List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Nasarawa State

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Nasarawa state is famous for its exceptional output in the agricultural sector of the country. It also has mostly all mineral resources as seen in different states. Nigeria is excelling as compare to the other African countries, in having the most fertile land and the land that is having some essential mineral resources. Many states of Nigeria are filled with some precious and expensive mineral deposits.


In this article, we will discuss Nasarawa state, having many mineral resources, that are precious and rare. It can be said that this state is at the top of having the precious and a larger number of minerals in its land. We will provide you with the list of the most important minerals that can be found in this state. Nasarawa state is considered as the important and significant state in Nigeria, that adds the economy of Nigeria.

Nasarawa is a blessed state having some exceptional minerals and land that makes Nigeria a prominent country. This state can be said as the most mineral oriented and fortunate state that makes Nigeria a powerful African country. These nàtural resources found in these nothern state can be used to fulfil the industrial needs of Nigeria. The mineral export makes Nigeria a strong and stable country.


  • Topaz Garnet
  • Barite
  • Iron
  • Limestone
  • Sapphire
  • Talc
  • Coal
  • Marble
  • Mica


Topaz Garnet is a rare and expensive mineral resource that is mostly used to make ornaments and expensive jewellery. This rare mineral resource is found in the state of Nasarawa in many cities like Keffi, Sauri, Garaku, Gidan, and Anngwan Marcho. The expensive Topaz Garnet makes high-quality jewellery that is exported and used within the country.


The second mineral resource that is present in this state is Barite. Barite is mostly used in health care units. For example, in X-ray laboratories and other medical fields. This is a rare and important mineral resource present in many cities of Nasarawa. For example, in Akiri, Wuse, Azara, Keana, and other regions.


The next mineral resource which is present in this state is Iron. As we know, that Iron is a solid material that is used in making many equipment, tools, and hard substances. Iron is a useful element. In this state, many cities have Iron-Ores, which are Agidi, Lafia, Akwanga, and many other regions.


Next, we will talk about the important mineral, Limestone. Limestone can be found in many cities of Nasarawa State. The prominent and important cities that are having limestone are Adudu, Jangwa, Keffi, Akwanga, and little deposits in other regions. As we know, Limestone is mostly used in making utensils, toothpaste, medical equipment, and many other uses. So, the production and extraction of Limestone are sufficient for the country, fulfilling all the needs.


Sapphire, the most beautiful and expensive mineral, is found in some regions of this state. As we know that Sapphire is mostly used in making expensive ornaments and jewelry. This rarest and most expensive mineral can be found in some regions of the state. This presence of Sapphire makes the economy better of the Nasarawa state.


Talc is mostly used in the industries that make paper, plastic, paint, cosmetics, and pharmaceutics. This is a rough and hard mineral that has a variety of uses.  In the Nasarawa state, the cities Keffi, Gidan, and Sauri are having this mineral.


The next mineral that is present in this state is Coal. Coal is mainly used as a fuel and it is used by industries for initial processes. In this state, there are many cities that are having Coal mines. The most prominent and important cities are Shankodi, Jangwa, Lafia, and Atito. In Nigeria, there is much extraction of coal from mines that the demand and need by the industries and citizens are fulfilled and no need for import remains.


Another important building material, Marble is present in this state. Marble is mostly used by the construction and manufacturing industries. It is used in building houses, offices, and floors. Marble is a strong, solid, and expensive building mineral that can be found in many cities of the state. The important cities that have Marble mines are Muro-Obugu-Panda, Keffi, and other minor regions.


Mica is also present in this state of Nigeria. Mica is mostly used by the industries of electronics and sometimes it is used in cosmetics because of its glittery and shiny appearance. There are lesser regions that are having the Mica and this Nasarawa state is one of them. The cities in the state that are having this mineral are Keffi, Gidan, and other regions. Mica is an important mineral that is used in making electronics, electric wires, and many other pieces of equipment.


We hope that we provided you with sufficient information about the Nasarawa State and the important mineral deposists in it.

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