List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Kwara State

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Kwara is among the Yoruba speaking states with other ethnic groups present within the state. There are some mineral deposits found within Kwara state that are yet to be mined due to negligence on the part of the government. These natural mineral resources can be found at different locations within the state and could be used for the development of infrastructures and for the economic welfare of the population in Kwara state.


Kwara state is situated in the western region of Nigeria, depending mostly on its agricultural produce which makes it an agricultural state in Nigeria. The land of this state is really fertile and possesses many minerals in it. This land is the basis for occupation and income for the people of Kwara. Some use this land for agriculture, while some use it for the extraction of mineral resources.

This informative article is written to provide knowledge about Kwara state important and prominent mineral resources.


Below are the mineral resources found within Kwara state.

  • Petroleum
  • Gold
  • Limestone
  • Feldspar
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Granite Rocks
  • Clay
  • Kaolin
  • Coal


Petroleum, which is used as a fuel and considered as an expensive mineral, is found in higher quantities in Kwara state. This rich mineral makes the reputation and efficiency of the state more prominent.


The most expensive mineral in the world is found in many regions in Nigeria. In the state of Kwara, Gold can be found in many cities and regions of the state. There are evidence of gold seen in areas like Bishewa, Agboro, Ologomo, and Korobiri regions. Gold mines enhance the reputation and economy of the state.


Mostly used by construction and manufacturing companies, this mineral is usually used in every building unit. Limestone can be found in a larger amount in Kwara, so that aids and assist the manufacturing factories to do more production and output. There is enough supply of these constructive materials in Nigeria so that it reduces the need for import.


The next mineral present in this state is Feldspar. This important mineral is present in almost all states in Nigeria. In the state of Kwara, it is mostly present in areas like Pategi, Offa, Ilorin, and many other regions. This element is mostly used in making many construction units like rubber, plastics, decorative purposes. This material is also used in making paints because of its different colours.


Marble, mostly used in constructing and manufacturing building items, can be found in a larger amount in this state. This solid mineral can be found in many regions of the Kwara state. Nigeria has enough marble deposits, which means they are self-sufficient and do not need any importation of this mineral.


The next important mineral present Kwara state is Quartz. This important and rare mineral is found in the state in large amounts. Quartz is mostly used in glassmaking, decorative items, manufacturing, and other utensils. Nigeria has many states that are having a larger amount of this mineral in different regions so that it fulfils the country’s needs.


This solid and toughest mineral is also founded in the state of Kwara. Granite Rock is said to be the toughest solid in the world, and so it is used for many purposes. Mostly used in building hard substances like gym walls and hardcovers, this element is rare and important.


Clay is considered to be the most used mineral, because in the manufacturing of almost all items, this mineral is used. The most prominent uses of this mineral are in making pots, utensils, decoration vases and much other everyday uses. In the state of Kwara, many cities and regions like Ilorin, Offa, and Pategi are having much amount of clay. All the states in Nigeria are having some exceptional minerals. These all mineral output results in a stronger economy and stability in resources.


Kaolin is another important mineral used in many healthcare units and companies, in manufacturing drugs for different diseases like Cholera and Diarrhea. This useful medical element is present highly in this state of Kwara. Many cities like Oyun, Asa, Pategi, and other regions, are having much mining of this useful and important mineral.


Coal, used as fuel, cooking, burning, and in brick industries, is present in commercial quantities in the state of Kwara. Coal is becoming expensive day by day, as its need is increasing, so this increment will enhance the productivity and economy in Nigeria. The country is having much extraction of this mineral to fulfil the needs of all industries and manufacturers in Nigeria.


This super informative article explains all the important and prominent resources that are present in the Kwara state in Nigeria.

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