International Money Order in Nigeria: Where & How To Get It

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:40 pm

Are you looking for a trusted financial institution where to get your international money order in Nigeria or agent for Western Union money orders, MoneyGram international transfer and the likes done easily, this post will show you how and where to get it done.


Most of these financial institutions in Nigeria partner with third party global money transfer service companies to provide you an easy way to receive or send your money orders from Nigeria. Banks like GTB, UBA, Diamond Bank, First Bank of Nigeria are just a few trusted banks you can rely on to provide you with such service.

Financial Institutions that Offer International Money Orders in Nigeria

1. Western Union Money Transfer (First Bank)

First Bank, over the years has stood as the most trusted financial institution in Nigeria that serves as a leading agent for Western Union money transfer orders in Nigeria. One thing I prefer about using this Western Union Money Transfer service from First Bank is that you do not need to have a bank account with them before you can use the service. To place your money order, just visit any First Bank operational branches in Nigeria with the receiver’s banks details and location, identification document and the cash you want to send to the person.

2. MoneyGram International transfer (UBA)

The bank in Nigeria that is authorized for international money orders via MoneyGram transfer is UBA. You can also make use of MoneyGram for inbound transfers from one bank to another in Nigeria. Just visit any branch of UBA in Nigeria and request for MoneyGram form for international transfer, fill in the necessary details as required and you would have your money order processed quickly.

3. Domiciliary account (GTB, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank)

You can now open a domiciliary account in Nigeria easily with a minimum of $100 for a dollar account. Other denominations includes Euro, Pounds, Yen, e.t.c. The advantage/purpose of having a dorm account is to enable you receive and send foreign currencies, place orders, buy and sell products online with ease.

While virtually all Nigerian banks claim to provide this international money order service, I strongly advise you open a domiciliary account with GTbank (Guarantee Trust Bank), Diamond Bank, UBA, Firstbank or even with Zenith bank. These banks usually process dorm transactions within 48 -72 hours.

When you want to perform a transfer using a dorm account, you would need to fill a form with the following details:

  • Recipient’s/Receiver’s account name
  • Account number of the Receiver
  • SWIFT CODE of the bank
  • Name of bank plus the branch
  • Routing Number
  • The amount you would send and
  • Your Bank details
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