The Highest Paid Medical Specialty in Nigeria (2024)

Medical education takes determination, and its also time demanding. Typically, doctors and surgeons regularly work schedules with long hours, and they may likewise work on-call. The much demanding work yields a lucrative profession, and the chance to give a high pay is certain with the medical career. Medical career is known as a rewarding field, yet even inside the industry, the pay can change considerably starting with one specialty then onto the next. This is implied in the type of the medical specialty that one majors on.


Our article on the most rewarding and most lucrative medical specialty will view into the top of these medical rankings to show you which area genuinely pay the most cash – and what’s in store by working in them

Which Is The Highest Paid Medical Specialty in Nigeria?

The rundown of medical specialty includes Urology, Cardiology, Orthopedic surgery, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, and others. From the long list of medical specialty, which is the most rewarding? Let’s take a gander at the most lucrative of these medical areas.


With Neurosurgery being the most time demanding medical specialty, it is equally the most lucrative of all the medical areas in Nigeria. It is the medical specialty that is concerned about the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorder which affect any portion of the nervous system which incorporates the mind, spinal rope, fringe nerves and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system. Medical specialists prepared in this field of Neurosurgery are called Neurosurgeon.

Neurosurgeons are the most generously compensated in Nigeria since they are scant and the interest for their services is route over their inventory. In Nigeria, a couple are eager to go through more than 15 years over the span of turning into a neurosurgeon. Also, the way that essentially the entirety of Nigerian hospitals come up short on the fundamental hardware for preparing or usage of the abilities of Neurosurgery, further adds to the decrease of these medical personels in the country. On the whole, these factors discloses why as per measurements, there are under 100 neurosurgeons in Nigeria. That aside, let’s look at how much these medical personels earn in the country.

How Lucrative is Neurosurgery Medical Specialty?

The average and estimate salary for a Neurosurgeon in Nigeria is ₦3,600,000. Neurosurgery is quite possibly the most demanding medical specialty and neurosurgeons procure the absolute most significant salary in the medical field. The median pay for neurosurgeons is estimated at ₦2,000,000 monthly, which contrasts well to other medical specialties.

Also, the ₦1,000,000 which is the estimate lowest salary for these medical specialists. Expressing a salary as a median or middle  implies that portion of the neurosurgeons acquire more than that sum. This all shows how lucrative the profession really is.

Job Description

Normally, neurosurgeons work in the region of the human sensory system, furnishing careful consideration to patients with head wounds, mind aneurysms, herniated process, spine and cerebrum tumors and issues with the fringe nerves. As a rule, this kind of medical specialists perform more spine than brain tasks, despite the fact that emergency activities for head injury stay a typical need.

Neurosurgeons may likewise fill in as a component of a bigger group giving careful treatment and restoration of neurological problems, for example, Parkinson’s infection. Generally, the work of Neurosurgeons encompass brain an the nervous system.


Neurosurgeons primarily work in the careful division of medical hospitals, by performing cerebrum and spine tasks. A few neurosurgeons have practical experience in explicit kinds of spinal issues, for example, neck problems, spinal rope injury or pediatric neurosurgery on babies and kids.

Since the job is so particular, a neurosurgeon might be approached for emergency methods or to perform outpatient systems. Their work is significantly needed in the medical industry, and very much needed in emergency hospitals.

Educational Requirements To Be A Neurosurgeon

Generally, the education and training to turn into a neurosurgeon is thorough, broad and incorporates the finishing of:

  • Four years of pre-medical education at a university or college
  • Four years of medical school bringing about a M.D. or then again D.O. degree
  • One year internship program in general surgery.
  • Five to seven years in a neurosurgery residency program
  • Some neurosurgeons complete a fellowship after residency to enable them major in a particular area
  • It’s followed by continuing education — annual meetings, conferences, scientific journals, research — to keep them up with advances made in the complex field of neurosurgery

Looking at the rundown of the 15 years educational training to become a Neurosurgeons, following four years of medical school and an overall medical internship program, a hopeful neurosurgeon will enter a neurosurgical residency program with a normal length of seven years.

Here, specialists are prepared in all parts of neurosurgery, including injury, tumor, vascular medical procedure and pediatrics. When the surgeon is practicing, he or she would stay up to date with the most recent medical procedures and therapy practices which are advancing at a fast pace.

An established neurosurgeon may take the discretionary Neurological Surgery assessment following quite a long while of training and get the board confirmation to become a certified neurosurgeon.


Let’s take a peek at other medical specialties that are seen as the highest paid in the country. They can be classified as the general surgeons. This category of medical professionals complement our rundown of the most lucrative and highest paid medical specialty in Nigeria.

Numerous different medical specialties – including some among the most lucrative, as Orthopedic medical specialty and invasive cardiology – practice surgery. A medical specialist who practices general surgery has an expansive base of information that permits them to treat a wide scope of ailments through activities with specialised apparatuses.

Most general specialists perform methodology that include the skin, neck, breast, midsection and supply routes, alluding patients with muscular, neurologic, heart and comparable conditions to specialists in the fitting specialties. General surgeons work with their patients all through the medical process, from diagnosing the ailment that requires a medical procedure and preparing them for the method to giving post-operative consideration.

The estimated salary range for general surgeons in Nigeria range in the region of ₦300,000 – ₦2,000,000. Typically, their amount of salary pay is contingent upon their qualifications and years of experience.


The much demanding medical profession is a lucrative career to opt for. With this being the case, the chance to give a high pay is certain with the medical career. Additionally, medical career is known as a rewarding field, yet even inside the field, the pay can change considerably starting with one medical specialty to the other. In the course of this article, we outlined the highest paid medical specialty in Nigeria. This will help intenders know which one pays the most.

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