Apple TV Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

When it comes to quality, Apple is one of the leading brands in the international electronics and gadgets market. There are many things to rate the Apple brand: from their inventive and totally intriguing products to others, no one can question their prominence. It’s no surprising news that Apple has a name in the television industry. In the course of this write-up, we will provide the cost of Apple TVs available in Nigeria. Also, the reasons why their TVs are picked among the best and why some are wary about buying one, will all be considered in this article.

apple tv price in Nigeria

About Apple TVs

At first, it’s best you have a basic knowledge of these Apple TV. Since the introduction of Apple a few decades back, they have consistently been at the top in the electronics industry. From their phones to the mac book laptops which they shell out each year, they rank among the most best brands in the gadgets market.

Other things you need to know about Apple TV is that the brand is likely the last name that rings a bell with regards to TVs. But as at that, the apple brand is becoming one of the best in the industry. Apple TVs are not the most famous TVs in Nigeria, but they are just entering the market. On the off chance that you are a fan of Apple devices and know about their operating system, then you should also get their TV.

Another thing about Apple TV is their general usefulness; from the smaller box to the surprising in-built features, you can be assured of a decent time with this device. The TV supports HD as it offers it users the ability to watch films, football matches or your number one program in high definition quality. Features like browsing the internet, transfering live TV sessions and programs including football matches, YouTube recordings, your number one TV shows and other related programs, can be done in this device. To add to these, the Apple TV brings a more prominent degree of accommodation and quality for TV lovers.

Furthermore, the most recent 4K Apple TV upholds different TV associations. They can be utilized with different TVs that is 4K empowered. With a lot of new generation TVs now 4K empowered, getting a TV that bolsters the Apple TV isn’t an issue. Apple TVs are principally available in two distinctive types. Albeit both of the available kinds boast of nearly similar features, the primary distinction is the inbuilt storage capacity. While one of these set has a 32GB inbuilt capacity, other different set has 64GB inbuilt capacity to give more storage limit.

Current Prices of Apple TVs in Nigeria (2024)

Just as other Apple products, Apple TVs are a bit costly, but they are quite affordable. Indeed, their items are consistently among the most expensive in whichever industry they venture into. This is obvious in their smartphones, PCs, smartwatches, among different products.  These Apple TV are as yet viewed as expensive when contrasted to other brands, despite the fact that they might not have solid features like the rest.

In terms of availability, Apple TVs are in two kinds; the 32GB and 64GB 4k TVs. Though the two do similar functions, but the primary distinction is the extents of inbuilt memory available for each. The fourth generation 32GB 4K TV can be bought for a price between ₦100, 000 – ₦120, 000 and in the other hand, the fourth generation 64GB 4K TV can be gotten for a price between ₦115, 000 – ₦140, 000 in the current market. As seen there may be some variation in these prices. This may be because of specific variables which incorporate the location and time of purchase, current exchange rate among different other components.

On where to get Apple TVs, they are available in specific areas and parts of the country. They can be bought straightforwardly from the producer and are likewise gotten in Apple stores around the country. Despite the fact that they are additionally available for buy in some online stores, they are as yet not famous in the TV market here.

For the most part, the Apple TV has been first rate and it has a lot of recommendations. With this, one can effectively class the Apple TV among the absolute best TVs available in the modern world today.

Things You Will Like About Apple TVs

In the event that you are a a lover of TV and as well an enthusiast of Apple, at that point Apple TV should be your preferred choice. Let us take a gander at a portion of the upsides of Apple TVs. Below are some important things you will like about Apple TVs:

  • Quick Processor: Processor speed is the key to choosing any electric digital gadget. The two kinds of Apple TV available today are responsive, on account of the processor. When it comes to responsiveness, you don’t have anything to stress over with the Apple brand.
  • Beautiful Design: Another good thing about Apple TVs is their beautiful design, as they never slacks in this aspect. Every one of their products show how inventive and creative they are with designs. The Apple TV is minimal, alluring and smooth. They are planned in a manner as to suit different gadgets.
  • 4k Video Support: Although the Apple TV can’t interface with all TVs, they uphold 4K and HDM Videos. Interestingly, most new generation Apple TVs are 4K which makes the connectivity less stressful.
  • Stunning Viewing Experience: Apple TVs offer watchers astounding involvement in interminable web based streaming prospects, astonishing on the web channels and Apple channels.


Apple is something beyond a brand; it is turning into the most preferred with respect to quality and standards. With their smartphones and PCs being among the best and the most sought after on the lookout, you can definitely anticipate that their TVs should rule in coming years. In this article, we delineate much on Apple TVs by taking special focus on their prices in Nigeria. These television set carry us to another degree of TV experience. With Apple TVs, you can without much of a stretch interface with the web, watch the most recent films, follow the most recent happenings everywhere in the world.

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