List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Imo State

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Imo state is a state that is endowed with a lot of mineral resources. These resources tend to acts as an economic boost amid other internal sources of revenue in the state. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a list of mineral resources that can be found in Imo state. We would also review some of these minerals in subsequent paragraphs.



Below are all mineral resources that can be found in Imo state today:

  • Fine sand
  • Gypsum
  • Lead/zinc
  • Lignite
  • Limestone
  • Marcasite
  • Natural Gas
  • Phosphate
  • Salt

Let us now delve into a review of some of the most abundant minerals that can be found in Imo state.


Fine sand is one of the most abundant mineral resources that can be found in Imo state in commercial quantities. It is used in the industrial production of flat glass. The flat glass is in turn, used for the production of glassware for buildings, automotive, container glass for beverages and foods. When fine sand is used in pulverized form, ground silica is usually required for production of fiberglass insulation and for reinforcing glass fibres.


Another Important raw solid mineral that can be found in Imo state, is Gypsum. The large gypsum rocks are formed within layers of sedimentary rocks, which are found within thick layers and beds. Some occurrences of this solid mineral have been reported in some parts of Imo state. Most of the important household materials used in Nigerian homes contain this naturally occurring mineral. Gypsum in its chemical nature is a super important calcium sulfate hydrate. Let us review some important uses of this solid mineral.

  • Gypsum is used in the construction of drywalls, wallboards, and plasterboard.
  • Gypsum is used in the production of the clay that is used in the tennis court
  • Most Classroom chalks have gypsum as their major


Lead/zinc ores occur naturally together; they are mostly associated with copper and silver. Lead/zinc occurs in commercial quantities in Imo state. Lead and zinc found in Imo state is used in ammunition, television, tubes, construction, nuclear shielding, ceramics, weights, containers, protective coating of steel, as an alloying metal with copper to produce brass and also as chemical compounds in paint and rubber.

Lead/zinc can also be used in Galvanizing Iron, metal spraying, automotive parts, electroplating, anodes, dry cell batteries, nutrition, roof gutters and cable wrapping. Zinc oxide can be very well applied in the field of medicine, paints, vulcanizing ad sun-block lotions. Joint, private and individual ventures are encouraged to exploit and develop the various lead/zinc deposits all across Imo state.


Imo state is blessed with vast mineral resources which lignite is part of. In Africa, Nigeria is ranking as number one in terms of having the largest mineral deposits of this mineral. Nigeria boasts of over 50 million tones of Lignite scatter across the country. Lignite is usually referred to as coal that has a brown-brownish black colour.

It is super combustible and has a high carbon content of about 65 %. Just like its look alike-coal, it is formed into a sedimentary rock from naturally processed peat. Let us see some of the important uses of lignite.


  • Lignite is used in making fertilizer products.
  • Lignite is applicable in oil exploration as it is used in Oil drilling mud
  • Lignite is used in the cost-effective production of natural gas.
  • The ash that is generated upon burning lignite is used as an abrasive of all sorts.
  • Finally, lignite is used as an additive in petrol.


Limestone is found in Imo state in reasonable quantity. Majority of the mined limestone is made into crushed stone and then used as a construction material. It is mainly used in railway construction to produce railways ballast and road base for road construction. One of the purest forms of limestone is a marble. It is used as a choice stone in decorating public statues and government buildings.

Also, limestone can be crushed and used for roofing and landscaping. You can also find the purest form of limestone in medicines and foods such as cereals and breakfast. Lime that serves the agricultural purpose of treating soil is made from limestone. In some of the Chemical industries found in Nigeria, Lime has a lot of uses.


Marcasite is a silvery yellow mineral compound that is found in Imo state. This solid mineral has little or no industrial use in Imo state or Nigeria at large. Marcasite is usually formed due to precipitation from acidic waters on near-surface or surface environments. It is usually found in hydrothermal deposits and sedimentary rocks. Marcasite is majorly used as a source of sulfur.


Nigeria has a very wide range of phosphate minerals which are highly concentrated in phosphate rocks. Phosphate in Imo state occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks as fluorapatite ca5F (PO4)3.


  • Phosphate is used in treating metals, water, pulp and paper.
  • White phosphorus is majorly used in incendiary devices and also in flares.
  • Red phosphorus is used at the sides of matchboxes and is used in striking safety matches to light.
  • Pure phosphorus that is found in Nigeria is used by chemical industries in the production of phosphate chemicals.

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