How to Send Money From Italy to Nigeria (2024)

There are over a hundred thousand Nigerians who are believed to live and work in Italy. These Nigerians have relocated to Italy in search of career and education prospects. Turin, Padua, and Rome have the greatest numbers of Nigerians in Italy. Nigerians who send money home on a regular basis will want to locate the cheapest method of sending money from Italy to Nigeria. Nigerian beneficiaries will have more money to spend on necessities as a result of cheaper money transfers. We’ll look at the procedure of sending money from Italy to Nigeria in this article.



When sending money from Italy to Nigeria, you have a few options to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

You can use an offline way to send money abroad, such as going into a bank, post office, or money transfer outlet and asking for help from a cashier. This, however, necessitates travel and waiting in lines, and it can be quite costly.

You can also send money via the internet. This will entail registering with an online money transfer platform and sending funds via their smartphone app or web browser platform. Online transfers are frequently quicker and cheaper, with the added benefit of being able to send money from the comfort of your own home!


You can send money from Italy to Nigeria through a variety of methods. The following are some of them:


You may transfer funds to your friends and family in Nigeria quickly, cheaply, and easily with Paysend’s mobile app or online browser platform.

Before you can utilize the international money transfer service, you must first open a Paysend account. When you sign up, you will be asked to enter information about yourself, your address, and your contact information. You can make transfers to over 100 countries, including Nigeria, after completing the registration process. International transfers can be made directly to the recipient’s local bank account or to Visa, Verve, and Mastercard accounts. As a delivery option, Paysend also facilitates cash pickup.

To send money to a Nigerian recipient’s bank account, log onto your Paysend account and initiate a transfer. You’ll need to submit information like the amount you want to transfer, the recipient’s full name, bank account number, and bank name. After that, you’ll need to double-check the information you’ve provided to make sure it’s correct. You can move ahead to pay for the transfer once the supplied details have been confirmed. Before you make a payment, the amount you want to send, the exchange rate, and the projected amount in Naira that your receiver will receive will all be presented.

You can also send money directly to your friend’s Visa, Verve, or Mastercard accounts. You’ll need to supply the recipient’s full name as well as the card number for any of the cards listed above. This service is charged a flat price of €1.50 each transaction.

Some other way of sending money to Nigerians using Paysend is to use the cash pickup option. If you choose the cash pickup delivery option, you will be needed to submit the recipient’s full name, address, and contact information at the transfer’s setup step. In Nigeria, there are around 500 sites where your clients can pick up their payments. You will be charged €1.50 for this service.


Another option for sending money to Nigeria from Italy would be to use the global money transfer service. First and foremost, you must create a free Rewire account. You must give your full name, phone number, and email address in order to register.

To finalize the onboarding process, you must upload your identification documents, a selfie with your face clearly visible, your residential address, and your date of birth. To complete the registration, any of the following documents will suffice: Passport, EU-issued Citizenship or Residence Card, EU-used ID, or Driver’s License This verification step occurs just the first time you use Rewire to transmit money, open an IBAN account, or order a Mastercard.

When all of your documents have been verified, you can utilize Rewire to send money to Nigeria. Rewire provides a variety of platforms for international money transfers, including bank transfers, debit and credit cards, SEPA transfers, and a personal IBAN account. Follow the procedures mentioned in the next paragraph to transfer funds.

Go to your Rewire account and sign in. Click Next after selecting the amount you want to send to your recipient. ‘Choose Receiver’ and ‘Add New Receiver’ would appear on the following screen. After that, you must enter the recipient’s information and continue. Following that, a selection of payment alternatives would appear, including Credit Card, Pay Cash, Wire Transfer, and Postal Online Transfer. Choose your preferred method of payment and proceed.

After you’ve submitted all of the essential information, you can pay for the transfer. Once you’ve completed this, your receiver should get the funds within 24 hours.


Azimo is a renowned international money transfer service that helps millions of expats send money home from virtually anywhere in the world. To use this service, you must first register with Azimo and then be verified. Azimo provides three options for sending money from Italy to a variety of destinations, including Nigeria. The security, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of cross-border transactions are integrated in the basic values of Azimo’s international money transfer services.

In a flash, you may send money from Italy to Nigeria with Azimo’s Cash pickup service. Log in to your Azimo account, choose Cash pickup, and enter the send amount, recipient’s full name, mobile number, and chosen pick-up location for your receiver. Then, using a bank, debit, or credit card, pay for the transaction. Pick-up instructions will be sent as soon as the transfer is established. You would be needed to provide delivery guidelines to your recipient.

A direct bank deposit into a local bank account is the second option. Naira payments into local bank accounts in Nigeria, meanwhile, are not possible due to new CBN directives.

You might also use Azimo to transmit money to Nigeria via SWIFT to a Nigerian-domiciled EURO bank account at any major Nigerian bank. After you’ve logged into your Azimo account, select SWIFT and enter the amount you want to transfer, the recipient’s full name, bank information, and the recipient’s SWIFT-BIC number. This is the quickest option for sending money from abroad.

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