Unique Nigerian Male Names And Their Meanings

It is widely believed that children are the joy of the world and strength of a family. Most tribes in Nigeria are more passionate and happy when they give birth to a male child than their female counterpart because they are of the opinion that a male child will surely be the strongpole that ensures the continuity of their names and some other benefits they believe they cannot derive from a female child.


In the  South-western part of the country popularly called the Yorubas, 80 % of their population give much value to a male child— especially as a first born of the family— than female child because they believe a family is incomplete without a male child.

As a parent, are you too overwhelmed that you surprisingly forget the names you want your new ‘bouncing baby boy’ to bear for the rest of his life? Don’t worry too much, just take a glance at some names we have wonderfully and interestingly packaged below and choose some that will perfectly suits the child.

Apologies to other tribes, these set of names listed below consist of only the three major ethnic group in Nigeria , that is, Eastern tribe of the country also known as the Igbos ; followed by the South-western part of the country— the Yorubas ; and finally the Northern tribes who are widely called the Hausas.

Unique Igbo Names For Male Children & Meaning

Igbo tribe is one of the major tribe in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. According to their traditional religion, many of them are Christians and also profoundly religious. Most of their names have a chi (God) connotations such as :

  • Akachukwu meaning the hand of God.
  • Akamnachi meaning I am greater in God
  • Akaolisa meaning the hand of God
  • Akuabata meaning wealth has come in
  • Akuchinyere meaning if not for God
  • Belusochukwu meaning if not for the sake of God
  • Bugarachukwuekene meaning carry all thanks to God
  • Bunkechukwu meaning belongs to God
  • Cheluchi meaning wait for God’s time
  • Cherechi/ Cherechukwu meaning wait on God
  • Chetachi/ Chetachukwu meaning remember God
  • Chiadikanma meaning God is too good
  • Chiakasiemobi meaning God has consoled/comforted me
  • Chiaruka/ Chialuka Aruka meaning God has worked wonders
  • Chibubeagha meaning March God continue to fight for me
  • Chibudom Udom meaning God is my peace
  • Chibueze Bueze meaning God is King
  • Chibuifem Ifem meaning God is my light
  • Chibuihe Chibu meaning God is light
  • Chibuike meaning God is strength
  • Chibundu meaning God is life
  • Chibunkem meaning God is mine
  • Chibunna meaning God is my father
  • Chibuzor meaning God first/ God leads
  • Chidebem meaning March God keep me
  • Chidera meaning Destiny cannot be changed, Once God says or writes
  • Chideziri meaning God wrote my story (destiny) well
  • Chidiadi meaning There is God
  • Chidiebere meaning God is merciful
  • Chidiebube meaning God is glorious/great
  • Chidoruo meaning March God bring peace
  • Chidozie meaning March God fix it/Make it good for me
  • Chidubem/Chuwudubem meaning Lead me oh God
  • Diarachukwundu meaning Live for God
  • Ebubechukwu meaning The glory/greatness of God
  • Ebubemsinachi meaning My glory comes from God
  • Echezonanna meaning Don’t forget your God/ your father

Names For Yoruba Male Child And Meaning

The Yoruba tradition is one of the most respected ethnic groups in Nigeria, considering their popularity and their enriched culture. The traditional names of Yoruba male children are also unique and convey strong meanings.

According to their tradition, They give names to their new born baby, seven days after birth— just like other tribes. Their method of naming is a little bit different because, they have both traditional names and religious names. Some of these traditional names include:

  • Abimbola meaning Born into wealth Abiodun
  • Biola meaning Wealth has been born
  • Abioye/ Oye meaning Born into royalty
  • Ade meaning Crown
  • Adebayo meaning The crown has met with joy
  • Adebimpe meaning The Crown is complete
  • Adebisi meaning crown has increased
  • Adebola meaning the crown meets with wealth
  • Adebowale meaning The crown has come home
  • Adeboye meaning The crown has met with title or post
  • Adedamola meaning The crown has mixed with wealth
  • Adedayo meaning The crown has turned to joy
  • Adedeji meaning The crown has become two
  • Adegoke meaning The crown has been exalted
  • Adekola meaning The crown brings wealth
  • Adekunle meaning Crowns have filled the house
  • Adelaja meaning The King settled this fight
  • Adeleke meaning The crown stays above
  • Adelomo meaning A child is a crown
  • Adelowo meaning The crown has honour
  • Ademola meaning The crown knows wealth
  • Adeniyi meaning The crown has honour
  • Adenrele meaning The crown is going home
  • Adenuga meaning The crown owns the palace
  • Adepoju meaning Many crowns
  • Adesoji meaning The crown is revived
  • Adesola meaning Crown makes wealth

Religious Yoruba Names

  • Anjolaoluwa meaning We are enjoying the goodness of the Lord
  • Anuoluwapo meaning God is merciful
  • Araoluwa meaning God of wonders
  • Araoluwakiitan meaning The Wonders of the Lord never ends
  • Ayanfeoluwa meaning God’s beloved
  • Ayobami meaning Joy meets with me
  • Ayobintan meaning Joy gave birth to this
  • Ayodele meaning Joy has come home
  • Ayomide meaning My joy has arrived
  • Ayomiposi meaning My joy has increased
  • Ayoola means The joy of wealth
  • Ayooluwa meaning The joy of the lord
  • Ayowumi meaning I love joy

Hausa Names For Male Children and Meaning

As said earlier, Hausa tribe consist of the northern people, they dominate the northern tribe of Nigeria. A good number of them practice Islamic religion and also speaks Arabic.

Before Islam came to Nigeria, The method of naming a child in the north is based on the current situation at which the child is been giving birth.

But when Islamic religion came into Nigeria, things began to change, they started giving their children Arabic names such as Audu , Sani, Habu among others.

Names Of Hausa Male Child include:

  • Balarabe – means boy born on Wednesday
  • Danjuma – means son of Friday
  • Danladi – means born on Sunday
  • Danlami – means son of Thursday
  • Gaddo – means inheritor
  • Gambo – means child born after twins
  • Gowon – means rainmaker
  • Rashidi – means rightly guided, of true faith
  • Tanimu – means boy born on Litinnin or Monday
  • Yohance – means Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful
  • Daran – means born at night, small and great
  • Dare – means born at night, small and great
  • Daren – means born at night, small and great
  • Hasan – means good, beautiful, beautifier
  • Rago – means ram.
  • Adamu – Adam
  • Ali – excellent or noble
  • Aminu – reliable and trustworthy person
  • Amir – A ruler, prince or commander
  • Balarabe – male child born on Wednesday
  • Bashir – someone who brings good news
  • Bilal – a companion of the prophet
  • Danasabe – child born on Saturday
  • Danjuma – male child born on Friday
  • Danladi – male child born on Sunday
  • Danlami – male child born on Thursday
  • Faidah – advantage
  • Faiqah – someone who surpasses excellence
  • Hassan – first boy in a set of twins
  •  Hussain – second boy in a set of twins
  •  Habib – beloved 35. Hadi – calm person
  • Hafiz a guardian or protector
  • Hamzah – lion
  • Imam – leader
  • Isa – Jesus
  • Ismaila – Ishmael
  • Jibril – archangel
  • Musa – Moses
  • Mansurah – supporter
  • Tahir – pure
  • Umar – lifetime
  • Usman – companion
  • Yakubu – Jacob
  • Yohanna – john
  • Yusuf – Joseph
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