Top 10 Fast Ways to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria (2024)

If you’re in Nigeria and looking for quick and effective ways to make money on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the top 10 fast ways to earn money through Instagram.

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Whether you’re a business owner, influencer, or someone looking for side hustles, these methods can help you leverage the power of this popular social media platform to generate income. From sponsored posts to affiliate marketing, we’ll cover various strategies that can potentially boost your earnings. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria!


Below are the best ways to make cool money from Instagram today.


The best way to make money in any social media platform is by becoming an influencer. This is arguably the fastest way to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. The process is simple; It involves uploading photos and earning money through brand sponsorships and free gifts.

For instance, if you’re a female influencer, you can promote cosmetics and fashion products. What you can do to stay in line is by uploading high-quality content, such as good videos and images showcasing your lifestyle, along with relevant hashtags. The more you do this, the more your followers will increase.

The amount Nigerian influencers charge varies based on factors like their number of followers, negotiation skills, and personal branding.


Making money on Instagram in Nigeria can also be done by selling your own products. It’s a simple process – all you have to do is post pictures and videos of your products. As your followers see these posts, they may start placing orders and buying from you.

To grow your follower count quickly, using hashtags in your posts can help. This exposes your content to users who aren’t even following you yet.

You don’t necessarily need to use Instagram ads to successfully sell products. You can use hashtags in the right way. Also, you can ask your family and friends to support you by following your Instagram account, which can help you gain more followers.


The third way to earn money faster on Instagram is by starting an Instagram blog. This is a fantastic way to earn money on Instagram, especially if you enjoy writing.  When you’re starting your Instablog, it’s crucial to use relevant hashtags for each of your posts.

Additionally, editing your pictures and videos to include the name of your Instagram blog can help increase exposure when your followers share your content.


Do you know you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria by running ads?  Not many Nigerians are familiar with creating ads on Instagram or using them to attract leads and followers.

By offering this service, you can earn money while assisting businesses and individuals. This type of business is known as digital marketing, and you can learn more about Instagram ads by watching tutorial videos on YouTube and practicing.


You might be hearing of affiliate marketing for a long time now. But did you know you can use it to earn money on Instagram in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money in either naira or dollars, depending on the affiliate program you choose, whether it’s local or international.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s basically promoting products and services online using a special link. When your followers click on the link and make a purchase, you receive a commission as a reward for your promotion.


You can also earn money on Instagram by selling digital products. These includes e-books, online courses, or downloadable guides directly from your profile.

Digital products are convenient to share with others, and they bring in more profit since there are no costs associated with manufacturing physical items. To attract potential buyers, focus on providing valuable content and make sure your products align with the interests and needs of your audience.


Do you know you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria by buying and selling Instagram accounts. This is a lesser-known method of making money, but it has been around for some time. Many Nigerians are unaware of this opportunity.

There are individuals who focus on growing Instagram accounts and then sell them once they have a certain number of followers, such as 1000, 2000, 5000, or even more. You can begin buying and selling Instagram accounts today to generate income. But be cautious of being banned.


Are you the proud owner of an Instagram account with a large following of 1000, 5000, or more? If you’re seeking quick ways to turn that following into money, here’s a great idea: you can sell your followers to people or businesses who are looking to expand their own follower base.

Let’s say you have a large number of followers and someone is in desperate need of more followers. You can create a post persuading your followers to follow that person’s account, and in return, you’ll receive payment. In this way, you can make money from your Instagram account.


Paid promotions can work for you if you have a large number of people following you on Instagram. The good thing is that brands are always searching for social media users with active followers to promote their products through sponsored posts. This means sharing content that advertises a brand or its offerings.

The amount you earn for these sponsored posts depends on the number of followers you have, how engaged they are with your content, and the type of content you create.


Last but not the least, if you can’t make it alone, then you have to collaborate with other people that are making it on Instagram. You can team up with a brand to develop a line of products together or co-host an event.

The only important thing in this method is for you to have a large number of followers and maintain high engagement rates. You can look on Instagram influencers like Davido, Toke Makinwa, and Ola of Lagos to achieve your success.


That’s the top ten ways to make money on Instagram. If you use one of these ways, you should be able to see Instagram beyond posting pictures and videos. I believe this information was helpful.

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