List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Kebbi State

The various mineral deposits in Nigeria are found in different states of the country. Kebbi state is rich in natural mineral resources and because of this, Nigeria has excelled in the mining sector when compared to other countries in Africa. The country would have a better economy and good standard of living if the government utilize these resources for the benefit of all.


Kebbi state is located in the North-West direction, has many facilities and resources. Kebbi enhances the economy and strength of Nigeria, through many factors, like industrialization, agriculture, resources, and rivers. In this article, we will discuss the mineral resources mostly found in Kebbi State. The State of Kebbi is having some amazing and rare mineral resources. Nigerian states are having sufficient mineral resources, that can fulfil the country’s need and can be sufficient enough to do exportation.

The mineral resources in kebbi state and their locations include Quartz which can be found in the area of Zuru, Kaolin found in Bagudo, Bauxite and clay found in Dakingari, Silica sand found in Bagudo area and deposists of salt found. This article provides information about Kebbi state and its major mineral resources.


  • Magnesite
  • Manganese
  • Gold
  • Clay
  • Quartz
  • Feldspar
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Metallic Minerals


Mines of magnesite can be found in the Kebbi state, especially in the city of Bernin-Kebbi. This mineral is mostly used in steel industries. This production of magnesite increases the worth of steel industries in Nigeria. There is no need to import such constructive minerals for Nigeria as they can be found in commercial quantities within the state.


Gold can also be found in Kebbi state, mostly in the city of Bin Yauri. The mining corporation stated that there was evidence of gold in the city of Bin Yauri. Kebbi state is said to be a resourceful state having many important minerals.


Clay cab be found in a larger amounts in this state. There is an abundance of this mineral resource in many cities of Kebbi State. Clay is mostly used in many construction industries, like for making utensils, bricks, building materials. Clay is even used in decorative purposes like crafting and decorating pots.


Quartz, a rare and important mineral resource, can be found in many parts of the state of Kebbi. Quartz is mostly used in glassmaking, decoration pieces, and other accessories. Although not mined, various states in Nigeria have enough amount of Quartz to fulfil the country’s need for this material.


Next mineral resource, mostly found in Kebbi, is Feldspar. Feldspar has a variety of uses like in building units, utensils, ceramics, and plastics. As this stone comes in different shades and colours, that’s why it is highly used in paint making and rubbers. Feldspar is mostly found in major cities as its among the most used mineral deposit in Kebbi.


Findings show that iron ore can also be found in this state. Iron fulfils the necessity of building units and Nigeria is lucky enough to have this useful mineral in much larger quantity. Iron present in this country is sufficient to be used by all the industries and manufacturing companies.


Copper is mostly used in building materials, wires, equipment, tools, electric appliances, and many more. Many cities like Yauri, Gwandu, and Jega have much quantity of this useful mineral, which fulfils the industrial needs.


Manganese, the mineral mostly used in dry cell batteries, alloy, tools, steel ornaments, and other equipment, can be found in high amounts in the state of Kebbi, in Nigeria. The cities having a higher amount of Manganese are Zuru and Gwandu. There is much production of these constructive mineral deposit in Nigeria, that’s why there is no need for importing these minerals in Nigeria.


Aluminium is a rare and much-used mineral, which is mostly used in the manufacturing of foils, wires, pots, decoration vases, and even in vehicles. This rare and expensive element can be seen in the state of Kebbi. Many cities in the state of Kebbi like, Jega, Yauri, Zuru, and the capital, BerninKebbi, are having much amount of this useful element. Nigeria’s own mineral resources are sufficient for its own uses and utilization.


The survey shows that Kebbi is very rich in having the majority of metallic minerals, which are mostly used in the building and developing the construction elements. Some of these materials are known to mining corporations, while others are being identified by the extractors.


Despite the presence of these mineral resources in different areas of the state, there has been no serious exploitation of them for both commercial and industrial purposes. And as such, the mineral resources in Kebbi state remain untapped.

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