Abia State Civil Service Salary Structure (2024)

The Abia State civil service is an important employer in the state and provides employment opportunities across many sectors.

The civil service uses a grade level system to structure salaries and roles, with 17 different grade levels. Each grade level has a specified salary range and covers defined roles and responsibilities. The grades start from entry level roles and progress up to top government leadership positions.

abia state civil service salary structure

This article provides an overview of Abia State’s civil service salary structure in 2024. It explains the different grade levels and corresponding monthly income ranges. The article also summarizes the types of jobs under each level.


Are you intending on working with the Abia State Government? I’m very sure you’re looking for information on their salary structure, that’s why you stumbled on this page. Below is the current salary paid to the state’s civil service workers.

GRADE LEVEL 01 – ₦19,500 – ₦27,000

This is the entry level grade in the Abia State civil service. Jobs at this grade level include office attendants, cleaners, messengers, and other basic support roles. The salary range is ₦19,500 to ₦27,000 per month. Employees at this level usually have a secondary school qualification and perform routine tasks under supervision.

GRADE LEVEL 02 – ₦21,000 – ₦29,500

The second grade level in Abia State’s civil service structure encompasses semi-skilled roles like clerical officers, registry clerks, telephone operators, etc. Workers at this grade have more experience and training than those at Level 01. Salaries range from ₦21,000 to ₦29,500 monthly for administrative and operational jobs following well-defined procedures and policies.

GRADE LEVEL 03 – ₦22,000 – ₦32,000

Grade Level 03 civil servants undertake more complex clerical, secretarial and administrative jobs. Roles include stenographers, account clerks, office supervisors, etc. These employees possess advanced secondary education and related job training. Their monthly salaries range between ₦22,000 and ₦32,000.

GRADE LEVEL 04 – ₦22,500 – ₦35,000

At this grade, civil servants perform specialized technical and administrative support functions. Jobs include technical officers, higher-level secretaries, library assistants, public relations officers, etc. Salaries range from ₦22,500 to ₦35,000 monthly. Employees have advanced diplomas or higher national diplomas from polytechnics.

GRADE LEVEL 05 – ₦25,000 – ₦41,000

This grade level covers professional roles like engineers, architects, accountants, nurses, and key supervisory jobs. Civil servants possess university degrees or equivalent qualifications. Monthly income is between ₦25,000 and ₦41,000. Employees analyze data, handle compliance, and supervise small teams.

GRADE LEVEL 06 – ₦31,000 – ₦49,500

At Grade 06, civil servants take on senior professional and managerial duties. Jobs include chief accountants, senior engineers, doctors, principal nursing officers, and heads of smaller government units. Salaries range from ₦31,000 to ₦49,500 monthly. Employees have university degrees and considerable experience.

GRADE LEVEL 07 – ₦41,500 – ₦64,000

This grade encompasses top-level professionals and managers overseeing major government functions. Roles include chief medical officers, directors, assistant directors-general, etc. Employees have postgraduate qualifications and substantial expertise. Salaries range between ₦41,500 and ₦64,000 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 08 – ₦54,000 – ₦80,000

At Grade 08 are senior directors and deputy directors-general managing large state government departments and agencies. Civil servants have vast experience and postgraduate qualifications. Salaries range from ₦54,000 to ₦80,000 monthly for strategic leadership roles.

GRADE LEVEL 09 – ₦63,500 – ₦96,000

This grade covers specialized executive positions like permanent secretaries and directors-general. These civil servants oversee entire ministries and major agencies. They provide strategic direction and report to top government officials. Salaries range between ₦63,500 and ₦96,000 per month for these senior roles.

GRADE LEVEL 10 – ₦73,000 – ₦111,500

Grade 10 encompasses the head of service who oversees the entire civil service of Abia State. This individual has vast administrative experience and expertise. The salary is between ₦73,000 and ₦111,500 monthly for running the state’s bureaucracy.

GRADE LEVEL 12 – ₦87,500 – ₦127,000

This grade covers the office of the state’s directors who assists the governor and oversees certain portfolios. The salary range is ₦87,500 to ₦127,000 for undertaking high-level state executive functions.

GRADE LEVEL 13 – ₦98,000 – ₦138,500

Grade 13 refers to the top government officials of Abia State who heads the state government and oversees all ministries, departments and agencies. These employees receives a monthly salary between ₦98,000 and ₦138,500.

GRADE LEVEL 14 – ₦107,500 – ₦153,000

This grade is reserved for the office of the state chief judge who heads the judiciary. The chief judge earns between ₦107,500 and ₦153,000 monthly for duties like enforcing judicial standards and promoting access to justice.

GRADE LEVEL 15 – ₦120,000 – ₦167,500

Grade 15 covers the Abia state’s high court judges who preside over complex civil and criminal cases. Their monthly salaries range from ₦120,000 to ₦167,500 based on experience and other factors.

GRADE LEVEL 16 – ₦132,000 – ₦190,000

This grade includes the state’s attorney general and commissioners who oversee justice, lands, education, health, finance and other critical portfolios. They earn between ₦132,000 and ₦190,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 17 – ₦147,500 – ₦213,500

The highest paid public servants in the Abia State Civil Service are at Grade 17. This includes the chairmen and directors of the State Ministries and Local Government Areas. These highly ranked employees receive between ₦147,500 and ₦213,500 monthly for their legislative duties and leadership roles.


The Abia State civil service salary structure for this year spans 17 grades. The levels cover a variety of jobs from messengers and cleaners up to the governor. Salaries range from ₦19,500 for basic roles to over ₦200,000 for senior officials. The pay structure ensures workers have satisfactory income to perform important government services.

In summary, the Abia State civil service salary structure motivates employees and attracts qualified candidates. Lower grades offer decent incomes for basic support roles. Higher grades reward professionals and leaders with competitive pay. Salaries are increased over time based on performance.

If you’re looking for a job with the Abia State Civil Service, we advise you have a good qualification plus experience, then you will be sure of receiving good pay.

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