Prices of LG 22 & 32-inch LED TV’s in Nigeria (June, 2024)

In the event that you are on a medium spending plan and you are hoping to get a LED TV that is perfectly fine and accompanies good features, then LG 22 & 32-inch TVs are typically the ideal options suitable for you. These TVs are known as the best mid-size television set for a low or medium budget spend. Also, in terms of use, these two LG TVs are perfectly made to find a way into anyplace; they are very suitable for lounge, living room, bed room, a lodging and any other places. There are many other things to discover about these two display box as we will highlight their current prices in Nigeria.

LG Televisions in Nigeria

LG is a preferred brand to look out for if you want a 32 or 22-inch TV that is of standard quality, durable,  and comes with exceptional picture quality. This brand is a good choice because it is among the top brands on the rundown of best television producers in the country and extensively in the world. LG TVs offers viewing beyond the display on TVs; they take your experience to another level. These two sizes are reasonable for medium size rooms and they are affordable at a low cost. Considering the amount LG 22 and 32-inch LED go for in the current electronics market, this write-up will give an answer to that. We will look at how much these LG LED TVs go for in Nigeria.

An Overview of LG 32 and 22-Inch LED TVs

First before getting to know about the prices of LG 32 and 22-Inch LED TVs, here are the significant things you should know about these varied television screens.

Since the introduction of LG into the electronics industry more than 59 years ago, they has showed why they are a distinctive brand compared to other electronic brands in the world. Remove nothing from their TVs as they convey stunning picture quality joined with awesome sound output, their product’s durability and lasting is exceptional. All these attributes makes the brand to be among those you can use for quite a long time and still keep up fantastic use with no issue.

One thing that nearly everybody sees when they first use these televisions is how they are easy to use and the magnificent features they boast of. The 32 and 22-inch LED TVs are reduced and brilliantly designed to reflect the modern innovation. Looking at the prices, certainly, the 22-inch LED TV is the least expensive LG TV available and talking about the general quality, you can be ensured a great value for your cash.

Key Features of LG 22 inches LED TV

  1. The following are some unique features of LG 22 inch LED TVs:
  2. Screen size: 21.5 inches
  3. IPS Full HD Display (1920×1080)
  4. 250nits Brightness
  5. 178/178 Viewing Angle
  6. Stereo Speakers

Key Features of LG 32 inches LED TV

The important of LG 32 inches LED TVs include the following:

  1. Screen Size: 32 inches
  2. Resolution HD 1366 x 768
  3. BackLight Module: 100 (50Hz)
  4. Dynamic MCI (Hz): Yes (PAL I, PAL/SECAM BG/DK, NTSC M)
  5. Analog TV Reception
  6. 5 modes (Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport, Game)
  7. HDMI/Component 1080i / 1080p / 720p

Latest Prices of LG 22-inch LED TVs in Nigeria (2024)

The LG 22-inch TV stays one of the most sought medium size TV in the country. This is due to the features it is made up of. It should be noted that the costs of this television is subject to the specification of the product.  There are different types, and models of LG 22-inch LED TV available in Nigeria.

Here are the prices of the well known models that are in the current market:

  • LG 22MN42 TV costs ₦35, 000 – ₦45, 000
  • LG 22MT44A TV costs ₦36, 000 – ₦45, 500
  • LG LN4000 TV costs ₦38, 000 – ₦42, 500
  • LG 22MT44N TV costs ₦38, 000 – ₦45, 500
  • LG LED 2242B TV costs ₦40, 000 – ₦43, 500
  • LG 2242 TV costs ₦40, 000 – ₦55, 000

Latest Prices of LG 32-inch LED TVs in Nigeria (2024)

Much the same as the 22-inch LED TVs, LG 32 inches LCD TVs are seemingly the most sought after LG TVs. LG 32-inch LED TVs cost is quite low and also affordable as the 22” television of the same brand. The LG 32 inches LED TVs  can be purchased for a price between ₦54, 000 to ₦75, 000 in the current Nigerian market.

Thinking of where to buy these LG 22 and 32 inches LED TVs? They can be bought directly from the company or any of their registered agents in the country. They can likewise be gotten from online stores and contemporary electronics stores. In spite of the fact that LG items are really durable and lasting, it is very important to get these products from recognized LG agents or directly from the producers. The online store is also preferred. Also, it should be noted that the variation in costs is because of specific variables which incorporate currency exchange rate, location and time of purchase and other comparative factors. The size of the TV inches is an additionally factor that influence the price.

Things You Will Like About LG 22 and 32-Inch LED TVs

Here are some significant things you will admire about these LG televisions:

  • Standard Picture and Sound Quality: If picture and sound characteristics are among factors you really consider when purchasing a TV, at that point these LG 22 and 32 inches LED TVs is perfectly suit for you.
  • Durability: LG TVs are among those couple of TVs you can use for a long time and not have any issue with. They are durable, lasting and eventually easy to keep up for a long run. They are worked with solid panels and secured screens.
  • Smooth Designs: Style and design is one thing that LG TVs can’t miss, regardless of the model of the television. With LG, make certain of a good design that adds additional value to any place you place the TV. Truth be told, LG televisions are among the most designed TVs around. With LG, make certain that their 22 and 32 inches LED TVs are small device with dazzling designs.
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