ali Modu Sheriff was a former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a former Governor who was the first in Borno to serve twice consecutively and currently the embattled Chairman of People Democratic Party (PDP).

He is one of the richest ex-governors and an owner of 4 private jets out of which one is a Gulfstream G650 and 3 are Dornier aircrafts.


Bishop David Oyedepo is the Founder and General Overseer Living Faith Church Worldwide AKA winners Chapel. He is one of the richest Pastors in Nigeria that owns a private jet.

His church owns the largest church auditorium in the world. He is a proud owner of 4 private jets. These include a Gulfstream G550 and VG450 and Bombardiers 604.


This is the second richest man in Nigeria; he is the owner of Globacom and other business.

This man has 3 private jets which include a Bombardier Challenger 604, Bombardier Global Express XRS and a Falcon 7X.


Nigeria’s richest politician, Tinubu was a former Governor of Lagos state, the richest state in Nigeria and also the economic nerve of the country.

He is currently the national leader of the All Progressive People Party (APC). His political influence spread across the country. This Nigerian politician is an owner of two private jets.


Dangote is the richest black man on earth; he is worth $12.5 billion and ranked the 67th richest man in the world. However, he is the 6th in ranking of those that own private jets in the country. His private jet price is $15 millions.


Folorunsho Alakija is one of the richest black women in the world and has a net worth of about $1.2 billion.

She is also regarded as the second most influential woman in Africa. She has a Bombardier Global Express XRS.


Also on the list of pastors in Nigeria that owns a private jet is Ayo Oritsejafor, founder and the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Bible Church.

He also was a former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN). He owns one Bombardier jet which he claimed was a gift.


Igho Charles Sanomi II is a Nigerian businessman with interests in oil, aviation and real estate. He owns a Bombardier Challenger 605.


It is no news that Men of God in Nigeria are one of the richest in the country. However, to have them on this list is something to ponder upon.

He is the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations and its leader. In March 2015 he acquired a Gulfstream G550 that cost him about $60 million.

Finally, Davido, Nigeria’s richest musician is also a private jet owner which his father purchased recently. Wizkid doesn’t have a private jet yet.


Reports reaching us is that the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has acquired a private jet and has joined the list of pastors who owns an aeroplane in Nigeria.

We confirmed this when the pictures and videos of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s private jet was published on the Omega Fire Ministry Dubai Facebook page.

Last year June, Suleman spoke against such as he urged the rich to help the poor than buying expensive cars and private jets.

From the above, the list of private jet owners in Nigeria 2024 include:

  • Orji Uzo Kalu
  • Senator Alimodu Sheriff
  • Bishop David Oyedepo
  • Otunba Mike Adenuga
  • Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu
  • Aliko Dangote
  • Folorunsho Alakija
  • Apostle Johnson Suleman
  • Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Nigerian Musicians that Owns Private Jet

There are also musicians in the country that boast of having private jet that carry them for their shows and tours around the globe. Whether it is true or not, we know they are capable of owning one.

We have listed some of these Nigerian artist who might own a private jet below:

#1. Wizkid

Rumours has it that Wizkid bought a private jet because he has been travelling using one and has been flooding the picture of this carier on his instagram accounts.

While their is no doubt that the music star can afford one jet for himself, we know that he has not publicly answered the question of whether Starboy owns his own personal private jet?.

#2. Davido

As it stands, Davido is the only Nigerian musician that own a private jet in the country today.

Although, his billionaire father was linked nto the purchase of the air carrier, it goes without doubt that Davido merits his place on this list.

#3. P Square

It was in 2014 when Peter posted he and his twin brother sitting in a private jest that rumours P-Square owns a private jet.

One of the twins came out to clarify the question that they do not own the plane completely, but it was leased to them to travel to other countries to do shows.

The duo have other luxirious properties aside their mansions and cars. It is unfortunate that they quarelled and split, thereby causing both brothers to go solo in the musical industry.

#4. Don Jazzy

We don’t expect Don Jazzy to use commercial airlines especially when  he can just buy one and fly it abroad or anywhere in the world.

#5. Phyno

Phyno can own a private jet if he wants too, maybe he wants to keep a low profile.

The money Phyno made from his songs, have changed him that he is now wealthy and commands respected as a celebrity. Most times, Phyno takes his picture in a private jet.

#6. DJ Cuppy

Since her father Otedola is a billionaire and one of the richest men in the world just like Davido, Dangote and so, it will be expected that DJ Cuppy, a female musician will tour the world using a private jet.

#7. Olamide

Celebrities love posting their picture on private jet scenario. Olamide, Nigeria’s fasted rapper is one of them but he does not have one.


Information on whether the Nigerian musicians that owns any private jet is yet to be verified, we can vouch for Davido who uses it for the intended purpose from one country to another. As for Nigerian footballers, no one has an airline this year

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