List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Ondo State

Ondo state mineral resources hasn’t been used to its full potential and this is because of the negligence on the part of the government to exploit these natural deposits. Ondo state was created from the former western region in Nigeria on March 3, 1976 with Akure as its capital.


Since there is no state without mineral deposit, Ondo has its own fair share to contribute to Nigeria’s economy. While you might not see Ondo rank among the developed states in the country, one can’t understand why Ondo state lacks some social amenities and infrastructures especially in the most towns and villages. In this article, we list out all the natural mineral resources that can be found in Ondo state and what they can be used for.


Here is the list of all major mineral resources that can be found in Ondo state today and where they are located.

  • Oil
  • Bitumen
  • Natural Gas
  • Granite
  • Gold
  • Marble
  • Clay
  • Gemstone
  • Lignite
  • Diorite
  • Coal
  • Cocoa
  • Dimension stone
  • Kaolin
  • Glass
  • Sand


The most important mineral resource, that is present in Ondo state is Oil. It is said that this state is among the oil producing states in Nigeria, supplying the much quantity of oil to fulfil the needs of the country in general. The areas where oil can be found in Ondo state include Owo, Akure, Ondo West and other minor regions.


Bitumen is a natural mineral resource with lots of uses. The most important use of bitumen is in making of paints, medicine and fireproof devices.


Natural gas is one of the most important mineral resources in Nigeria, that is needed in high quantity. The latest researches say that Ondo State is among the largest producers and supplier of natural gas in Africa. Many cities like Owo, Akure and many minor regions, are having this exceptional mineral resource, in this state.


Granite is mostly used mainly in construction purposes, like buildings, tiles, slabs and many other hard surfaces. This mineral resource can be found in large deposits in this state. Granite is a rare and very useful mineral, that is used in many industries.


Another state having gold in Nigeria is Ondo state. Gold mines are present in this state in few regions. The government of Nigeria is fortunate to have many states having gold mines.


Marble is one of the most used natural resources in Nigeria. This mineral is mostly used in construction and building purposes. Many tiles, floors, buildings are made from this hard material. Ondo is known to have enough marble deposits in the cities of Owo, Ondo West, Akure and Ikare.


Many precious gemstones can be found in this state. The presence of these stones makes the economy of the state better and secure. Latest researchers have found few deposits of gemstones in the western region of Nigeria.


Mostly used in agriculture, Lignite is an important and rare fertilizer rock, that is present in this state. This fertilizer rock is unique and present in a few regions in Nigeria. This fertilizer makes the crops much better and of good quality.


Diorite is a rare and essential rock, used for building high-quality pieces. Ondo state have the deposits of this unique rock in commercial quantities. The cities having this rock are Ifedore, Idanre and small regions.


Coal, used as a fuel for most plants and industries is largely present in Ondo state. Throughout the state, there are many regions where coal deposits exist.


This is one of the major cash crops in Nigeria. Since Ondo state is based on agriculture, many beneficial agricultural products are also present in this state. Cocoa is an expensive food product, mostly found in this state.


Ondo State is having exceptional and unique dimension stones. The high-quality construction and buildings are made through using this stone. In this state, there are many cities having dimension stone deposits.


Kaolin is used for many purposes. Nigeria is having many deposits of this mineral. In this state, the cities having large deposits of Kaolin are Ondo, Ilaje, Owo and Akure.


Glass is another important and useful mineral. It is mainly used in making pots, utensils, decorative items and appliances. The high-quality glass is found in this state in the cities of Akure, Ondo West, Ikare and Irele.


Mostly used in construction purposes, sand is a cheap but rare mineral resource. In this state, there are regions that are having many deposits of this natural resource.

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