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Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:33 pm

With NETFLIX gaining popularity among movie lovers due to its cheap nature, one can only believe that the likes of DSTV and iROKO TV will face a stiff competition from NETFLIX in Nigeria. This is because you can now stream and watch thousands of your favourite movies with NETFLIX Basic plan for as low as $7.99 per month on your Television, Smartphones, Tablets and other NETFLIX supported devices in Nigeria.


This post will tell you all you need know about NETFLIX Nigeria and would also answer the questions associated with streaming NETFLIX in Nigeria.

What is NETFLIX ?

Netflix is the world’s top video streaming service company based in the U.S and is known for its cheap online subscription service. They also offer one month free NETFLIX trail to new customers.

How Much Does NETFLIX Cost in Nigeria?

NETFLIX has three monthly plans that are affordable. These NETFLIX monthly plans includes:

  1. NETFLIX Basic plan costs $7.99
  2. NETFLIX Standard plan costs $8.99
  3. NETFLIX Premium plan costs $11.99

How to Setup NETFLIX in Nigeria

You can download NETFLIX app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With whatever NETFLIX plan you choose, Here is how to sign up and setup Netflix in Nigeria:

  • Go to the Netflix website and sign up.
  • Click on the Start Your Free Month.
  • Select any of the Netflix plans.
  • Pay with your ATM card and you are good to go

How to Pay for NETFLIX in Nigeria

To pay for NETFLIX in Nigeria, you need to use your ATM Debit Card (Master Card or Visa card) to pay or if you have a Paypal account. Remember that the first month is free, after which you will be charged for any plan you choose in subsequent months

Connecting NETFLIX to Your Television(TV) in Nigeria

It can be fun watching NETFLIX on several devices and your TV set is just one of such devices. You can used the cast screen option from your Smartphone or Tablet to connect to a supporting Smart TV device or you can even use a HDMI cable. Any ways, it is possible to connect NETFLIX to your TV in Nigeria.

Problems Associated with NETFLIX in Nigeria

Affordable and Good NETFLIX streaming plans in Nigeria are difficult to come by these days as the only problem I know associated with NETFLIX in Nigeria is the expensive nature of the data services provided by Nigeria’s Internet Service Providers. You would need enough data if you really want to enjoy NETFLIX in Nigeria.

What is NETFLIX NIGERIA Website ?

Netflix Nigeria website is

Netflix Nigeria contact is

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